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Role and responsibility of school management PowerPoint Presentation
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Role and responsibility of school management

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Role and responsibility of school management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Role and responsibility of school management

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  1. Support and participation in particular „view outside“ enlargement of perspectives meaning for the Role and responsibility of school management whole school • „European idea“ • role of school in the society Systematical control and guidance • application forms • dabates about structures inside school • close cooperation: headmaster/ coordinator • self- accountability of the single school • working time models for teachers • setting of the „structure of teacher collaboration“ • „ system of supporting“- individualised learning • involving times into conferences • participation in all project meetings (coordinator+ headmaster) • management- /teachers exchange School developement School development plan

  2. School Development plan 2005/06 tuition cooperation of teachers management peer group (Steuergruppe) Crosscurricular teaching Development of concepts Media Evaluation School specifical curricula Personal development Assessment and feedback Development of organization Differentiation Individualisation Learning- and working techniques School – economy- profession School culture Opening of the school to the public Evaluation Collaboration of teachers Topics for 2005/06 Collaboration with the parents

  3. Crosscurricular teaching • lesson scores(work them out, establish and evaluate them) • - 5/6 for the year „B“ • - 7-10 for the year „B“ • work out+ test more modules for bilingual teaching • „leading topics“ for 2005/06: • - 600th anniversary of Schmiedefeld • - Comenius-Project (European album)

  4. Opening of the school to the public • opening of more „learning places“ outside the school • save contacts to the community • especially: 600th anniversary of Schmiedefeld • continue all activities connected to the Comenius project • “Day of the Open Doors“ – establish it as a tradition • Homepage (regular updates)

  5. ImPULS - Schule Staatliche Regelschule Schmiedefeld Date: August 2006 Structure of teacher cooperation School management Team of Moderators: K.Baumgart, K.Ulrich, I.Blau, B.Franzke, S. Luck Crosscurricular teams Other teams Team 5/6 I. Blau, E. Bochert, B. Franzke, C. Grey, A. Franzke, H. Laude, K. Tischer, U. Kaufmann, St. Krämer, S. Luck, Ch. Amberg School conference K. Baumgart, E. Bochert, C. Grey, H. Reichel Working techniques S. Luck E. Bochert, V. Schneider, C. Grey, G.Kühn Form teachers K. Baumgart B. Franzke, E. Bochert, G. Kühn, S. Luck, H. Laude, Ch. Amberg, S. Schilling, V. Schneider „Sachkunde“ (Biology, History and Geography) B. Franzke, E. Bochert, I. Blau Assessment Ch. Amberg I. Blau, K. Baumgart World of Media H.Laude, St. Krämer, H. Kliebisch Job guidance B. Franzke, H. Reichel, Deutsch-Lehrer (Kl. 8-10) Klassenleiter (Kl. 7-10) School culture (events) None class teachers C. Grey, St. Krämer, H. Reichel, A. Franzke, K. Tischer, G. Lohse, U. Kaufmann, TUN (Technology and Natural Science) C, Grey, S. Schilling, K. Baumgart, H. Reichel Compulsary area French/Housekeeping S. Luck WRT (Economy, Law and Technology) H. Reichel, A. Franzke, St. Krämer Designing the school building St. Krämer K. Ulrich Englisch Ch. Amberg, H. Laude, E. Bochert, V. Schneider Comenius Ch. Amberg K. Baumgart Mathematics / Nature S. Schilling, G. Kühn, C. Grey, V. Schneider, St. Krämer, K. Ulrich, B. Franzke Differentiation/Individual Learning Time German/ Culture S. Luck, H. Laude, K. Tischer, U. Kaufmann, St. Krämer Social Studies A. Franzke, H. Reichel, G. Lohse, B. Franzke