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Laplink PCmover. About Laplink. 26 year history of innovation in PC-to-PC connectivity software Industry leader in fast growing software utility categories: PC migration & synchronization Remote access control & remote control Mobility #1 Selling PC Migration Utility (PCmover, NPD Data)

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Presentation Transcript
about laplink
About Laplink
  • 26 year history of innovation in PC-to-PC connectivity software
  • Industry leader in fast growing software utility categories:
    • PC migration & synchronization
    • Remote access control & remote control
    • Mobility
  • #1 Selling PC Migration Utility (PCmover, NPD Data)
  • Worldwide distribution and retail presence
  • Strong brand awareness
  • Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Partner
pcmover capabilities and general info
PCmover – Capabilities and General Info
  • Easy to use migration wizard, “selectively” transfer PC elements directly to a new PC automatically
  • Supports “in-place” upgrades, including applications.
  • Compatible from Windows 95 to Windows 7 (both 32-bit to 32-bit, and 32-bit to 64-bit OS compatible)
  • Supports migrations to virtual PC environments. Will also support migration to Windows 7 “XP Mode”
  • Transfers can take place using the following methods:
    • USB
    • File-based – save “Moving Van”
    • Network (LAN, WAN, etc…)
    • “Crossover” Ethernet cable
    • Win-7 In Place Upgrade
  • PCmover can be customized without extensive development or XML file management.
what can pcmover migrate
What can PCmover Migrate?
  • Installed applications and the associated settings/registry entries
  • User Accounts (Domain and Local)
  • Entire drives, folders, files (all file types)
  • Application add-ons
  • ODB Connections
  • Wallpaper
  • Screensaver
  • IE Settings
  • Cookies
  • .INI Files are merged
  • Control Panel Icons
  • Music, video, pictures, etc
pcmover vs imaging tools
PCmover vs Imaging Tools

Key Differences between PCmover and Imaging Tools:

  • Hardware Independent – Transfer between different PC manufacturers. Imaging utilities must restore to the same hardware configuration.
  • Operating System Independent –PCmover will require the destination PC have an “equal or newer” OS installed.
  • Selectively choose applications and data – PCmover allows full customization on what will and will not be transferred, allowing users to leave behind any unwanted programs, user profiles, drives, files, and settings.
  • Easy to follow “Wizard” – PCmover provides step-by-step process in selecting what can and cannot be transferred.  These steps can also be predefined through the PCmover Enterprise Policy Manager module.
  • Direct Peer-to-Peer Connection – PCmover connects both the “old” and “new” PCs directly, and performs the migration using a number of connectivity methods. Imaging tools do not perform direct migrations.
pcmover vs usmt cost comparison
PCmover vs USMT – Cost Comparison

License Cost

User State Migration Tool is offered free on the Microsoft website.

Evaluation and Configuration

Expect to allocate weeks, if not months worth of development and testing resources to support more than simple data migration.

Requires updating of XML files, not something that can be done easily.

Ongoing Maintenance

Be ready to invest significant development and testing resources long-term, as updates to the OS and PC environment require updates to the USMT.

As new IT staff are brought in, documentation will be critical. Even with documentation, the on-boarding can take significant effort.

Total Cost of Ownership

Low acquisition cost of the “vanilla” USMT (free in fact).

Annualized costs can vary widely, with a significant up front and ongoing investment in development and maintenance required.

windows 7 upgrade dilemma
Windows 7 Upgrade Dilemma
  • Microsoft does not support an upgrade in 52 out of 66 upgrade paths – nothing for XP or Win2k.
  • Consumers and small business users face confusion and issues
    • Re-installation of all applications
    • Re-applying all settings
    • Move data
    • Buy an external hard drive or find external storage
  • PCmover supports “in-place” upgrades in case of sufficient hard drive space
  • PCmover supports the file base migration using an external drive
licensing model
Licensing Model
  • Licensing is on a per migration basis
  • Each time a information is transferred from one source PC to one target PC it requires a license
  • PCmover does not a require a new license if you are transferring between the same two PCs.
pcmover enterprise
PCmover Enterprise
  • Migrate all programs, settings, data, user accounts, and other "PC Personality" elements to a new PC automatically
  • Ability to select programs, settings, user accounts, and other elements for migration
  • Methods of migration supported: Network (LAN, WAN), Laplink USB cable, Storage device (portable, or network file-share for example)
  • Fully configurable migration wizard, including rule enforcement and automation via PCmover Policy Manager (Administrator License)
  • Ability to install and run from a network location, USB thumb-drive, or other portable storage device
  • Ability to pre-activate licenses for "offline" migrations (Pre-activation must be done from a PC with internet access)
  • Ability to run post-migration reports