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Measuring Child Outcomes

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Measuring Child Outcomes. Kentucky and Massachusetts Measuring Child and Family Outcomes Meeting Baltimore August 27, 2007. Today’s Objectives. Look at how two states are approaching OSEP requirement to measure child outcomes

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measuring child outcomes

Measuring Child Outcomes

Kentucky and Massachusetts

Measuring Child and Family Outcomes Meeting


August 27, 2007

today s objectives
Today’s Objectives
  • Look at how two states are approaching OSEP requirement to measure child outcomes
  • Share progress and challenges and how this fits into the big picture
  • Have a conversation
  • Know that this is all a work in progress!
vision it s part of a larger effort

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment System

Universal Pre-K Pilot


KIDS NOW EC Comprehensive Initiative

Building a Strong Foundation for School Success Series

Kentucky Early Childhood Data System (KEDS)

Vision – It’s part of a larger effort
implementation in phases

76 districts in Cohort 1 last year

77 districts in Cohort 2 this year

All districts by 2011

Collecting progress data on preschoolers fall and spring


Public Preschool (Pre-K) – 5 Phases (06-10)

EI – all children (06-07)

Child Care pilot (07-08) with 10 programs

Implementation in Phases
common assessments

UPK Pilot required one of four selected assessments

Cohort groups could use any assessment, but report using COSF developed by ECO Center


Use of 12 recommended CR/CBA tools

Pre-K selects at District Level, option to use others per child need

EI selects one of three at child level

Child Care pilots select one tool per program

Common Assessments
approaches for child care

UPK Pilot sites are public schools, child care, and family child care homes

Children receiving related services only – require a conversation with child care provider to access the information on domains


Pre-K data collected on all children regardless of placement, tracking placement (07-08)

Child care pilot – geographic representation, 3 or 4 STAR centers, subsidy provider

Regional/Community Interagency Agreements include supports for continuity of assessment

Approaches for Child Care
curriculum standards or guidelines

Aligned Preschool Learning Experiences with assessment tools and OSEP requirements

Opportunities to look at child development across domains


EC Standards (birth to 5) aligned with K-12, HS, OSEP Outcomes and assessment items

Quality System (QRS and Classrooms of Excellence -CoE) aligned with EC Standards

EC Core Content aligned

Curriculum Standards or Guidelines
motivation incentives

All programs receiving state funding must adopt the Preschool Learning Guidelines and Program Standards

Embedded into new initiatives

Part of a larger system –

Kindergarten Readiness, UPK, QRS



EC Standards, KEDS required

Option for CoE


KEDS required

Child Care

Pilot incentive package

Voluntary QRS, EC Standards, Assessment

Must use Credential Training System

contact information
Contact Information

Pat Cameron

Sr. Policy Specialist, Special Education

Early Education and Care

51 Sleeper Street

Boston, MA 02210

P: 617-988-7812

F: 617-988-2451


Beth Rous, Ed.D.

Director of Early Childhood

Associate Professor

Human Development Institute

University of Kentucky

126 Mineral Industries Bldg.

Lexington, KY 40506-0051

P: 859-257-9116

F: 859-257-2769