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iPhone App Development PowerPoint Presentation
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iPhone App Development

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iPhone App Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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iPhone App Development

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  1. Esprit Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (+091) 982 530 5995


  3. iPhoneApp Development iOS operating system is dedicated for two categories of Apple devices. iPhone or the small mobile devices and iPad or the bigger tablet devices. iPhone App Development Our team of expert developers working on the iPhone App Development utilizes all the opportunities iOS mobile App Development offers to produce market leading iPhone mobile apps that not only takes your business to the market through the best available technologies, but such iPhone apps also give you a competitive edge in the industry.

  4. We can describe our strategy during iPhone app development process as follows: Specifying goals Just as we do in most of our processes, we start our iPhone app development operations with the proper listening to the client needs, imaginations and thoughts about the final product. A client who seeks an iPhone app development services has some targets to achieve through his iPhone app. We have to clearly understand the whole situation and whatever inside the mind of our client, in order to develop the best iPhone app in terms of results satisfaction. After listening to the client views, we discuss with him our view for executing the project. We clearly explain the results our suggested solution is expected to achieve for the client. We keep discussing and reviewing the plans until we and the client reach a full agreement on everything related to the goals.

  5. Specifying scope • In our iPhone app development process and after clearly specifying the goals of the app, we move into specifying the scope. The scope covers all the features that the iPhone app shall include. We try to consolidate features in the way that make the iPhone app easy to use for the end users while maintain the functionality requirements and standards.

  6. Specifying the theme • During this phase of the iPhone app development cycle, we discuss with the client the outlook of the needed iPhone app. Is it needed to be a funny friendly iPhone app or a professional business tool in an iPhone app? Is it going to be kindly oriented or formally oriented iPhone app? These are the kind of things we need to specify in this phase.

  7. Sketching the interface • In this phase of the iPhone app development process, we start designing the graphics of the buttons, menus, screens and pictures that shall then appear through all the iPhone app.

  8. Implementation • At this point we become ready and have the required information to proceed further into the implementation phase. During the iPhone app development process, the implementation process starts with the coding and producing the first pre-release version of the iPhone app. We then test it, fix whatever issues that appear during the testing, then test again and fix again until we have a nice error free version. We then present it to the client, we may also launch it as beta version to the users’ population in order to get their feedback and testing results. Once we are satisfied with the product, we can launch it to the public. We then keep monitoring its progress and performance in order to be ready for the support and to get a better insight about the changes we shall introduce in the next releases and updates.