welcome to the organization budget council budget school n.
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Welcome to the Organization Budget Council Budget School! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Organization Budget Council Budget School!

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Welcome to the Organization Budget Council Budget School! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Organization Budget Council Budget School! . 2012-2013 Committee Members Jenna Saadeh : Web Master Risa Rojas : Meeting Chair James Au : Public Relations Evan Wellington : C lerk Max Werner : Accounting Manager. Section I. where , what, who and how of the OBC.

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Welcome to the Organization Budget Council Budget School!

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welcome to the organization budget council budget school

Welcome to the Organization Budget Council Budget School!

2012-2013 Committee Members

Jenna Saadeh: Web Master

Risa Rojas: Meeting Chair

James Au: Public Relations

Evan Wellington: Clerk

Max Werner: Accounting Manager

by evan wellington kaiya gray 11 12 aimee shattuck

Section I

where, what, who and how of the OBC

By Evan Wellington/ Kaiya Gray(‘11-’12)/ Aimee Shattuck


Each term students pay tuition and fees to attend PSU. One such Fee is the Student Incidental Fee, this fee covers important services to students such as Smith Memorial Student Union, Campus Rec, Athletics, SALP and also your student organizations!

Proceeds from the Student Incidental Fee are allocated to different areas on campus by the Student Fee Committee (SFC). This committee decides how much of the Student Incidental Fee should be budgeted towards student organizations and therefore under the jurisdiction of the OBC.

The OBC then functions as a voting council for the approval of case by case budgetary requests from student Organizations as well as annual Tier placement decisions.

what is the purpose of the obc
What is the Purpose of the OBC?

The OBC serves as a funding boardto student organizations recognized by SALP. The OBC is dedicated to provide funding and assistance to student organizations in budget development, event planning, and expenditure processing in order to enhance the university community.

In order for the OBC to allocate funds in accordance with the OBC mission and guidelines, SFC guidelines, university policies, and state and federal law, it is vital that there be strongcommunication between your student organizations, the OBC, and your SALP Advisor.

Funds allocatedby the OBC still requires submitting the Request to Spend form to SALP in order for funds to be spent.

obc liaisons
OBC Liaisons:

Each student Organization has a designated OBC Liaison.

Your Liaison servesas the official contact point between you and the OBC.

Liaisons relay relevant information and coordinate closelywith SALP and student orgs in helping with requests.

A list of OBC Liaisons Assignments can be found on the OBC’s OrgSync portal under the Files tabor at bit.ly/psuobc

where is the obc
Where is the OBC?

Visit: Smith 118

Phone: 503-725-5657

Email: obc@pdx.edu

Website: bit.ly/psuobc

OrgSync:join OBC on OrgSync and get important news!

what is a spending tier
What is a Spending Tier?

Many factors come into play when determining tier placement such as student organization size, need, presence on campus, and recommendations from advisors.

A spending tier is a placement decided by the OBC which determines the maximum amount of student fee money a student organization can spend.

spending tiers
Spending Tiers

There are five Tier placements which determine spending caps for student organizations and their Base Operating Budgets:

what are the spending tiers

Base Operating Budget: $500

Tier Spending Cap: $3,000

What Are the Spending Tiers?

Base Operating Budget: $3,000

Tier Spending Cap: $15,000

Base Operating Budget: $5,000

Tier Spending Cap: $30,000

how does the base operating budget bob work
How Does the Base Operating Budget (BOB) Work?

Each student organization is given a base operating budget as part of the tier placement. Groups do not need to obtain approval from the OBC to spend out of their Base Operating Budget; however, all expenditures will require the approval (Request to Spend)of your SALP advisor.

Base Operating Budgets may be used for the general management of the organization at their discretion. These expenses should be in line with the mission of the organization and be beneficial to the campus community

Should these funds be exhausted prior to the end of the fiscal year, all other expenditures must be in the form of programming or travel requests submitted to the OBC which will be deducted from that student group’s tier spending cap.


Section III

Programing Requests and Processing Times

program funding requests
Program Funding Requests

Must comply with the guidelines and policies.

Must be open to the campus communityand free for students.

Must be in line with group’s mission.

program funding requests the more info the better
Program Funding Requests (the more info, the better)

One request for entire event if possible

Agenda and price quotes must be included: upload documents on price quotes and include an itemized list of all requested expenditures per program request in uploadable form (pdf, doc, txt, etc...)

Charging admission(however events should be free and accessible for all PSU students) or other revenue generation must be approved by OBC

Submit PFR as early as possible

program funding requests1
Program Funding Requests

Events with contracts for speakers/ services must include a price quote from contractor.

