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MATH STANDARDS. Self Introduction and Office Hours. Office location - LS 235 phone 815-1215 e-mail Hours: Monday 5-5:30, Tuesday 2-5, Wednesday 5-5:30, Thursday 11-11:45. My home phone number is 840-4000. Catalog Description.

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Self introduction and office hours
Self Introduction and Office Hours

Office location - LS 235

phone 815-1215


Hours: Monday 5-5:30, Tuesday 2-5, Wednesday 5-5:30, Thursday 11-11:45.

My home phone number is 840-4000.

Catalog description
Catalog Description

A course to be taken with SE355 Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School. This course will cover the mathematics content of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Principles and Standards and relate those standards to the teaching of mathematics at the secondary level.


Co Requisite: SE355 or permission of the Coordinator of Secondary Education Mathematics.


Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, March, 2000.

Course outline teaching theory
Course Outline of Teachers of Mathematics.Teaching Theory

NCTM Vision Jan 27

Principles Jan 29, Feb 3

Processing Standards Feb 5, 12, 24, Mar 12, 31, Apr 7

Content Standards Feb 10, Mar 10, Apr 2, 9, 14

Course outline practice teaching
Course Outline of Teachers of Mathematics.Practice Teaching

Geometry Feb 17, 19

Algebra Mar 17 - 24

Arithmetic Apr 23 – 30

Attendance of Teachers of Mathematics.

Students are expected to attend all classes. Missed work may not be made up.

Grading policy
Grading Policy of Teachers of Mathematics.

In general, your grade will be determined by the method outlined in the syllabus (i.e. a mid-term and a final). However, in all situations, your interest, attitude, classroom contributions, enthusiasm, etc., will be considered before assigning a final grade.

Evaluative process
Evaluative Process of Teachers of Mathematics.

The student has a fundamental responsibility in the evaluation of this course and the instructor. This responsibility includes but is not limited to completion of a “Teaching and Course Observation” form and the right to submit positive and/or negative comments to the chair of the Education Department.

Writing standards
Writing Standards of Teachers of Mathematics.

Students are expected to competently analyze, synthesize, organize, and articulate course material in papers, examinations, and presentations. In addition, students should employ standard conventions of English usage in both writing and speaking. Students having difficulty meeting writing standards are encouraged to visit the college writing center. Students are encouraged to use word processors.

Academic dishonesty
Academic Dishonesty of Teachers of Mathematics.

When it is believed that a student has committed an act of academic dishonesty, the instructor will notify the student and the Dean of Academic Affairs, and the student will receive a grade of “0" in the course. In addition, I will forward a copy of the report to the Chair of the Education Department with a request that the student(s) be dropped from the education program.

Calculators of Teachers of Mathematics.

Students who wish may use calculators during class and in testing situations. Test will not be designed for calculator use so that students without calculators will not be penalized.

A typical class
A Typical Class of Teachers of Mathematics.

  • Students will have read the sections to be covered for that day. You should be prepared to ask questions concerning the information and examples in the texts.

  • The instructor will cover the material in the assigned section on the overhead screen or in a PowerPoint presentation. He will give examples and solve problems. The student is responsible for asking for clarification or additional practice.

  • Homework will be assigned.

For those needing help
For those needing help: of Teachers of Mathematics.

  • Note my office hours.

  • Form study groups.

  • Visit my web page

    (Note that there is no n at the end of jtroutma.)

Principles and standards web site
Principles and Standards of Teachers of Mathematics.Web Site


Assignment of Teachers of Mathematics.


  • NCTM Principles and Standards p 3-8.