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Solar Company

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Solar Company . Solar Investigation Report. Project Overview.

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Solar Company

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Presentation Transcript
solar company
Solar Company

Solar Investigation Report

project overview
Project Overview

Research solar products and services and how companies market and sell them to consumers. This will allow us to better understand the marketing of solar in Massachusetts and what the sales process is like to convert someone to solar. We asked the same 6 questions to 6 Solar competitors.

what are the most successful ways you have attracted customers and raised awareness of solar
What are the most successful ways you have attracted customers and raised awareness of Solar?
What percent of your potential customers come from telemarketing, if any, and what other ways do you generate leads?
competitive review solar company 1
Competitive Review: Solar Company #1


Marketing Tools

Energy Efficient Lighting

Indoor & Outdoor

EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Stations

Residential & Commercial Solar

EV Installations

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

“Sun Science Synergy”

Slogan used to express the idea that sun and science are working together to create clean energy


Photo Gallery

Tax Credits, Rebates & Incentives


List not yet provided

Customer Testimonials

competitive review solar company 2
Competitive Review: Solar Company #2


Marketing Tools

PV System

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)



Purchase vs. Lease Comparison


Project EmPower

Resources, Support & Education

Non-Profit Community Groups



Home Energy Analysis

Customer Stories

competitive review solar company 3
Competitive Review: Solar Company #3


Marketing Tools

Solar Panels

Prepaid Leases

Solar Inverter

Solar Lease

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy)

The Grid

Creative Blog




Sierra Club

National Parks

Helpful Videos

Guaranteed Power

If system ever fails, Sungevity will reimburse customer

Solar Fundraising Program

Raises money for non-profit organizations

If non-profits refer a customer, Sungevity donates $750 and gives customer $750 credit

Online Tracking

competitive review solar company 4
Competitive Review: Solar Company #4


Marketing Tools

Solar Lease

Residential Solar Panels

X-Series Solar Panels

E-Series Solar Panels

Signature Black Solar Panels

AC Solar Panels

Solar Power Monitoring Systems

Business & Government Options

Success Stories

Promotional Video

Insights Blog


Trade Shows

SunPower Foundation

Educational Tools

Funding Non-Profits

Community-based Solar Power Initiatives

competitive review solar company 5
Competitive Review: Solar Company #5


Marketing Tools

Solar Lease

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

Solar Financing

“Sunrun Advantage”

20 years of experience

Best care, quality, and financial deals

Solar Success Stories

Solar Lease vs. PPA Comparison

Massachusetts Installations Page

Terminology Page

Solar FAQs



Customer Testimonials

competitive review solar company 6
Competitive Review: Solar Company #6


Marketing Tools

Solar Panels



Home Improvement


Water Heaters

Heating/Cooling Systems

Air Sealing

Solar Thermal

Solar Electric

Pool Pumps

Energy Star Appliances


Trade Shows

Home Remodeling Shows

Local Seminars


Customer Testimonials

Client Portfolio

Case Studies

Photo & Video Gallery

Partnership with Google

$280 million fund to finance residential solar projects

Google’s largest investment to date in clean energy sector

Creates solar financing options

stacey c
Stacey C

Researched but decided to wait

  • Friends had solar installed on their house
    • Friend Introduced Stacey to Sungevity
    • Friend gets $500 if Stacey buys
  • 10 hours of internet-based research
  • 1.5 hour call with Sungevity
    • Explained how solar lease worked and did an analysis
      • How many solar panels they could fit on the roof
      • Reviewed electricity bills
    • Developed a plan based on length and strength of the sun and their usage
  • The lease would be $100/month for 25 years
  • Pay more than $100 if they use more than avg amount
  • If summer generates more electricity than used, meter runs backwards, saving $/electricity for winter
    • Stacey pays difference between consumption and creation of electricity (avg $10-$20/month annually)
stacey c1
Stacey C

Researched but decided to wait

  • Process outlined by Sungevity
    • Local comes to do measurement and assessment on the ground to verify Sungevity’s calculations
    • If Sungevity can meet their end of the contract, Stacey gets to decide to move forward
    • Install panels, attach to electrical panel, attach converter next to fuse box
    • NStar switches electrical meter to read through the converter (could take 2 months from signed contract)
    • NStar goes live in 7 months (April – October)
  • Additional offerings from Sungevity
    • Free installation process
    • 25-year warrantee covering any equipment issues
    • $1,000,000 insurance against house for any damages incurred by equipment
    • Free generator replacement every 10 years
stacey c2
Stacey C