Explanation of how lecturer fits in with event and group’s mission

Groups can access separate budget for lecturers – Speaker’s Board

program funding requests2
Program Funding Requests

Every OBC funded event requires post-event evaluation

Evaluations must be submitted by the 20th of the month following the completed event

Future funding requestswill be denieduntil evaluation has been submitted

program funding requests3
Program Funding Requests

Post-event evaluation will include:

Detailed expenses and incomes

Documentation for actual expenses and incomes

Other event documentation (receipts and contracts)


Strength and Weaknesses of the event and its

overall organization

Event Summary

salp processing times
SALP Processing Times

International Contracts and Alcohol Requests: 30 business days

Domestic Contracts and Travel Requests: 20 business days

Payments for Delivery: 15 business days

Enterprise, Food Waivers, and Catering Requests: 10 business days

Personal Vehicle Request: 5 business days

Kinkos/Clean Copy Requests: 3 business days

obc processing times
OBC Processing Times

Funding requests should be submitted no less than 2 business weeks prior to the first SALP deadline for processing expenditures

co sponsorships

There are two steps that must be followed when multiple student groups are co-sponsoring an event:

1. All organizations must submit separate requests indicating the appropriate level of funding and which line items they are sponsoring

2. The purpose of the event must correspond with the mission statement of the student groups

other sources of funding

Section IV

Other Sources of Funding

  • AAA
  • Speaker’s Board
  • Excellence Fund
  • Other Sources
aaa academically controlled auxiliary activities fund
AAA: Academically Controlled Auxiliary Activities Fund

AAA: a committee providing funding for students and student organizations for travel in order to present or perform.The fund is open to all PSU students, regardless of their membership in a student organization.

Website: http://salpsync.orgsync.com/org/aaa

speaker s board
Speaker’s Board

Speakers Board: acommittee providing funding for visiting lecturers/ speakers/ performerson PSU campus [must allow free access to all PSU students]

Website: http://salpsync.orgsync.com/org/speakerboard

obc s excellence fund
OBC’s Excellence Fund

Excellence Funds: Funding a group may apply for

when group has reached or is approaching exhausted funds.

Eligibility based on: Completion of all required quarterly reports and program evaluations.

Student Orgs must justify the need of excellence funds and must have exceeded all expectations in the areas of communication, engagement, leadership, and success.

Excellences funds may equal no more than 20% of allowed annual combined funds for any organization.

food policy when can you buy food
Food PolicyWhen Can You Buy Food?

You need…

Documentation justifying the need of food for the furthering of the event and how this meets the group’s mission.

Food Dos

Food expenditures may be approved only for events and trainings, which conform to the following criteria:

The event is widely publicized to members and non-members using multiple methods of advertising;

The event is of interest to the general student population;

The event is vital to the service provided by a Program; or

The event is an annual training.

Food Don’ts

Departments and Programs supported by Student Fees should not purchase food and/or beverages for the exclusive use of staff or student members. (Example: food and beverages served at general membership meetings or continuously available in an office.)

food policy purchasing
Food Policy Purchasing

Spending Limit

Groups should not spend more than $8/person on food

Fiscal Sense

It is the SFC’s recommendation that, in the interest of being financially responsible, groups do not spend student fee dollars on single-use disposable plastic water bottles

travel policy
Travel Policy

How much can you spend?

$2,100 total for non-essential travel

$500 for conference registration/competition entry fee.

Travel funds may be used to pay for conference registration/conference entry fees but not the other way around.

*NAIC groups are exempt from travel restrictions

What documents do you need to provide the OBC?

Travel and conferences, regardless of conference fees, must include documentation of the event, including an agenda or itinerary for the conference to support the value of the event.

Documentation and an agenda from the organizers of the conference must be provided during the post-event follow-up.

Documentation of travel may be asked for, and may include but not be limited to receipts, photos, participant signature list, or conference materials.

*See the OBC Guidelines for a description of NAIC Groups

travel policy1
Travel Policy

Oh no, I missed my plane!!!

Student fees will not go towards travel expenses (ex: plane tickets, registration fees…) that are not used. The individual will be charged for unused expenses unless they are forgiven for the cost by the SFC.

The individual(s) must notify their advisor and OBC liaison within one week of the cancellation.

Forgiveness may be granted for situations including but not limited to medical emergencies, death or extreme circumstance

restricted expenditures
Restricted Expenditures

OBC will not allocate funds for….

Per Diem (Funds that pay for individual meals while a group is travelling)


National or state membership fees or dues.

Any item deemed excessive by the OBC and/or not fully justified by the organization to be essential to the operations, primary purpose, or programming of the organization.

obc sfc guidelines
OBC/SFC Guidelines

SFC Guidelines:aspsu.pdx.edu

OBC Guidelines:bit.ly/psuobc

Student Group Resources:http://salpsync.orgsync.com/org/salp

AAA: http://salpsync.orgsync.com/org/aaa

Speakers Board: http://salpsync.orgsync.com/org/speakerboard

program request

How to Submit a:

Program Request

Organization Budget Council


Go to your student organization portal in OrgSync.2. Click on Treasury/ Budgets in the left navigation bar.



3 click on new budget at top right corner of screen 4 choose program or travel request and name it
3. Click on New Budget at top right corner of screen.4. Choose Program or Travel Request and name it.
5 select the type of budget item fill in a detailed description and give the estimated amount
5. Select the type of budget item, fill in a detailed description and give the estimated amount.
6. Click the small arrow to add additional line items.7. When finished, click “Fill Out” to complete form.
8 click submit
8. Click Submit

Please make sure detailed explanations are given on how and why program requests fit the purpose and goals of your organization.

how to submit a program evaluation

How to submit a Program Evaluation

Organization Budget Council



1. Go to your student organization portal in OrgSync.2. Click on Treasury/ Budgets in the left navigation bar.



3. Click on the Budget that needs an evaluation.

4. Click on the name of the event


5. Click Request Payment

6. Put the amount actually spent on each line item and select payment type


7. Fill out the entire form.

8. Click submit at the bottom of the page.