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Peninsula Lakes Golf Club PowerPoint Presentation
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Peninsula Lakes Golf Club

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Peninsula Lakes Golf Club
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Peninsula Lakes Golf Club

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  1. Peninsula Lakes Golf Club Capital Improvements 2014 Tables & Chairs Presentation

  2. Restaurant Chairs Currently we have twenty four chairs that we consider “safe” for use in our restaurant area. These chairs were purchased in 2004 for $39.00 each from Zehr’s Super Market. At the time there was a special that if wepurchased eightwe would receive one FREE. We drove to every Zehr’s in Niagara to accumulate fourty chairs.These chairs have been recovered twice since 2004 (by PL staff) and have been re-stained and repaired each spring.We have reached the point where they cannot be repaired enough to last another season. tear in fabric

  3. Restaurant Chairs The tops, back, corners and legs of chairs are rough and worn out (see pictures below). It sets a poor image of the cluband has a direct impact on sales and revenue. These pictures are a reflection of all chairs, we did not justselect the two worst. Over a period of ten years sixteen chairs have been so badly broken and beyond repair that we decommissioned them as we could no longer ask customers to sit in them. tear in fabric chipped and discoloured edges worn to the bare wood

  4. Banquet Chairs Current banquet chairs are old, tired and out of style. The colour (purple) is not highly desirable by weddings, banquets, shower etc. The pictures below show that the chairs are rusty, the metal is stained and fabric is ripping and faded metal rusted and stained metal rusted and stained fabric faded & torn

  5. Restaurant Carpet The carpet in the main restaurant area is also in desperate need of replacement. Our best estimate is that this carpet was installed when the clubhouse was first opened. I began working here in July of 2003 and it is certainly the same carpet from that time. Although we have been diligent with cleaning the carpet (using a combination of both wet and dry cleaning ) several times per season, it can only handle so much and wehave been forced to cover the really bad areas with mats. Last year, late in the fall we had to use tape to filla large tear that appeared in front of the bar to make sure it was not a hazard. carpet tear near entrance to our north deck approximately 11 inches long

  6. Restaurant Carpet exposed floor by service area tear in carpet 32 inches long

  7. Restaurant Carpet stained area runs the entire length of the bar

  8. Restaurant Tables These tables were from when the clubhouse first opened. The picture shows the original “hunter green” laminate table tops that we covered with large square tiles in 2004.These tables are moved quite frequently and as a result the tiles have begun to shift and dislodge. When we originally did this, the plan was toonly use them for a few seasons. They are in need of repair and we do not have enough of them to provide suitable seating for our guests. We have been forced to use a mixture ofdifferent type of tables and chairs on busy days. old tables have been restored and repaired for ten years

  9. Summary The current tables, chairs and carpeting that we have in our restaurant is not a good representation of the type of facility that we have here at Peninsula Lakes, it is not a good representation of the original investment placed in the property and it certainly is not a good image for the partners involved. Many of the items in the clubhouse (given its age and amount of traffic) have passed the point of repair. We can no longer keep placing “Band-Aids” on things to get them through “another season”, it is not only affecting our ability to retain our current members and corporate events , but it ismaking it increasingly difficult to secure new tournaments, weddings, showers, dinner guests etc. I would not have made the recommendation in November if I did not feel that it wascompletely necessary and in the best interest of the long success of the company. Thank you very much for your time.