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TCEA TATN. Pam Cohea February 2010. Genetics Using PowerPoint. Wikispaces for Teachers. Changing Earth’s Surface. ACTIVITY Students filled the top portion of a paint tray with sand.

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  1. TCEA TATN Pam Cohea February 2010

  2. Genetics Using PowerPoint

  3. Wikispaces for Teachers

  4. Changing Earth’s Surface • ACTIVITY • Students filled the top portion of a paint tray with sand.

  5. Teams then filled the bottom portion with water. They used a craft stick to simulate wave action on a beach.

  6. Teams planned ways to stop the erosion of the beach.

  7. Students journal results and conclusions. They formulate questions that have been raised during the investigation.

  8. Students research questions. • They collect resources online or take pictures that model each process.

  9. Students Create Presentation to Demonstrate Understanding with ANIMOTO

  10. Creating A Classroom Account • TEACHERS • Create a main email account. For example • • Students will use this as their sign-in by adding their unique id after a plus sign. For example: • • Go to • Click on the Apply Now button • Fill in the form and submit • You will be sent a classroom code for your students to use.

  11. Animoto for Students Go to Fill out the email address provided by your teacher. Do not give your real name. Your teacher will tell you what to put here. First p Last coh Put your teacher’s date of birth, but not yours! 06/13/1959 Enter the classroom code you see below on the line. 765yt809345 Then click the sign-up button to create your account.

  12. Animoto File ANIMOTO presentations

  13. Planting for Change

  14. Science Concepts! Plant Structures and Functions Life Cycle Germination Pollinations Dispersal

  15. Students Create A Plant Presentation with Movie Maker.

  16. Movie maker START Programs Windows Movie Maker Tutorial Movie Maker Video

  17. Sequencing with Movie Maker • Create a file with pictures for students to sequence or classify. • Students open Windows Movie Maker and import the pictures. • Students sequence or organize pictures into groups and add text to label or explain. • Moon Phases

  18. Mixbook Mixbook Tutorial Science Examples

  19. Pam Cohea Coheaworkshops webpage

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