Researched but decided to wait

  • What kept Stacey from buying?
    • Timing was not right – could not install until October
    • Husband did not want holes drilled in the roof
    • If you lease and sell your house, buyer has to buy into lease for it to transfer (otherwise pay for removal)
    • Did some math and felt it was better to own panels rather than lease (more money quickly)
    • Will wait a few years to see if husband’s holes in roof issue goes away and when they have the cash to buy themselves (estimating $25K-$30K)

Looking into it but does not have enough sun

  • Has been thinking about solar for 7 years
  • Her sister looked at a house 10-15 years ago that had solar and it had a large system in the basement
    • Thought you needed a lot of basement space, which she does not have
  • Friends sent out holiday card about getting solar
    • Talked to them – thought it was doable
    • Friends used them because there was a deal
    • If a certain number of houses used it in Wayland, they all got a discount
  • Called the same company (thinks it was SolarCity)
    • Would not come to her house to talk to her
    • They looked at Google maps and said because of the trees that surrounded her house, she did not get enough consistent sunlight
    • She realized this after looking herself

Looking into it but does not have enough sun

  • Liked the idea of solar because of the economics of it
  • Grew up in the 70’s
    • Her house was heated by electric heat
    • Conserving electricity was important
    • Has always aware of electrical consumption
  • Bought a small house with 3 heat zones
    • Put an addition on and added more heat zones
    • Still has this as a part of her mindset
  • Would like to have solar but can’t cut down the trees
  • Feels that it would be a tradeoff she is not willing to make

Conducting Research

  • Wanted something more green with more environmental value
    • Move away from electric/coal/etc.
    • Be able to recoup the costs quickly
    • Wants panels that can be placed on the side of the house as opposed to the roof
  • Continuing to research so she is well-informed
    • Has used the internet and a couple friends who got traditional solar installed
  • Solution does not need to be unique, but has to have a quicker pay off time frame
  • Her process
    • Look for opportunities that are of interest to her
    • See if she can support solar on her house
top successful solar companies
Top Successful Solar Companies
  • Solar Company #6: Their web presence is the most compelling of the ones that were researched. Their website is the most modern and interactive, and provides a very helpful infographics explaining residential solar. Some of their clients include Wal-Mart, eBay and Stanford University. Also, remarkable is that a third of their business was generated from positive referrals, which is validated by their positive reviews and 80+ testimonials. Probably the most noteworthy is SolarCity’s partnership with Google; the fact that Google would make an investment of $280 million gives SolarCity a lot of credibility.
  • Solar Company #3: They have experts who custom-design the systems for clients. They also provide clients with a Project Manager that they are able to keep in touch with. Sungevity also has an advanced monitoring system that clients can use for free, which allows them to track their solar system’s output, carbon savings, and more. This provides convenience and transparency, while also being a great marketing tool. They have the “Sunshine Network,” which is a referral program that rewards customers when they refer new clients. Not only does Sungevity reward their existing client with $1,000, but the new client also saves $500, and there is no limit to the number of people they can refer. The only negative feedback I noted was that a few reviews stated that Sungevity wouldn’t come to their house for a consultation, but instead used Google maps to look at their house and concluded that they did not have enough sunlight and/or their roof was a certain shape that prevented them from being able to install solar panels.
marketing tools
Marketing Tools

Best Practices

  • Call to Action Buttons
    • “Request a Free iQuote Today!”
    • “Learn More”
    • “Get started”
    • “Chat With Us”
    • “Get educated”
    • “See for yourself”
  • Informative and helpful videos
    • Graphic representation and walk through of process
    • Experts, clients or employees explaining solar
  • Combination of visuals and short bullet points to make information easy to understand
  • Use of charts
    • Especially when describing money saved over time
  • Addressing FAQ’s
  • Solicited reviews online
marketing tools1
Marketing Tools

Essential Tabs/Sections

  • About (Company)
    • Contact us
  • Products & Services
    • Types
      • Residential
      • Commercial
      • Government
      • Etc.
  • Financing Options
  • Why Solar? / How Solar Works
    • Getting Started
    • Our Process
  • Competitive Advantage
    • “Why Solar Universe 128?”
    • “Solar Universe Advantage”
  • Our Commitment/Our Promise
  • Client Reviews, Testimonials, Case Studies, etc.
  • Locations/Solar By State
  • Partners
  • News & Events
  • Blog