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creating community can help retailers in building n.
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  1. Creating Community Can Help Retailers In Building Trust Market trends and analysis show how important it is for retailers to focus more than just product price. Now a days consumers are not only shopping for best deal but also for the best brand. A brand value is the trust parameter associated with the complete package, the product, payment terms, shipping and delivery, availability and the customer relationaship. Among these parameters, the most critical but vital parameter is the relationship to built the trust. One way to establish trust and a strong community of loyal customers is by hosting serial events. Serial Events can help the retailer in following ways: Inspire Customer Loyalty  Boost Foot Traffic  Get to Know Your Customers  Become a Local Celeb  Promoting an Event Event promotion is essential in getting the word out and ensuring attendance. Poor Attendance is the worst nightmare for a retailer, hosting an event. That is why for hosting an event, a retailer must do the home work step by step very carefully. Pre-Event preparion First comes, choosing the date and time of the event. For that matter, need to consider customers’ schedules which is really very conflicting. Sellers can ask customers upfront what works best for them, which days and times are they available, and how does that work with the store schedule etc. Events and holidays should be considered as it can make it difficult for attendees to get to the venue because of things like traffic.

  2. Mode of communication to inform the customers about the event. It is very important that the information can see the upcoming events. The next step is the promotion of the stuffs the seller has to offer in that very event. Finally comes the logistics of event promotion. Some channels to be considered are: Social media  Influencer marketing  Third-party event-hosting sites  Email marketing  Look locally  Community sponsors  During the Event Social media is the easiest way to promote specifically for a event or a store. Again sellers must plan their second event before hosting the first one, so that they can invite the customer who fail to attend the first one. Post-Event An event series in building community has the opportunity to sustain between the events. Sellers can keep in touch with event attendees through email marketing or social media groups, posting photos of the event, blog after the event and follow up with a thank-you note or asking to share their experiences and so on. The point is keeping the excitement going to stay top-of-mind, and to generate interest in new attendees. How to Actually Execute the Event Planning is key to hosting any successful event, be it a series or a one-time occasion. Most of the events fail due to improper planning on budget and goals. Followings are some of the very essential points of planning: Setting a budget  Setting goals  Feel encouraged to be creative  Keep everything organized in a tool such as Google Drive or Evernote  Can also hire an event planner to organize and execute everything for you for a bigger event. 