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Purification of Germany

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purification of germany


Purification of Germany

Body bags of Jewish People


Right after the Olympics of 1936 Adolph Hitler announced his four year plan. He wanted aryanization. Which in his mind was the perfect race. He wanted to wipe out all Jews. He was also wanting to strip them of their property. Most of all Hitler wanted to make Germany be as self sufficient as possible. One other thing he was looking for in the purification of Germany was to stop Jews from getting rich and leaving the country. Along with all of those things Hitler felt he needed war for his plan.

Lace, William. Hitler and the Nazis. San Diego. Lucent Brooks. 2000. Print.


Jewish people waiting to get sent to camps


During the Holocaust crematories were used to hide evidence, create more space and for scientific purposes. At Auschwitz after they gassed the prisoners they put them into crematories. There the crematories were disguised as the “bath establishment for special action.” Sometimes the SS made science experiments out of them. The imprisoned workers say it was difficult to get within 50 meters of the burning bodies. The prison workers placed the fire as dry branches and emaciated victims on the bottom. The fat women were the fuel. The second layer was regular bodies that kept going the same layer after layer. Sometimes after partial burning of the bodies the victims would be dumped on the workers. Which gave them painful burns, cuts and bruises.

Lace, William. The Death Camps. San Diego. Lucent Brooks. 1998. Print.

Cremation oven to kill the Jews


death marches
Death Marches

Most death marches were at the end of the war. Most all were directed by the SS. Most ghettos were liquidated in 1932-1933. They had to have somewhere to take the Jews. So they took them on death marches. The first one of those was in 1940. On death marches the Jews died along the way to the stops they were going to. Soviet POW’s were also put on the marches. If Germans were actually taking people somewhere it was to a slaughter or extermination camp. One death march was recorded that the Hews were escorted from a ghetto to a random barn in the middle of nowhere and only a few hundred Jews survive there out of 800. That journey was specifically led by German escorts and Auxiliary Police.

Smelser, Ronald. “Death Marches 1940-1943”. Learning About the Holocaust. 2002.



Jews on a death march

gas chambers
Gas Chambers

Auschwitz was the largest extermination camp by poisonous gas. The gas chambers there were known as Auschwitz 3. They killed many thousands of people there. In Belzic 600,000 people there in total were killed by poisonous gas. In 1942 they built new ones to kill the people from Krakow. The new chambers were 13 by 16 feet. One chamber could kill 1,200 victims at a time. They were called “showers and disinfection rooms.”

Smelser, Ronald. “Second Stage”. Learning About the Holocaust. 2001. Print.

Smelser, Ronald. “Auschwitz”. Learning About the Holocaust. 2001. Print.

Gas chamber that would kill over a thousand Jews



Kristallnacht happened on November 6, 1938. It happened in a few Jewish ghettos across Germany. All Jews were robbed of their possessions. If they were caught by the Nazis they were beaten or worse. There were 36 Jews killed in all and many more German soldiers. The worst part about Kristallnacht is that it all started because a Jewish person shot and killed a German diplomat. The Nazis used that as an excuse to attack the Jews. The Nazis eventually backed off of the Jews but still took some prisoners with them.

Lace, William. Hitler and the Nazis. San Diego. Lucent Brooks. 2000. Print.

Day after the night of broken glass


warsaw ghetto
Warsaw Ghetto


In the Warsaw Ghetto times were rough. If a Jew was captured from there they would

be killed or put to work in a Nazi camp immediately. German soldiers poured into the ghetto and the rebels (Jews) were using guerilla warfare and rooftop machine gunners. The Jews were also more brave than the German troops because the were fighting for their lives while the Germans were fighting for Germany and Hitler. The Nazis used machine guns, tanks and flamethrowers to kill the rebels. One day the Jews set a bomb in the middle of a courtyard. The Nazis were going there because they thought that they would have good position if they were in the middle of everything. The Nazis also thought that no one would be there since a lot of Jews were fighting on the perimeter of Warsaw. The commander of the Germans sent 100 soldiers with the best weapons they had their and the bomb went off and they all died along with others injured or killed because they stayed back. On that day 1/3 of the Germans who went to the Warsaw Ghetto died.

Elaine, Landau. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Macmillan. 1992. Print


Outside of Warsaw Ghetto