welcome to your opportunities at wiles road animal hospital l.
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Welcome to your opportunities at Wiles Road Animal Hospital PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to your opportunities at Wiles Road Animal Hospital

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Welcome to your opportunities at Wiles Road Animal Hospital - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to your opportunities at Wiles Road Animal Hospital
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  1. Welcome to your opportunities at Wiles Road Animal Hospital Coral Springs, Florida

  2. Wiles Road Animal Hospital offers an exciting preceptorship program with potential opportunity to join our veterinary team in the summer if we are in an expansionary mode.

  3. Wiles Road Animal Hospital is a 4 year AAHA certified hospital, which is the pinnacle of accreditation status.

  4. Wiles RoadAnimal Hospital was the recipient of the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Award for February 2003. This means that a panel of judges deemed it to be one of the top 12 designed hospitals in the country for that year

  5. Prestigious Preceptorship: Our preceptors have hailed from around the country and across the world. We have welcomed preceptors from Cornell, Mississippi State University, Texas A&M, Iowa State, Auburn, University of Georgia, Purdue, Tufts, N.C. State, Michigan State University, and even Germany to name some of them.

  6. Become part of our exciting team to help us provide the community with: *Medical care *Dental Services *Surgical Services *Emergency Services

  7. Medical care –Examinations will have assistance from our enthusiastic veterinary staff members.

  8. Medical care can be assisted by conventional blood work and radiographs. However you can enjoy the use of some of our diagnostic toys including our G.E. Logiq Ultrasound Unit with Color Flow Doppler.

  9. Blood pressure can be done with the use of our Park Doppler Unit along with many other capabilities.

  10. Dental services -We have a high speed fiber optic hand piece to help you with dental cleanings and provide ease with more complicated extraction procedures and gingival flaps.

  11. Surgical services -Our hospital gives you the opportunity to scrub in on difficult complicated cases.

  12. Get mentored and experience-Hone your surgical skills by removing some neoplastic masses or completing a spay or neuter on a pet.

  13. Emergency services-Learn how to remain level headed in assisting with the hospital’s various emergencies, potentially including bufo toad toxicity. See great cases, and learn to think on your feet.

  14. You will also spend some time at our sister facility, Cypress Wood Animal Hospital. Located only 15 minutes from Wiles Road Animal Hospital.

  15. Location: Both hospitals are located in the beautiful oasis community of Coral Springs, which is a suburb located N.W. of Ft. Lauderdale.

  16. All work and no play makes, Jack or Jill a dull preceptor. Time to have fun. There are lots of things to do including going to the local beach or heading to the Florida Keys.

  17. Enjoy our local dog park to get away from it all for a little bit.

  18. You receive one day off during the middle of the week to enjoy the Florida life, and catch up on personal errands.

  19. Money makes the world go around. We know that you would like to help us out of the goodness of your heart, however you can accept our weekly stipend to help pay for food and incidentals.

  20. Rooming-We do provide you with your own room on our second floor, with its own closet. It adjoins a bathroom and shower.

  21. Cable TV,VCR and DVD available-Want to relax with some TV. We have cable in your room.

  22. Feed the Hungry -Your room adjoins a kitchenette area complete with refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, dishwasher to keep your energy level up.

  23. Quick Snacks andFood readily available-We have vending machines on the premises and a score of take out, delivery, and fast food.

  24. Need a kick start? -Yes we have hot coffee for you and the staff each morning if you like a heavy dose of caffeine.

  25. Multimedia library available-Want to catch up on studying or learn new tapes by having use of our doctor’s library or watching videotapes or learning from cd’s as we have a wide variety of subjects to learn from.

  26. Computer connectivity -We have over 35 computers within our practices, so there is no problem in connecting with friends on line during your off hours.

  27. VIN access -We do have vin access that will enable you to do veterinary research on line, complimented with our fast dsl line should make this task easier.

  28. Great mentorship -We have a great veterinary staff with lots ofexperience. To find out a little more about us and our doctors…go online at www.toppetcare.com and look up our veterinary staff.

  29. Grand round presentation- You will be expected to either present a grand round style case presentation or a project where you have learned some specific issue to further your educational process.

  30. You are welcome to join in our doctor’s meetings, as well as guest specialist lectures that we have arranged during the year.

  31. Where do I sign?

  32. We are hopeful that we meet your criteria.

  33. What do we need from you to meet our criteria? • 3rd or 4th year veterinary student • Ability to have your own car or mode of transportation while with us • Spend at least 4-6 weeks time period to get the most out of the experience • Arrange student liability insurance to protect yourself • Make sure you have approval from your university to proceed with our preceptorship

  34. Attitude is everything! • Come with an upbeat attitude – willing to accept new ideas and communicate the latest from your university as well. • Be a team player and contribute to our staff and facility.

  35. Who do I contact? Contact our preceptor liason: Dr. Paula Engle 7460 Wiles RoadCoral Springs, Florida 33067Phone: 954-752-1880Fax: 954-752-8258 Email: DrEngle@toppetcare.com

  36. What initial information do you need?Pleases send a resume or curriculum vitae, with a cover letter detailing what you would like to obtain out of our preceptorship, with a listing of proposed dates that you feel you can join us.

  37. For more information peruse our website at www.toppetcare.comLooking forward to hearing from you in the near future.“When opportunity knocks, open the door.!”

  38. Dr. Paula Engle Wiles Road Animal Hospital 7460 Wiles RoadCoral Springs, Florida 33067 Phone: 954-752-1880Fax: 954-752-8258 Email: DrEngle@toppetcare.com www.TopPetCare.com