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How to meet the expectations of chinese, japanese and korean companies ? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to meet the expectations of chinese, japanese and korean companies ?

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How to meet the expectations of chinese, japanese and korean companies ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to meet the expectations of chinese, japanese and korean companies ?. Should I focus on the deal or on the relationship?. Not knowing about the importance of " Guanxi ". How to promote your brand and your image in the appropriate way. Not knowing when a 'Yes' is not a 'Yes' .

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How to meet the expectations

of chinese, japanese and koreancompanies ?

Should I focus on the deal or on the relationship?

Not knowing about the importance of "Guanxi"

  • How to promoteyour brand and your image
  • in the appropriate way

Not knowing when a 'Yes' is not a 'Yes'

To avoid clashing

with the other party's culture


The solution:


Since 2006

by Anna Nigicser

Sara Kikić

Moo Yung Sun



SAKE Consultancy, Ltd. is based in Budapest, Hungary and provides leading multinational and international corporations with cross cultural business training, workshops and consulting. Our services are all designed to reduce the costs of international operations. With our help individuals and organisations communicate more effectively and do better business when cultural differences emerge. As we bring a locally-specific understanding of markets and people to international dealings, our partners have the advantage to gain early successes, reduce costs and increase profits.

SAKE Consultancy was established in 2006 by Anna Nigicser, Sara Kikić, MooYung Sun and EszterAdamikin response to the needs generated by the immense increase in business activity between Central Europe and East-Asia. Its the first cross cultural consultancy company with a central-european and asian focus which makes our company unique and highly competitive on the market.

Now, SAKE Consultancy has more than 1000 employees of which 550 are consultants. Our company has offices and has succesfully lead projects in Hungary, Croatia,  Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany,  Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, China, South-Korea and Japan. We work in English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages.


East-asiancountries: China, Japan, South-Korea


Hungary, Croatia,  Austria,

theCzechRepublic, Germany,  Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia

  • Intercultural communication is of importance to international businesses as it examines how people from different cultures, beliefs and religions come together to work and communicate with each other.
  • SAKE is a Cross Cultural Consulting firm, who provides high quality training to facilitate everyday life within business and to raise cultural awareness for successful cooperations with other enterprises.
  • The name SAKE means „goal“ and consists of letters from the founders' names. This mirrors the importance of our work: with integrating and understanding the strengths of every member of the team the goal of every action will be achieved easier and better.
  • In times of globalization and the constant growth of the Asian economies efficient communication without understandings is getting more and more important.
  • Because of that, we are serving our high quality products all over Central Europe, especially with a focus on East Asian culture.
mission and vision of s a k e consultancy
Mission and Vision of SAKE. Consultancy
  • Vision
  • To have an positive and deep impact;
  • To be recognized for the quality of our people, products and services;
  • Creation of an better understanding between people of all kind of cultures;
  • Mission
  • To overcome cultural barriers
  • Helping enterprises to use their full potential
  • Within business to recognize, interpret and correctly react to people
  • Better understanding in everyday life
  • We enhance companies effectiveness, reduce their costs
fuctional structure of s a k e consultancy
Fuctional Structure of SAKE. Consultancy

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or President:        

HR and Training Manager:                                  

PR and Foreign Affairs Manager:                            

Marketing and Financial Manager:                        

Anna Nigicser

sun, Moo Yung

Sara Kikic


Tracer : Moo Yung Sun

conferences of s a k e consultancy
Conferences of SAKE. Consultancy

2006. International Consultancy confirmation

2006. “GOOD” Consultancy competition “Silver” mark

2007. Korean Security Administer official Consultancy

2008. Apple korea’s best partner company announce

2008. “Korea – Japan – China conference”

officer main manger

2009. Samsung’s Hungarian factory HR manager offering

2009. Hilton Hungary –

Samsung, KIA, HYUNDAI contract helper

2010. Egis – Humax contract helper

2010. CBA’s Asian market partner announce

2010. SAKE. : IFO

2011. TESCO’s East Europe partner

2011. IMF’s Asian administration partner

trainings offered by s a k e consultancy
Trainings offered by SAKE. Consultancy
  • Being an international firm with Asian focus, SAKE Consultancy has the special advantage of providing very diverse trainings, workshops and consulting for companies in the field of enhancing cross cultural cooperation. We offer services designed to reach long term results with customized in-house trainings for local and international purposes.
  • Also, just to be fully updated, an international team of psychologists and consultants work on our assessment tools, course design, games, exercises, and role plays, to ensure that every participation in SAKE Training Programs receives maximum benefits.
trainings offered by s a k e consultancy1
Trainings offered by SAKE. Consultancy
  • Local Trainings aim to improve the cooperation within the company in order to reach their full potential. We use a wider range of methods with regard to the problems and needs of the corporate clients. SAKE Consultancy offers Local Trainings like:
  • HR development
  • Team building training
  • Leadership development
  • Motivation skills training
  • Communication skills training
  • Conflict management training
  • Negotiation skills training
trainings offered by s a k e consultancy2
Trainings offered by SAKE. Consultancy
  • International Trainings aim to combat difficulties arising from cultural differences in business intercourses. Besides the language, there are other important differences in ways of thinking, values, perceptions and attitudes between European and Asian people. The SAKE cross-cultural trainings and workshops provide a very positive and energizing approach to cultural differences at work and in business. In pursuit of creating trust between the parties, we offer International Trainings like:
  • Intercultural Management training
  • Multicultural Team Building training
  • Intercultural Communication training
  • Cultural Awareness training
  • Intercultural negotiation training
  • Cross cultural problem solving training
marketing strategies of s a k e consultancy
Marketing strategies of SAKE. Consultancy
  • SAKE Consultancy invites the CEOs of various enterprises for a free trial training (one day), which is an introductory course to get to know the range of diverse customized trainings, business plan consulting and special offers.
  • With a package the chosen Local and International Trainings, we are offering several discounts at the time of the agreement.