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Introduction to PA Act 167 Stormwater Management Planning PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to PA Act 167 Stormwater Management Planning

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Introduction to PA Act 167 Stormwater Management Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to PA Act 167 Stormwater Management Planning. Little Juniata River Watershed April 21, 2005. Topics for Discussion. Little Juniata River Watershed Introduction to stormwater management Overview of PA Act 167 Overview of the Little Juniata River Watershed Plan

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introduction to pa act 167 stormwater management planning

Introduction to PA Act 167 Stormwater Management Planning

Little Juniata River Watershed

April 21, 2005

topics for discussion
Topics for Discussion
  • Little Juniata River Watershed
  • Introduction to stormwater management
  • Overview of PA Act 167
  • Overview of the Little Juniata River Watershed Plan
  • Role of the Watershed Plan Advisory Committee
  • Review of activities to date
  • Anticipated next steps
definition of stormwater
Definition of Stormwater

Water that runs off from the land as the result of rainfall or snow melt


development changes land characteristics
Increased plant uptake and evapotranspiration

Increased infiltration to groundwater

Slow, dispersed runoff to streams




Less chance for evapotranspiration

Less opportunity for water to infiltrate

Rapid, concentrated stream discharges

More human activity




Development Changes Land Characteristics





effects of uncontrolled stormwater runoff
Effects of Uncontrolled Stormwater Runoff


Erosion & Sedimentation

Reduced Groundwater Recharge & Stream Baseflow

Water quality degradation

stormwater management in pa
Stormwater Management in PA
  • Prior to 1980
    • Just get the water away from the site
  • 1980 to 2003
    • Control the peak rate of discharge to protect downstream persons and property
  • Now
    • Minimize increases in runoff volume
    • Control peak discharge rates
    • Maintain groundwater recharge
    • Protect water quality
stormwater management programs
Stormwater Management Programs
  • PA Stormwater Management Act (Act 167)
    • Counties stormwater management plans
    • Municipalities to adopt and enforce stormwater ordinances in conformance with the plans
  • MS4 NPDES Program Requirements
    • Designated municipalities implement a specific program of best management practices designed to effectively manage stormwater runoff
  • PA Chapter 102 and NPDES Construction Permitting Requirements
    • Persons engaged in construction activities control erosion and sedimentation impacts
comprehensive stormwater policy
Comprehensive Stormwater Policy
  • PADEP Comprehensive Stormwater Policy
    • Address water quality issues
    • Sustain stream base flow and groundwater through groundwater recharge
    • Minimize flooding problems
    • Prevent stream bank erosion
    • Incorporate Act 167, E&S, and MS4 program elements
pa act 167 planning objectives

Infiltration Groundwater Recharge

Rate & Volume Control

Special Protection Waters

Water Quality

Act 167 Stormwater Management Planning

Technical Assistance

Financial Assistance

Tailored Municipal Ordinances

NPDES MS4 Permit

NPDES Construction Permit

PA Act 167 Planning Objectives
little juniata river watershed1
Little Juniata River Watershed

Drainage area = 181 square miles

Elevation range = 690’ to 2,590’

Number of named tributaries =18

Number municipalities =19

little juniata river watershed2

MS4 Municipalities

  • Altoona City
  • Antis Township
  • Bellwood Borough
  • Logan Township
Little Juniata River Watershed
little juniata act 167 plan
Little Juniata Act 167 Plan
  • Primary Objectives
    • Achieve Compliance with PA Act 167 Watershed Planning Requirements
      • Document current stormwater management conditions
      • Investigate specific stormwater control requirements
      • Recommend specific stormwater control requirements
      • Develop and present model municipal stormwater ordinances
      • Provide forum for exchange of information
    • Provide MS4 NPDES Permit compliance assistance
      • Outfall mapping
      • Public education/participation
      • Ordinance development
      • State reimbursement for selected activities
watershed plan advisory committee
Watershed Plan Advisory Committee
  • Representatives of affected municipalities
  • County agency representatives
  • Watershed association members
  • Other interested citizens

WPAC Members

role of the wpac
Role of the WPAC
  • Information exchange from communities to project team
    • Identify and describe existing problems
    • Discuss local experiences
    • Describe status of stormwater management
    • Identify local management problems and strengths
    • Describe local expectations
    • Voice local concerns
    • Comment on plan recommendations
role of the wpac1
Role of the WPAC
  • Information exchange from project team to communities
    • Define local Act 167 responsibilities
    • Describe the goals and limitations of the Plan
    • Increase local familiarity with stormwater Best Management Practices and control techniques
    • Describe plan recommendations
    • Encourage local input into the process
    • Support the adoption and

implementation of the Plan

primary activities to date
Primary Activities to Date
  • Project startup
  • MS4 mapping of outfalls
  • MS4 public education
  • Physical features data collection and analysis
  • Formation of the WPAC
  • Distribution of the municipal questionnaire
municipal questionnaire
Municipal Questionnaire
  • Purpose
    • Provides a overview of stormwater conditions
    • Indicates the types of controls currently in place
    • Provides an early opportunity for municipal input into the planning process
  • Issues addressed
    • Significant stormwater problems
    • Existing and proposed flood protection projects
    • Existing and proposed stormwater control facilities
    • Existing stormwater collection facilities
next steps
Next Steps
  • Municipal questionnaire compilation and follow-up
  • Continued data collection and analysis
  • Review of existing municipal stormwater ordinances
  • 2nd WPAC meeting
    • Review of questionnaire results
    • Review of existing watershed conditions
    • Discussion of cause and effect relationship of land development to stormwater runoff