jpi connecting climate knowledge for europe clik eu 4 may 2010 brussels dr henk van liempt n.
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JPI Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe (CliK’EU) 4 May 2010, Brussels Dr. Henk van Liempt PowerPoint Presentation
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JPI Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe (CliK’EU) 4 May 2010, Brussels Dr. Henk van Liempt

JPI Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe (CliK’EU) 4 May 2010, Brussels Dr. Henk van Liempt

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JPI Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe (CliK’EU) 4 May 2010, Brussels Dr. Henk van Liempt

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  1. JPI Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe (CliK’EU)4 May 2010, BrusselsDr. Henk van Liempt French National Alliance for Environment Represented by CNRS, CEA and Meteo-France

  2. Negotiations on the Copenhagen Accord

  3. Petersberg Climate Dialogue Environment Ministers Climate Change Conference, May 2-4, 2010

  4. Climate change:challenge for decision-making • The Grand challenge: • Enabling ambitious European mitigation and adaptation goals • Mainstreaming climate change in decision-making • Preparing for a 2ºC (+) world • JPI CliK’EU contribution: • Enhance the utility of climate knowledge for decision-making in Europe! • EC White Paper, Adapting to climate change: Towards a European framework for action. COM (2009) 147 final • Europe 2020: A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth COM (2010) • International climate policy post-Copenhagen: Acting now to reinvigorate global action on climate change. COM (2010) 86 final • 20 20 by 2020. Europe's climate change opportunity. COM (2008) 30 final • Council conclusions on Climate change and development. Council of the European Union, 17 November 2009 • U.S. Climate Action Report 2010. Fifth National Communication of the United States of America under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

  5. CliK’EU Proposing Partners French National Alliance for Environment Represented by CNRS, CEA and Meteo-France

  6. Europe – Countries CliK’EU Proposing Partners Proposing Countries Finnland Supporting Countries Norway Russia Estonia Sweden Latvia Lithuania Denmark Ireland Belarus Nether-lands Great Britain Poland Germany Ukraine Belgium Czech Republic Luxembourg Slovakia Moldova Austria Hungary Switzer/land France Romania Slovenia Croatia Bosnia/ Herze-govina Serbia Bulgaria Monte-negro Italy Portugal Mace- donia Turkey Albania Spain Greece Malta

  7. Strategic Objectives • The joint programming initiative CliK’EU will • aim at closing critical knowledge gaps by combining climate scientific approaches • mediate between knowledge production and knowledge application • allow societal decisions on mitigation and adaptation, based on common European understanding • enable the European society to cope with climate change and to take responsibility • support European policiesbysciencebased global scenarios.

  8. Research Objectives • CliK’EU will further European research by • seeking climate predictability on decadal timescale in Europe, • developing science for advanced climate services, • understanding societal transformation as well as societal contexts of response strategies, • developing advanced integrated assessment tools for enhanced decision-making on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

  9. JPI CliK-EU Proposal

  10. Added-value, Benefits and Impact • National research capacities fall short of meeting European demand. • CliK’EU will • advance European integration in terms of response strategies • improve planning and investment decisions • facilitate societal application of the knowledge base • deliver input into IPCC scenario process • improve the base for climate change negotiations

  11. Links with other JPIs Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change UrbanEurope Healthy and productive seas and oceans Water Challenges for a Changing World More years, better lives

  12. Links within European and international Research Landscape ERA-Nets JPIs International data and observation infrastructures International research co-operations

  13. Collaboration with ERA-Net CIRCLE-2 • CIRCLE-2: research for climate impact analysis and adaptation response • CliK‘EU will complement CIRCLE regarding addressed research questions • CIRCLE-2 supports CliK‘EU (Letter of support) • Many CIRCLE-2 partners involved in CliK‘EU facilitate intensive and non-bureaucratic interaction • CIRCLE-2 is well-established instrumentfor transnational research funding

  14. Principles of Implementation • Joint strategic framework: • strategic and longlasting; • defines challenges which Pan-European research will be facing in the next 10-20 years (SRA) • implemented in differential partnerships; • carried by the Member States within their own research and research funding capacities; • capitalizing on the wealth of existing projects, programmes and structures; • linked, where appropriate, to EU FP and other initiatives

  15. 4 Phases of Implementation Intensive consultation with partners, workshop, meetings Establishing a joint strategic framework Phase 1 - May 2010 Extensive mappingStrategic ResearchAgenda Workshops, meetings etc. Phase 2 III-IV / 2010 Designing work plans, responsibilities, instruments Differentiated processaccording to individualpriorities Phase 3 I-II / 2011 Implementation of planned activities Research programmes, joint funding measures etc. Phase 4 III / 2011 -

  16. CliK’EU Governance Structure Executive Committee Scientific Advisory Board CentralProgrammeOffice elects/ appoints supports gives advice Governing Board sendrepresentatives Partner countries

  17. CliK‘EU CliK‘EU A mature proposal fulfilling the JPI criteria:

  18. Criteria for JPI : MS commitment, pan-European challenges • CliK’EU has got sufficient and effective MS commitment: • 6 proposing members !!! • 8 supporting partners • The selected themes address pan-European / global (socio-economic or environmental) challenge!

  19. Criteria for JPI : The theme is sufficiently focussed • CliK‘EU focuses on the central research questions: • Predictability on a 10-years timescale • Development of climate services for decision-makers (user needs) • Understanding societal transformation (constraints, societal contexts of response strategies) • Decision Making Tools (Scenarios, assessment tools for strategic planning in different economic sectors) • Clear and realistic objectives!

  20. Criteria for JPI : Clear added value • CliK‘EU delivers the basis for European research in every sector which is affected by climate change… • … and fits perfectly into the European research landscape by: • Filling research gaps • Building on ongoing activities(FP7, ERA-nets, ESFRI, …) • National research capacities fall short of meeting collective demand of knowledge!

  21. Criteria for JPI : Stakeholder involvement • Stakeholders have been involved in developing CliK’EU themes: • Workshop with participants from 14 countries from science, environmental politics, meteorological institutes, research funding organizations, climate service centres, partners from other JPIs and CIRCLE-2 • Written consultation after workshop took place. • Further thematic workshops for the different modules will be held in second phase of JPI.

  22. Criteria for JPI : Benefits for EU citizens and competitiveness • CliK’EU delivers benefits for EU citizens by • translating climate knowledge for decision-makers and EU stakeholders (climate service centres) • involving the societal challenges • providing assessment models for decision making in private enterprises, politics, civil society.

  23. Criteria for JPI : Increasing R&D efficiency • CliK’EU has potential for increasing efficiency and impact of public R&D: • Systemic approach: Combining climate system research with socio-ecological research, climate services and scenario development. • CliK‘EU will contribute to the realization of European and national strategies for Climate Change Adaptation • CliK‘EU builds on key national, European and international initiatives.

  24. Let‘s start and face the challenges together!!! Thank you for your attention!