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Study Hall :. Sharpen your pencils…. Find your seat…… Work on something quietly at your desk…. Warm Up – 12/5/2013. We plug in the lamp, the light turns on…. 1. How does this happen? 2. What materials are used in the lamp’s cord? 3. How do you know?. Volunteers?.

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study hall

Study Hall:

Sharpen your pencils….

Find your seat……

Work on something quietly at your desk…

warm up 12 5 2013
Warm Up – 12/5/2013

We plug in the lamp, the light turns on….

  • 1. How does this happen?
  • 2. What materials are used in the lamp’s cord?
  • 3. How do you know?
  • The wires are metal (an electrical conductor)
  • The wires are covered with a plastic coating (an electrical insulator)
  • This allows us to touch the cord while the lamp is on!
  • Field Trip to Discovery Place, Monday Dec 9th!
  • We are still in need of volunteers…..
  • 1stBlock MAP Testing TODAY READING
  • You will stay in 1st block for all of 1st and 2nd blocks, 3rd and 4th blocks normal schedule
    • This will allow everyone enough time to finish the test in 1 day
    • When you finish, work on your science homework assignments and begin to study for your QUIZ
friday december 6 th on
Friday, December 6th on:
  • Thermal Insulators
  • Thermal Conductors
  • Electric Insulators
  • Electric Conductors
notebook check on friday
Notebook Check on Friday!
  • I will be checking for the following:
  • 1. Notes
  • 2. Foldable
  • 3. Conductors and Insulators Worksheet (front and back)
  • 4. Cut and Sort Activity

This will be worth 300 points!!!!

(informal notebook grade)

progress reports given out today
Progress Reports Given Out Today!
  • Your progress reports should not be a surprise; you should be checking Powerschool
  • If you received a grade lower than you expected, ask your self:
  • Have I turned in all my homework?
  • Do I take good notes and keep an organized notebook?
  • How have I done on my weekly quizzes?
3 rd and 4 th blocks
3rd and 4th Blocks…..
  • We are going to test a variety of objects using a conductivity meter today.
what is in a conductivity meter
What is in a Conductivity Meter?
  • An energy source:
  • Battery
  • An indicator:
  • The red light
  • A conductive material:
  • 2 metal prongs
let s test some materials
Let’s test some materials….
  • Copy this chart in your notebook:
now fill in your hypothesis
Now fill in your hypothesis….
  • If you think the object will conduct the energy from the battery, write conductor
  • If you think the object will not conduct the energy from the battery, write insulator
  • Go through each object listed, and complete your hypothesis (prediction; educated guess)
let s experiment
Let’s Experiment!
  • I will pull a number from my bag
  • If I call your seat number, you will come up and test the object from our list
  • If we see a red light = conductor
  • If we do not see a red light = insulator
  • Conductors and Insulators - YouTube
discovery ed
Discovery Ed
  • “Walking on Coals” video and questions activity
questions for the video
Questions for the Video
  • What type of energy was this video discussing?
  • Define this type of energy.
  • How do daredevils walk across hot coals without getting burned?
  • Write three examples not included in this video and explain why they are not good conductors.