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ISO/TC204 OVERVIEW. Ryan D. Lamm (ISO TC204 Representative). ISO/TC204 BACKGROUND.

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iso tc204 overview

Ryan D. Lamm (ISO TC204 Representative)

iso tc204 background

Scope: Transport Systems (ITS). ITS is the application of information technology, communications technology, and sensor technology, including the internet (both wired and wireless), to the general challenges and opportunities of surface transportation, via the use of vehicle and infrastructure probe data to provide location-based telematics services.

Note: The standards development work of TC204 attempts to take into account the work of existing international standardization bodies.

Chairman:Michael Noblett, IBM; International Secretariat:Andrew Dryden, TIA

~100 Standards/Technical Specification/ Technical Reports under development

95 Published Standards/Technical Specification/Technical Reports

25 Participating “P” Member Nations - 28 Observer “O” Member Nations


Conclusion: Future Work & Cooperation

ISO TC204 Proposed Working Group 18 on Cooperative Systems is intended to mirror and monitor the activity going on in CEN TC278 WG16.

TC204 looks forward to working closely with CEN TC278 and others.

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For More Information on TC204, Please Visit:

TC204 Secretary: Andy Dryden