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  1. ABRIENDO PUERTAS Gloria Milord, MSW Beech Acres

  2. Strengths Family is the source of support, comfort, identity. Their warmth and understanding is stronger than criticism. • Value closeness and interconnectedness • Fosters a sense of obligation toward family members Grew up as members of their own culture • Have a sense of pride for who they are and where are they coming from. • They have a goal: the betterment of their families.

  3. Strengths Continued • Latino families tend to have a dual frame of reference that helps them endure the many changes they have to make here. They use their previous family life to assess the present one. • Latino immigrants have high aspirations to succeed. They work hard and have excellent work ethics. Success is also measured by the way we help our families. • Latinos are people of a profound faith. They draw in their spirituality to cope with problems and find the strength to continue on.

  4. Education Pre-natal, first years • The first years are the most important in the lives of our children. They will determine so much of their adult life. This is where the love, attention, interactions, etc. instills self-esteem in the child. • It is okay for parents to speak Spanish to their children during these years. But it is equally important that parents learn English and that they support their children in learning the English language. • Prevention health programs which are family/community centered and culturally based (i.e. family literacy, etc). Diversity classes do not ensure agencies are cultural competent. These programs offer services for the children and opportunities for the parents to learn how to be better parents.

  5. Education Continued School Age • Solid education with the necessary support services to assist those who do not have help at home. (Tutors, Mentors). Our children need to be successful in school so they may want to continue to a higher education. Can you take an active part on this? • Children, (as well as all of us) like to feel accepted, unique and special. • Turn your “scars into stars”. I firmly believe that education is the answer to our future and that each and every one of us has a role in this.

  6. Education Continued • System levels Advocating at all times to ensure that decision-making people understand & make efforts to address the issues. Take advantage of opportunities to educate co-workers, supervisors, neighbors, friends, etc.