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Mrs. Green and Mr. Sayen PowerPoint Presentation
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Mrs. Green and Mr. Sayen

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Mrs. Green and Mr. Sayen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mrs. Green and Mr. Sayen

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  1. Mrs. Green and Mr. Sayen Clara Love Elementary 2011-2012

  2. About the Teacher This is my 11th year teaching at the elementary school level. This is my 3rd year in the district. Throughout my career, I’ve taught 2nd through 5th grade. I am thrilled to be teaching 5th grade Language Arts and Social studies during this school year. I believe this opportunity will make me a extremely well-rounded teacher in all subject areas. -Mrs. Green

  3. About the Teacher This is my 1st year teaching at the elementary school level, though it will be my 2nd year working inside the NISD. I am incredibly excited to be teaching 5th grade math and science this year. Without a doubt, math and science are my two favorite subjects and seeing the students eyes light up as we discover new things is priceless to me. -Mr. Sayen

  4. Morning Arrival 7:15-8:00 Students work on Word Work or math games when they first arrive at school. Students then meet with us for our “morning meeting” where we greet one another, talk about some good things, and have an activity that builds character.

  5. Science 9:35-10:20 10:25*-1:05 We use an inquiry approach in science. We use our science notebooks to track our learning and record our data. STAAR Science will be given April 26.

  6. Reading and Writing 8:05-10:20 10:25-2:30 In reading and writing we use a workshop model to present ideas. Our curriculum is America’s Choice. 5th Graders will take the Reading STAAR on March 27.

  7. Math 8:05-9:35 1:05-2:30 In math we also use the workshop model. We use the curriculum, Investigations. Every 5th grader was given a username and password to the site this site gives students fun ways to practice their computational skills. STAAR Math will be given on March 26.

  8. Word Work 10:30-10:45 Students will be receiving 10 words a week that are written in their planners. Students will be assessed on their knowledge of the words every 2 weeks. Please practice with your child discussing the words and their meaning.

  9. Lunch 10:50-11:20 Students have 3 lunch choices this year. Each month students will receive a lunch menu that is hole-punched and placed in their SPUR binder. We encourage you to come and eat with your child!

  10. Afternoon Dismissal 2:30-2:45 All students are dismissed at 2:45 to their destinations. If your child is going to go home a different way one day please send a note stating this, so we can be sure to have them where they need to be.

  11. Homework Students have homework every weeknight. The homework has been placed in their planners. Math: 2-5 math problems First in Math: 10-20 minutes Reading: Read for 25 minutes and log

  12. Communication Newsletters: via e-mail every Monday with updated information - Staff – Green, Clemency - Sayen, Christopher Thursday Folders: Go home every Thursday. Please sign these and send them back the NEXT day (Friday) Planners: Teacher/Parent Comments at the bottom Progress Reports: Will be sent home via e-mail

  13. Field Trips Our big field trip this year, is Camp Grady Spruce – September 12-September 14. In the spring we will also attend a play put on by the high school as well as get to go and check out Pike Middle School!

  14. Volunteer in our Classroom! Volunteers Calling all Dads - Sign-Up today to be a Watch Dog and help our school during special events. You can receive a free t-shirt for volunteering 3 hours to our classroom.

  15. Tuesday 10/4 from 3:15-6:00pm Thursday 10/6 from 3:15-6:00pm *Make sure to sign up Fall Teacher Conferences

  16. Thank You... for taking the time to attend tonight! We look forward to working with you and your child this year. It is going to be a wonderful year filled with exciting learning activities!