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Response to Instruction & Intervention Training

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Response to Instruction & Intervention Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Banning High School RtI2. Response to Instruction & Intervention Training. Tapping Into Prior Knowledge. How do you know this?. What do you know about RTI². Day 1 Objectives. Our objective is to explain and facilitate the RTI² Model.

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Banning High School


Response to

Instruction& Intervention


tapping into prior knowledge
Tapping Into Prior Knowledge

How do you know this?

What do you know about RTI²

day 1 objectives
Day 1 Objectives

Our objective is to explain and facilitate the RTI² Model.

By the end of this session, faculty and Staff will understand:

  • The purpose RTI²
  • The structure of RTI²
  • Their role in the RTI²
district bulletins on rti
District Bulletins on RtI²
  • BUL-4827.1 Multi-Tiered Framework for Instruction, Intervention, and Support
  • REF-4984.1 Implementing a Multi-Tiered Framework for Instruction, Intervention, and Support
what is rti 2
What is RtI2 ?

Response to Instruction & Intervention is:

  • Student success driven
  • A multi-tiered approach
  • A problem solving method
  • Data-based
  • Effective academic engaged time
  • Supported by continual professional development
rti 2 is simple to understand
RtI2is Simple to understand

2. This is where we want students to be.

3. How much time do we have?

  • This is where the students are.

4. How much growth per month do they have to make & how do we measure whether they are making that progress or not?

Multi-Tiered Framework

Tier 3

For Approx 5% of Students

Tier 1 Core




Intensive Individual Instruction

…to pass benchmark assessments.

Tier 3 Effective if there is progress (i.e., gap closing).

Tier 2

For approx. 20% of students

Tier 1 Core



…to pass benchmark assessments.

Tier 2 Effective if approx. 70-80% of students in group improve performance

(i.e., gap is closing)

Tier 1

GOAL: 100% of students pass benchmark assessments

Tier 1 effective if approx. 80% are meeting benchmark assessments with only access to Core.

problem solving process
Problem-Solving Process
  • Problem Identification
      • What is the problem?

Response to Instruction/



Is it working?

Problem Analysis

Why is it occurring?

Intervention Design


What are we going to do about it?

rti model
RTI² Model

Students are regularly assessed on how well they respond to good first teaching.

Universal Screens


Progress Monitoring


These are measures to provide data to be used in your instruction (district info coming)

How can we develop an RtI2

framework to improve

student academic


what have we done
What have we done?
  • Identified a need for change.
  • Identified our belief in the potential for student achievement.
  • Explored the RTI² framework
  • Explored MyData
  • Identified departmental best-practices
  • Identified SLC best-practices
tier i instruction
Tier I Instruction:

Reaches 80% of students through data driven instructional strategies & curriculum.

Does your instructional program result in 80% proficiency?

What do you believe is effective Tier 1 Instruction?

How do use data to back up your instructional choices?

tier 1 instruction reaches 80 of students by using
Tier 1 InstructionReaches 80% of students by using:
  • Standards Based Lessons
  • Access Strategies/SDAIE
  • Culturally Relevant Instruction
  • Classroom Interventions
  • Data to make decisions on what & how to teach
  • Differentiated instruction and assessment
tier 2 instruction
Tier 2 Instruction:

Targeted group interventions for 15-20% of students who are struggling despite effective Tier 1 teaching.

Offers additional time for supplemental instruction.

tier 2 instruction reaches 15 20 of students by using
Tier 2 Instruction Reaches 15-20% of students by using:
  • ELS
  • DRWC
  • Bootcamps
  • ESL Seminar
  • After School Tutoring
tier 3 instruction
Tier 3 Instruction:
  • Intensive instructional support for individual students (1-5%)
  • Assessment based, high intensity, and for a longer duration
tier 3 instruction individuals are supported by
Tier 3 Instruction:Individuals are supported by:
  • FAIR Program
  • Diploma Recovery Program
rti next steps
RTI² Next Steps
  • Define the goals & responsibilities of Tier 1 Instruction
  • Develop a method for using data to make instructional decisions
  • Implement the problem-solving model
reflection time
Reflection Time
  • What is the purpose of RTI²?
  • What is the structure of RTI²?
  • What is my role within the RTI² process?
  • What support do

I need to be

successful in my