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The word ’shared’ In a routine office day.... (Suddenly) PowerPoint Presentation
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The word ’shared’ In a routine office day.... (Suddenly)

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The word ’shared’ In a routine office day.... (Suddenly) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The word ’shared’ In a routine office day.... (Suddenly) -Collegue:We should tidy our room.It is so untidty.Come on!! -Me:Why???I like the way I work.It is not untidy. -Collegue:Look at these documents .Are they yours? -Collegue:Can I place the (shared) phone on your desk?

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Presentation Transcript

The word ’shared’

In a routine office day....


-Collegue:We should tidy our room.It is so untidty.Come on!!

-Me:Why???I like the way I work.It is not untidy.

-Collegue:Look at these documents .Are they yours?

-Collegue:Can I place the (shared) phone on your desk?

-Collegue:Can you lower the music?

-Collegue:Can we keep the room’s door close?

To be continued...........

I get mad......................


The word ’effective’

In the office we don’t always have lots of work to do.


I try to draw something(not needed) in 3ds.I get bored.So I check my inbox.No new messages.


I surf on the internet. I try to draw something(not needed again) in 3ds. I check my inbox.No new messages.I get bored.


I talk to my friends on msn. I surf on the internet. I try to draw something(not needed again) in 3ds. I check my inbox.No new messages.


It was a hard day .I spend the my time efficiently.Time for going home.Yuppii!!

Why not doing your personal job when there isn’t work to do?Is it efficient time using?


The word ’portable’

When the cell phone had just come into our lives, my father had bought one to carry out his work.

We were in holiday.We’ve packed our things for the beach.

And in our every step to beach the telephone rang and they were calling from the office so we stop, find a place for dad to open his documents and then move on.It continued in every 10 minutes and for the whole week.It was tiresome!!!!


The word ’wearable’

The bluetooth earphones are making our lives simpler but I don’t get used to it.

I got into a meeting with ‘an important ‘ man.We were discussing something as I was answering his questions suddenly I realized that he was having a phone call with his earphone.And I haven’t noticed .I’ve been talking to my self for a time.


The word ’ambient’

The ambient of the place where ı study is very important for me.At home my desk is near the window.At work I changed the computer’s place to be near the window.Now that I can’t see any of my collegues face.We cannot communicate visually. (Just to be near the window!). Otherwise I don’t have place to breathe.


The word ’conveyance’

I was talking to the project manager about my project.I misunderstood a point in the project.Then some of my friends came by myside to listen because they got the point wrong too.As it got crowded near the desk we decided to move to the whiteboard so that the project manager can explain the point easily.

Office meeting place in china




The word ’convergance’

In product evaluation phase there were people from different professions.Each has to evaluate a different criteria.The criterias are aesthetic of the product, cost of the product, the flexibility and safety.Then they discuss and decide the appropriate product to produce.

Evaluation of the product




The word ’effective’

Sometimes we buy a product without thinking.

it is effective to us.It can be because of the shapeor the colour

or it recalls a memory

or it is trendy

or it just makes you feel happy


The word ’affective’

As I was watching Titanic at the cinema , I heard some weeping noises.The old women became wholly absorbed in the movie that they wouldn’t believe the wiping noise coming up from them. The film was very affective. I suppose I wasn’t so affected because of the fact that I knew Leonardo would die at the end and in each sceen I was saying to myself now he dies , now he dies, when will he die??

This year’s winner photo

In India after tsunami


The word ’wearable+access’

Twiddler is an example of wearable computing device.The speed of access is important in a mobile information device.two seconds from storage to use is optimal.After ten seconds the device is unused.

Sitting at a conference, walking down the hallway or talking with somebody you might see something you want to remember.You can just take a note with this device.

Using paper


The word ’actual’

In our monotonous work life time, we try to personalize our workspace by putting photos on the desk , hang a drawing on the wall but you’ll never get out of the rigid office atmosphere.We’re pretending to get use to the atmosphere but it never happens.

In fact the office can be turned into a more personalized and socialized place.You can feel you’re working at home and have breaks chatting with your collegues at the comfortable sitting room of your house.


The word ’surface’

As I was a student in architecture there need to be a lot of surface for working.There is the drawing table, another table for the computer, a surface needed for the model .I was using my whole room as a working place.The walls,the sofa, the bed, the floor , even the windows.


The word ’appliance’

As I stay lonely, I do the housework at home.And always complain to mom abot the situation. I was the dishes, I wash the clothes, I dried the clothes.I cooked the meal.Mom reply as’how hardworking are you?? thedishwasher wash the dishes, the washing machine wash the clothes, the drier dries them and the microvawe cook the frozen food.

In the office we have lots of things to make our work simpler.We’ll have intelligent houses more comman in the next decade.Why won’t we have remotely driven cars.


The word ’intelligent’

We are working in a complex workspace.The computers, printers, photocopiers, and fax machines has increased indoorpollution.We use ups for electrical support but sometimes it may cause fire( as it happened in our office).By intelligent building systems we may have control systems such as: heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning ,fire safety,security and energy/lightingsource.It will make our lives easier to control.


The word ’smart’

The fabric used in clothing and backpacks for mountaineering can be described as smart.It is water repelling and it provides you the maximum wearing comfort.It also has windproof.