members ng aik yang 1a1 leader timothy loe 1a3 johny zou rui 1p1 zeng fan pu 1p3
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Bag To Bag

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Bag To Bag. Members: Ng Aik Yang 1A1(Leader) Timothy Loe 1A3 Johny Zou Rui 1P1 Zeng Fan Pu 1P3. Students waste time trying to fit their books and files into their bag Some bags are too bulky to carry around

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members ng aik yang 1a1 leader timothy loe 1a3 johny zou rui 1p1 zeng fan pu 1p3
Bag To Bag

Members: Ng Aik Yang 1A1(Leader) Timothy Loe 1A3 JohnyZouRui 1P1 Zeng Fan Pu 1P3

Students waste time trying to fit their books and files into their bag

Some bags are too bulky to carry around

Students might lose things if they have to carry books and files in their hands

usefulness of our invention
Do not have to waste time fitting things into bag

Bag would not be too bulky as space is better used

Students would not lose their things easily as they are able to attach the bag to their school bagPROBLEM SOLVED!

Usefulness of our invention


components of our invention
Components of our invention

Full view of the invention


Close-up view of the buckle


Interior of invention


obstacles faced during our project
At first, we wanted to use velcro to attach our invention to the school bag but then velcro is too weak.

There was a limited number of people we know to help in our survey.

Obstacles faced during our project
compiled results of survey
Most people hate trying to stuff things into their bag.

People tend to lose things when they carry their books and files in their hands.

Therefore, our product would be useful to these people.

Compiled results of survey


Aik Yang- This project allowed me to have a stronger bond with my group mates. We were stumped at many obstacles but we were able to overcome them together, progressing throughout the project everytime we met. This project certainly allowed me to learn much.

Timothy- This project has allowed me to work better with my group mates as the time we have committed to do this project over this school year made us spend a lot of time together. In addition, even though we met with lots of obstacles, we have overcame them one by one by we would continue to do it as we proceed further in the competition.

Johny- This project has allowed me and my group mates to have a stronger teamwork. Our team work has allowed us to overcome problems such as some disagreements among the group mates. Overall, this project has been extremely beneficial to me.

Fan Pu- I have learnt a lot through this project, mainly teamwork and time management. It also developed our critical thinking and we have also learnt a lot more about each other through this experience.

work distribution
Work distribution

Aik Yang: Interview, Powerpoint slides

Johny: Idea Generating, Powerpoint slides.

Timothy: Survey, powerpoint slides

Fan Pu: Powerpoint Slides

our inventor s log
Our Inventor’s log

Inventor’s Log

thanks to
Our Teacher Mentor who has guided us throughout the project

Our parents who have given us their continuous support

Ming En for helping us in our interview

People who have done our survey

And others who helped us in one way or another

Thanks To…
sources (survey) (inventor’s log) (for the pictures used in this powerpoint)

Thank you

for your kind attention