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Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) 2014

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Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) 2014. CogAT Test Configuration*. *Please follow the schedule on page 12 of the DFA. **Schedule roughly 45 minutes to administer each battery. Administration Schedule Grade 2. Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Grade 2

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Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) 2014

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Presentation Transcript
cogat test configuration
CogAT Test Configuration*

*Please follow the schedule on page 12 of the DFA.

**Schedule roughly 45 minutes to administer each battery

administration schedule grade 2
Administration Schedule Grade 2
  • Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Grade 2
    • Monday, March 3- Wednesday March 5, 2014
    • A school may administer more than one battery a day, if necessary.
  • Make-Up Administrations:
    • Thursday, March 6th and Friday March 7th
students to be tested
Students To Be Tested
  • CogAT
    • All Grade 2 Students (March)
    • Visually impaired students may be exempt
    • Opt-out procedure for parent refusal
administration accommodations
  • Who is eligible?
    • ESE students with current IEPs
    • 504 students
    • ELL students
  • Reasons for accommodations
  • Arrangements made in advance
  • Make a note of the accommodation provided on the Admin Record
  • Contact Psychological Services Dept:

(754) 321-2460 for Temporary 504 Plans

  • Extended Time or Presentation Accommodations

are not permitted for CogAt

materials needed
Materials Needed
  • Directions for Administering
  • Test Booklets (not consumable) and Answer Documents
  • #2 Pencils
  • Clock or watch
  • “Do Not Disturb” signs
  • Several Sheets of Scratch paper for the quantitative battery
answer documents will be preid
Answer Documents will be Preid
  • In 2014 you will receive preid’d answer documents for use with administering the CogAT.
  • Any student eligible to test that does not have a pre-id answer document must hand-grid (or have hand gridded) an answer document
fields for hand gridding
Fields for Hand Gridding
  • Student Name, Gender, DOB, and SID number must be indicated in their corresponding fields
  • School Number must be indicated in fields A-D in the “Test Administrator Use Only” box. 1 digit per field.
  • CogAT Level must be indicated as Level “A”

School Number


CogAT Level “A”

Date of Birth


Student ID #

test invalidation
Test Invalidation
  • Write INVALID across the battery in RED marker for CogAt
  • If any of the following occurs:
    • Cheating or disruptive behavior
    • Illness during testing
    • Incorrect time
  • Transcribe all non-invalidated batteries (if any) onto a new sheet and submit for scoring.
  • Keep the invalidated answer document on site.
administration record
Administration Record
  • Maintain a record of
    • ALL Students Assigned to Testing Room
    • Attendance Information:
      • (P) Present
      • (PI) Present but Invalidated
      • (A) Absent
      • (W) Withdrawn
  • Note ESE and ELL students’ accommodations
  • Use a Class Roster to record this information
  • Keep a copy of the forms and return the originals to Student Assessment & Research
test security
Test Security


  • Reveal or copy test items
  • Interpret items for students
  • Change or interfere with student responses
  • Fail to follow security procedures and

test administration directions

  • “Teach the Test”
test security1
Test Security
  • Additional proctors when testing 25 or

more students

  • NEVER leave materials unsecured
  • Collect materials daily
  • Place materials in locked storage
  • If materials are missing or test books have been written in,
    • initiate a thorough investigation
    • IMMEDIATELY contact Student Assessment

at (754) 321-4250

Test Administrator


test administrator responsibilities
Test Administrator Responsibilities

Before Testing:

  • Assemble materials & Prepare room for testing
  • Remove or cover all visual aids
  • Check hand gridded documents for errors
  • Distribute test materials
  • Familiarize yourself with the Directions for Administration
  • Read scripts verbatim (Level A)
  • Inform students to try and answer every question

During Testing:

  • Ensure test security
  • Ensure students are not writing in books.
test administrator responsibilities1
Test Administrator Responsibilities

After Testing:

  • Collect materials
  • Check student grid sheets and test books
  • Notify School Coordinator of any missing materials or test books that have been written in
  • Complete Administration record
test administrator material return
Test Administrator Material Return

Stack materials in this order:

  • Absent students (hold for make-up)
  • TO BE SCORED test materials
  • Directions for Administering
  • Administration Record
  • All NOT TO BE SCORED materials
school coordinator responsibilities
School Coordinator Responsibilities

Before Testing:

  • Receive and inventory test materials. Remember you will only receive answer documents. You should be reusing your test books from last year
  • Email: for additional answer documents.
  • Train Test Administrators and Proctors
  • Arrange for implementation of accommodations
  • Assign proctors
school coordinator responsibilities1
School Coordinator Responsibilities

During Testing:

  • Supervise test administration
  • Maintain test security
  • Supervise make-up administrations
school coordinator responsibilities2
School Coordinator Responsibilities

After Testing:

  • Verify return of all secure materials
  • Notify Student Assessment & Research of any missing materials or if test books have been written in
  • Check and photocopy Administration Record
  • Inventory and store reusable test materials in a secure area. Inform your Principal where they are located….
cogat material return form
CogAT Material Return Form

Complete one form for CogAt Grade 2:

  • This form will be emailed to you from the Student Assessment department
  • Indicate the, school number, school name and number of TO BE SCORED documents- Fax a copy to Student Assessment at 754-321-4291 on the last day of the assessment window.
  • Do not use the Building Identification Sheet or Grade/Class identification sheet if they are provided with your materials
school coordinator material return cogat
School Coordinator Material Return (CogAT)

Stack materials in this order:

  • CogAt TO BE SCORED (RED label) answer documents with materials return form
  • CogAt Administration Records
material pick up grade 2
Material Pick-UP Grade 2

Return ALL CogAT Materials via Pony on:

Monday, March 10th

  • Materials may be returned early (March 7th) if all testing is complete at your school.
  • NON CHARTER SCHOOLS- Materials that are not returned by pony on Monday, March 10thMUST be hand-delivered to the office of Student Assessment & Research
  • CHARTER SCHOOLS- Materials MUST be hand-delivered to the office of Student Assessment & Research on Monday, March 10th.
contact information
Contact Information

Student Assessment

and Research

(754) 321-4250

College and Career Readiness

(754) 321-2119

Psychological Services