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Bloodhound™ Logging System PowerPoint Presentation
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Bloodhound™ Logging System

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Bloodhound™ Logging System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bloodhound™ Logging System
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  1. Bloodhound™ Logging System Infrared™ Hydrocarbon Analyzer System • 0-100%  auto ranging • Total gas with Chromatograph model- C1-C4 iso and C4 normal • Accurate and Sensitive with Auto Ranging • Low end +/ - .0001% =  one unit (on 10,000 unit full range) • High end +/- 1 % full scale • Reliability • No filament, flame or pellistor to fail • No saturation • No in field calibration (set and stable for 18 months) • No drift from ambient temperature changes • No drift from filament degradation • No drift from carbonization • CO2 - included • O2   - included • H2S - included DATA • Triple redundant data records • Real time (6 second new data capture cycle) data viewing at rig site or anywhere world wide via web site • WITS compatible (can output or collect and display incoming drilling data) AUTOMATION • Remote systems diagnostic capabilities • Multiple function alarm system • Automatically generated real time mudlog (just add lithology) • Automatic sample flow monitor and adjustment COMMUNICATION • Hardwire and wireless communication capabilities • Built in GPRS data modem eliminates satellite dish and rental costs • Alarm notification via cell phone text message world wide POWER • Low operating current design (DC low voltage extends life and eliminates shock danger) • Functional from 12v car electrical system • Up to 120 min on board backup power supply (with monitor) MONITORING • Remote diagnostics on sample flow, sample line vacuum pressure, total hydrocarbons and other functions • Multiple function automatic alarms based on custom high low parameters • Automatic alarm notification via cell text message • 24/7 remote manned alarm monitoring service packages

  2. Sample Gas inlet Port has regulated flow and vacuum pressure DC power in/out Runs from DC car adaptor or powers DC devices Universal AC power From 90-250VAC power and 45-65 Hz GPRS Radio antenna Pason compatible RS422 WITS interface Ethernet RJ-45 to Internet Analog Out Relay contacts for Depth & Alarms Positive Pressure vent air supply. Inside case under positive pressure with filtered air. Exhaust port. ½” size keeps the line from freezing in cold weather USB-B PC connection Audio Alarm RS232 Personal Computer or External Data logger RS232 WITS Connection Bloodhound™ Logging SystemSide View Geolograph switch input

  3. Data Logger - Local Windows Application (Gas_Chart.exe) Data Logger - Remote Windows Application (Gas_Chart.exe) • Data Logger Functions • Calculates Lag • Set PC Alarms • Edit Depth • Zoom on Chromats • Data File Export Well Site PC Remote PC Serial Connection Instrument to PC At Well Site Internet GPRS Cell Radio AT&T Data Service Web Remote Data Logger Web Browser WITs to EDR Bloodhound™Data Archive WITS 64.19.xx.xx:xxxx Field Data Network Ethernet connection (e.g. Sat. Internet) • Bloodhound™ Logging System • Total Gas • Gas Chromatography • CO2 • O2 • H2S • Local Instrument Alarms Mobile Device Access Voice Response – Text - Email Communication Network

  4. Application Logging software used Locally or Remotely Real-Time Data Table (6 sec update) Flexible Charting capability Configuration Lag Depth editing Scale adjustments Export LAS and XLS data file for importing to any Mudlogging software Data Logger SoftwareUsed both for Local & Remote Logging

  5. Accessible from any Internet connected browser Real-Time Data Table 10 sec update Chart Image 10 min update Comment Editing Capable Web Remote Data Logger

  6. Mobile Device Access • IPhone • Mobile Phones based on Windows Mobile

  7. Real-Time Data Viewer Sample Line Vacuum Pressure Great for troubleshooting leaks, blockages etc. RSSI Received Signal Strength Indicator Monitors Cell network signal Variable Speed Sample Pump controls Flow Rate to Set Point Flow Rate Automatically controlled

  8. Real-Time Data Viewerwith WITS Stream Viewer

  9. Multiple Well Real-Time Data Viewer

  10. Website Multiple Instrument Viewer • Accessible from any Internet connected browser • Multiple Well Snapshot View • Real-Time Data • Table • 10 sec update

  11. 24/7 Call Center Support(303-459-4660) • Technical Support • Tier 1 call center agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) w/Text & Email • Voice Response - Available 24/7 for retrieving a voice response that recites individual Bloodhound Hole Depth, Bit Depth and Total Gas • Text Message - Available 24/7 for retrieving Hole Depth, Bit Depth, Total Gas, Sample line flow rate, Vacuum pressure and ROP in m/ft and ft/hr • Email to registered mobile phones with all Bloodhound diagnostic information • Sales • Agents available during business hours