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USASC D.C.-Dakar PowerPoint Presentation
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USASC D.C.-Dakar

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USASC D.C.-Dakar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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USASC D.C.-Dakar. D.C.-Dakar Capital Cities Friendship Council, Inc. (DC-Dakar) of Washington, DC is the organizer of the U.S. Africa Sister Cities Foundation, Inc. DC-Dakar. Subscription Information.

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USASC D.C.-Dakar

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USASC D.C.-Dakar

D.C.-Dakar Capital Cities Friendship Council, Inc. (DC-Dakar) of Washington, DC is the organizer of the U.S. Africa Sister Cities Foundation, Inc. DC-Dakar

subscription information
Subscription Information
  • Your subscription to the USASC Web Site affords you the opportunity to have your own Web Pages, linked to the USASC site. We also will register your organization with the most popular Internet Search Engines, with the keywords you provide, and our suggestions for keywords, so that anyone searching the Internet for you may enter certain keywords. The information displayed on your Pages is your choice. It can be listing of Board Members, principals' names, Newsletters, events, or anything else. 
the cost per subscriber is as follows
The cost per subscriber is as follows:
  •       $100 for one web page (100 words or less) (minimum 3 pages).
  •       $75 for additional pages (100 words or less).
  •       Web pages theme will be the same as the USASC site.
  •       $30 per month for Web Maintenance Agreement, minor changes ONLY and consulting included ($90 each quarter).
  •       $15 per hr. for each major change on any page (estimated time will be provided).
  •       $15 per hr. for changes to web pages without a web Maintenance Agreement.
  •       $5 for each scanning of pictures, when hardcopy of images are provided.  There will be NO CHARGE if images are provided on a diskette or sent by Email, preferably in JPEG format.
  •       All text must be edited and provided, plus a hardcopy (Rich Text Format, MS Word or WordPerfect format)
  •       You may provide an outline or sketch of the proposed web pages, or provide a statement as to how you want the pages to look. 

You may contact Shirley Smith, Chair Person, or Alvin L. Sutherlin, USASC Webmaster, by email, snail mail, fax or phone

other information needed
Other Information Needed
  • Name of contact person
  • Name of organization
  • Contact person's phone number & fax number , if applicable
  • Contact person's address
  • Contact person's email address, if applicable
other information needed cont d
Other Information Needed, cont’d.
  • Contact Alvin L. Sutherlin, USASC Webmaster, for further informationPost Office Box 162, Mount Rainier, Maryland 20712 (301) 277-3465 (voice), (301) 779-6716 (fax) 
  • Contact Shirley Smith, Chair Person, DC - DAKAR 2000 Upshur Street, NE, Washington, DC 20018(202) 635-7479 (voice), (202) 635-7479 (fax)
website details
WebSite details
  • Your Website will be linked to website. Your Website will us a URL Name (URL) like Website Name.
  • You must provide the following to create your Website:
  • The correct file name for your home page
  • Number & Type Web Pages
  • User name and password (Optional)
  • Text
  • Pictures