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The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

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The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis. Section 4 Christine Nicholson and Emily Greenheim. Quotes. Quote 1. Quote 2. Quote 3. Quote 1. “ By daylight she is subdued , quiet. I fancy it is the pattern that keeps her so still. It is so puzzling. It keeps me quiet by the hour.”.

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the yellow wallpaper analysis

The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

Section 4

Christine Nicholson and Emily Greenheim


Quote 1

Quote 2

Quote 3

quote 1
Quote 1

“By daylight she is subdued, quiet. I fancy it is the pattern that keeps her so still. It is so puzzling. It keeps me quiet by the hour.”

by daylight she is subdued
“By daylight she is subdued”
  • This woman is representative of the generation of females during the 19th century. When they were visible to the public they were to appear and act as expected: flawless, pure and obedient. They would hide behind this mask in order to seem like an excellent wife. They were not aloud to speak their opinions nor do anything that could be looked down upon.
quote 2
Quote 2

“John is so pleased to see me improve! He laughed a little the other day, and said I seemed to be flourishing.”

  • There is a bit of irony having to do with the ideas of improvement in this woman. She truly believes she is healthier, more clear-headed, and stronger than before beginning her husbands “rest cure”. Her husband, John, verifies her allusion by making light of the subject, and since he is both a man and a doctor, she is expected to agree. He is truly feeding her insanity with eyes wide open.
quote 3
Quote 3
  • The fact is I am getting a little afraid of John.

Afraid: unwilling or reluctant to do something for fear of the consequences

The women of this time were to comply with their husbands, or no longer have a husband. They were not treated fairly nor did they have the freedom that the husbands shared. Many women accepted this as being “the way it is” in order to keep their relationships with their husbands. They did not want to cause any kind of negative attention to them, for they could be left and/or abused.