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EDS 379A Colloquium

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EDS 379A Colloquium. Linjue Cao 12/6/12. Teaching Placement. Taft Middle School – Serra Mesa Suburban Middle Class 7 th Grade Life Science Students ~25-28 students/class period Diverse population At grade level to GATE 2 ELD students (Spanish): Intermediate-Early Advanced

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eds 379a colloquium

EDS 379A Colloquium

Linjue Cao 12/6/12

teaching placement
Teaching Placement
  • Taft Middle School – Serra Mesa
  • Suburban Middle Class
  • 7th Grade Life Science
  • Students
  • ~25-28 students/class period
  • Diverse population
  • At grade level to GATE
  • 2 ELD students (Spanish): Intermediate-Early Advanced
  • 3 IEP students
tpe 2 monitoring student learning during instruction
TPE 2: Monitoring Student Learning During Instruction
  • Use exit quizzes to monitor learning progression and determine if misconceptions need to be addressed or content needs to be retaught

“use progress monitoring at key points during instruction to determine wither students are progressing adequately toward achieving the state-adopted academic content standards.”

tpe 4 making content accessible
TPE 4: Making Content Accessible
  • ~ Multiple ways to teach and reinforce how the eye works
  • ~ Use models to teach
  • ~ Students draw diagrams, write charts, and create a layered paper eye model

“meet student academic learning needs, candidates explain content clearly and reinforce content in multiple ways, such as the use of written and oral presentation, manipulatives, physical models, visual and performing arts, diagrams, non-verbal communication, and computer technology.”

tpe 5 student engagement
TPE 5: Student Engagement

“clearly communicate instructional objectives to students.”

  • ~ objectives are written on board every day and read to the students
tpe 6b developmentally appropriate practices in grades 4 8
TPE 6b: developmentally appropriate practices in Grades 4-8
  • Students fill out a Venn diagram as a learning strategy to help them make sense of new content

“help students develop learning strategies to cope with increasingly challenging academic curriculum.”

tpe 7 teaching english learners
TPE 7: Teaching English Learners

“know and apply pedagogical theories, principles and practices for the development of academic language, comprehension, and knowledge in the subjects of the core curriculum.”

New vocabulary words and definitions are added to the Word Wall every unit

I refer to the Word Wall as I teach and review vocabulary

tpe 10 instructional time
TPE 10: Instructional time
  • Seat jobs are assigned to lab groups of 4 and make lab procedures and transitions go smoothly

“establish procedures for routine tasks and manage transitions to maximize instructional time.”

tpe 11 social environment

Tpe 11: Social environment

“Develop and maintain clear expectations for academic and social behavior.”

Class rules are presented at the beginning of the year and enforced throughout the year.


TPE 4: Making Content Accessible

“teach students strategies to read and comprehend a variety of text and a variety of information sources, in the subject(s) taught.”

Teach the students how to read their textbook instead of just telling them to read and do homework out of the textbook




TPE 5: Student Engagement

“ensure the active and equitable participation of all students.”

Develop a method to get participation from all students instead of only calling on students that raise their hands




TPE 11: Social Environment

“know how to establish rapport with all students and their families for supporting academic and personal success through caring, respect, and fairness.”

Make more parent phone calls to ~establish relations with parents ~get to know the students’ backgrounds

~improve student-teacher relations

~improve students’ academics