shocking but a true story you can feel better n.
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Swing into a new life! PowerPoint Presentation
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Swing into a new life!

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Swing into a new life! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It's good for helping you get that flat stomach. Crunches are a breeze to donin the swing--super easy. Even if you just hang there, you will benefit. You can feel the pull onnthose abs!!nFor details visit:

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Swing into a new life!

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shocking but a true story you can feel better

SHOCKING ... but a true story!

You can feel better!!

I was in a car wreck at the age of 20, and since then I've had issues with back pain. I also have

a slight curve in my spine, which doesn't help.

Back pain​ is a miserable thing to live with. It touches every part of your life and your family’s

life and can leave you feeling hopeless. You don't want to go out or go anywhere because

you're in pain. Twisting or turning aggravates it more, and if you can find a single position of

comfort, you take it and hold onto it.

Searching for help online a few years back, I came across someone on a ​yoga swing​. By this

time, I had spent thousands of dollars on various treatments. So I decided a $55 swing would be

a small investment.. . and what if it worked? If it didn’t, the kids could have fun swinging on it.

After using it for two years now, I can’t imagine my life without it.

Here’s how it works: I just lie back and relax and follow the movements I've seen online. I

literally hang upside down and let the weight of my own body put things back into place. I can

actually hear things pop and crack as my back is going back into correct position (this is what it

is supposed to do). We have been told by doctors for years now that as we age, we have a

“settling” of our spine. We shrink. So when I’m 60 years old, I expect I will have shrunk perhaps

as much as one or two inches. Or will I?

It's part of my day when I get up in the morning, and right before bed. I go straight to it and flip

upside down and do some stretching and release all of the tension in my muscles. It’s a great

way to start my day when I feel the muscles release. Then, right before bed, I jump on it to

make sure things are in place before I lie down.

My kids love it and also hang from it, so we all get the benefit. It's definitely a way to get some

exercise on days you cannot get outside. My 6 year old swings on it constantly after she's been

in school all day, sitting still. She gets to MOVE and be silly. The ​swing ​I have has a 600 lb

weight limit, so 2 kids swinging and being silly are definitely supported.

It can also be relaxing to hang out in and watch TV. It’s a hammock too! It’s so comfortable

and supportive --and it's fun and easy to use. The fabric used is nearly indestructible. I've had it

for around two years now and it is still in perfect condition.

Another benefit…'s good for helping you get that flat stomach. Crunches are a breeze to do

in the ​swing--super easy.​ Even if you just hang there, you will benefit. You can feel the pull on

those abs!!

Make sure you get the right one. Some don’t have the hammock attachment, but mine does.

you can take your swing anywhere it s easy

You can take your swing anywhere. It’s easy to move. All of the handle attachments and the

swing fit into a cute little travel bag. You can go to the park or the beach and hang it from a


I haven't even thought about back pain in so long it’s unbelievable! This makes me a nicer

person AND a better mom!

==> Fix your back pain forever! Get a better body! Swing it out! Have fun!

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