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Taiwan御宅族 の 秋葉原

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Taiwan御宅族 の 秋葉原 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Taiwan御宅族 の 秋葉原. 90221. 音樂是我的信仰 超i卡通配樂. 作詞: hitomi 作曲北野正人 編曲:渡辺善太郎 歌: hitomi. I am

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  • 超i卡通配樂
hitomi hitomi

I am

探そう 夢のカケラ拾い集め切なくても 今なら探せるだろうめくるめく 毎日の形変えて切なくても 確かな今を感じよう見かけよりも単純で だけど伝えきれなくて言いたいコトは いつもポケットにしまってるネ子供じみたコトなんて 今さら言えない時が解決するとか言うけど わかりあえずに24時間 君を信じてるよ見つめてるよ ありふれた言葉でも時はいつも 急ぎ足で笑う想い出より 求めたい今を見つけよう動き出さなきゃ始まんない 悩みだすと止めらんない一夜かぎりの夢に 甘えていたくはないし乙女チックな願いも そのまま置き去り愛が全てサ 僕らの時代は ここからはじまる空を突き抜けてく 鳥みたいにネ大空舞う イメージが動きだす歩こう 道は遠く続くけれどいつの間にか 輝きだすダイヤモンド24時間 君を信じてるよ見つめてるよ ありふれた言葉でも時はいつも 急ぎ足で笑う想い出より 求めたい今を見つけよう探そう 夢のカケラ拾い集め切なくても 今なら探せるだろうめくるめく 毎日の形変えて切なくても 確かな今を感じよう

dedicated to you shung hayabusa w inds

誰のため冴え渡るBLUE SKY

二人で見上げたね 飛行機雲約束はもう果たせないけど

僕の夢 せめて 叶えたい君を そう ずっと 忘れないよ

天と地に そっと 離されても現実は そう 時間に残酷でもう二度と...君に逢えない君のため冴え渡るBLUE SKY二人で見つけたね 一番星約束はもう交わせないけど君の夢 せめて 叶えたい

ガラスの湖空を映す 乱反射してる 

光のブリズム 君の育った この場所まで 僕は来たよ

君のル-ツ 辿り

BLUE...澄んでた瞳は 澄んでるこの空のせい

TRUTH...共に生きたね 短くても 二人

君を そう ずっと 忘れないよ

天と地に そっと 離されても

願いが一つ 叶うのならば


涙さえで出ずに 彷徨ってた


君は最期に「また逢える」微笑い 僕は



君ならどう言い どうしたか


想いを 風のように歌う

「好きだ」って もっと 言いたかった


君が知らない明日を これから僕は


feel good inc gorillaz
FEEL GOOD Inc.Gorillaz

Yo, we gonna go ghost town,this motown,with yo soundyou're in the placeyou gonna bite the dustCant fight with usWith yo soundyou kill the dont stop, get it, get ituntil you're cheddar header.Yo, watch the way I navigateWindmill, Windmill for the land.Learn forever hand in handTake it all in on your strideIt is sticking, falling downLove forever love is freeLet’s turn forever you and meWindmill, windmill for the landIs everybody in?Dont stop, get it, get itwe are your captains in itsteady,watch me navigate,ahahahahahhaa.Dont stop, get it, get itwe are your captains in itsteady, watch me navigate

City's breaking down on a camel’s back.They just have to go 'cos they dont hold backSo all you fill the streets it’s appealing to seeYou wont get out the county, 'cos you're bad and freeYou've got a new horizon It's ephermal style.A melancholy town where we never smile.And all I wanna hear is the message beep.My dreams, they've got to kiss, because I dont get sleep, no..Windmill, Windmill for the land.Learn forever hand in handTake it all in on your strideIt is sticking, falling downLove forever love is freeLet’s turn forever you and meWindmill, windmill for the landIs everybody in?Laughing gas these hazmats, fast cats,Lining them up-a like ass cracks,Ladies, homies, at the trackits my chocolate attack.*****, I'm stepping in the heart of this hereCare bear bumping in the heart of this herewatch me as I gravitatehahahahahahaa.

over soul
Over Soul(通靈王)


  天空與大地的交會處佇立在在這個世界誕生出生命隨而沉沒不斷重覆著因果循環如此命運與過往的瞬間夢想也失去力量在同個地點在一次重生正義的深處夢想還有氣息相信累積的力量正義的深處隱藏黑暗看透世間一切揮出手中劍並不是為了斬斷命運而是畫破糾纏的葛藤喚醒它鮮明地let there beligtrevie a soul


Here we are Back up in the ClubPeople Takin Pictures Dont you think they get enough???I just wanna be all over the FloorAnd Throw my hands up in the air to the Beat like...(whaaattt!!!!)I gotta say respectfullyI would love it If you took the Cameras off of meCuz I just Need a Little Room to BreathCan you please Respect My Privacy( verse 1 )( Chorus )I just Need to Free My Mind(My Mind)Just wanna dance and have a good Time(Good Time)I'm tired of Rumors ( Rumors )Followed (Followed Followed Followed Followed)What they want of meWhy cant they (They They They They They)Let me Live (Live)Take this for Just What it Is( Chorus 2x )

  • Saturday steppin into the Clubmusic made me wanna tell the DJ "Turn it Up"I feel the Energy All aroundAnd my body cant Stop movin to the soundBut... I can tell that your watchin meAnd your probably gonna write what you didnt seeWell I just need a little Space to BreathCan you please Respect my Privacy!!!!( verse 1 )Why cant you just let me doThe things I wanna doI just wanna be MeI dont Understand WhyWould you wanna Bring me downWhen I'm only having FunI'm gonna live my life(But Not the Way that you want me to)( Chorus )I'm tired of Rumors StartedI'm sick of bein' FollowedI'm tired of people LyinSayin what they want about meWhy cant they Back up off meWhy cant they let me liveI'm gonna do it my wayTake this for just what it is

There's no way that

I know you'll understand

We talk and talk'round it allWho'd have thoughtWe'd end up hereBut I'm feeling fineIn a rushNever trustYou'll be thereIf I'd only stop and take my timeCos with youI'm running, running, runningSomewhere I can't get toYes I have to have to have toChange the rulesI'm with youWhat if you get off at the next stopWould you just wave us I'm drifting offAnd if I never saw you againCould I keep all of this inside

I walk a mile with a smile

And I don't know

I don't care where I am

But I know it's alright

Jump the tracks , Can't get back

I don't know anyone around here

But I'm safe this time

Cos when you

Tell me, Tell me, Tell me

Stupid things, like you do

Yes, I Have to, have to, have to

Change the rules

I can't lose

Cause I shiver

I just break up

When I'm near you

It all gets out of hand

Yes I shiver

I get bent up

v6 1 34 op 147 148 ed
  • I WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD熱情源源不斷 伸手向激情的未來 一切都將光明燦爛 IT'S WONDERLAND你的心在顫抖 看不見明天的黑夜 摀起雙耳 拒絕去相信 自從遇見你 我找到了真正的歸宿 因為有你淡淡的溫柔 才使得我們覺醒I WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD 不再迷惘 只要能夠掌握與你的未來 我可以飛躍到任何所在 CHANGE MY MIND 熱情源源不斷 展翅向未知的明天 我們將翱翔天際 IT'S WONDERLAND
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