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If I Were President …. By Gretchen Wuerger. What kind of Leader would I be?. Generous Kind-Hearted Honest Intelligent Peaceful Persistent . Kind-Hearted and Generous.

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if i were president

If I Were President…

By Gretchen Wuerger

what kind of leader would i be
What kind of Leader would I be?
  • Generous
  • Kind-Hearted
  • Honest
  • Intelligent
  • Peaceful
  • Persistent
kind hearted and generous
Kind-Hearted and Generous

I would be kind-hearted to those that are hurting and are in need of some assistance. I would donate time and effort to make those needy people have essentials. I would find them a job or give them money to get them some crucial materials! I care about those who don’t have money, so they can’t fill all their rightful necessities. People need food, water and shelter. Without those things, life wouldn’t be worth living. That is a problem and I would fix that!

I would be generous to those with no money. I would loan them money until they can get a job and pay for their needs on their own. I would help find those on the street asking for money, a place to keep warm for a as many nights as they want. Many people are dying, because all their needs are not met and I wouldn’t want to feel as if I hadn’t done anything to try and help.


Sometimes promises are hard to keep, especially as president. If I were president, I would be different.

  • I would keep all my promises
  • I would not make any promises that I couldn’t keep
  • I would ALWAYS tell the truth
  • The ability to make important decisions is a requirement to being a good leader. If I were president, I would make great decisions that would help our economy and people around the United States of America.
  • Example:
  • Realistic Policies
  • Laws and Rules
  • Taxes
  • Money
  • Paperwork
  • I dislike people dying a whole lot. I would do anything, as president, to stop any wars or fights going on in the United States of America.
  • Settling arguments anywhere in the world
  • Keeping peace with other continents
  • Not starting any breakouts of fights anywhere
  • Doing only things that would help our country
  • If I were president, I would be very persistent. If I had an idea and other people believed it was a good idea, I would be persistent enough to get it passedor agreed upon.
    • Taxes
        • I would be persistent enough to get the tax law passed, whatever I was planning to do with it.
    • Jobs
        • I would be persistent enough to make more jobs and get more people jobs.
    • Different Bills
        • I would be persistent enough to get it passed, depending on if I thought the world needed the bill passed.
what would be important to me
What would be important to me?
  • Education
  • Economy
  • Jobs
  • Pollution
  • Recycling
  • Taxes
  • The People of the United States

of America


This is one of the most important things to me that needs to be fixed. Kids need education, without it they won’t get good jobs, homes, foodand other materials. Many people don’t go to college, because of littlemoney. Sometimes they even have tons of potential! It is not their fault that their family doesn’t have enough money! If I were president, I would make sure schools gave more scholarships, so kids without money can still go to college and make a better life out of a good life.

Different Kinds of Education:


Elementary School

Middle School

High School


economy jobs and taxes
Economy, Jobs and Taxes
  • Many people don’t have very much money. Sometimes you see people begging or playing an instrument and singing just to get money. I feel horrible for those people and I want to fix that. Part of the reason for these people on the streets is taxes and lost jobs! These two reasons led up to the bad economy. I would try to fix that by:
  • Lowering taxes for people so they won’t need help!
  • Making more jobs
  • Lowering prices of food and clothes
  • I think these changes could help thousands get off the street and have a shelter of their own. It would also help people have enough money to buy food from the store, not the garbage.

If I were president, I would try to decrease pollution! I don’t like how people believe they can just:

Drop their garbage anywhere

Smoke (which is gross) and throw the cigarette out the window

Oils spilled into the ocean

Using things you don’t need

I think that these things are disgusting and disrespectful to the Earth. If I were president, I couldn’t get people to stop smoking, but I could try to get people to stop throwing garbage anywhere. If you didn’t do any of the above violations, to help the Earth you could walk and bike more often. If I were president, I would say that the Earth needs help!


If I were president,

I would urge people to recycle more of their papers more or just not print them out at all.

I would motivate people to recycle their plastic.

I would inspire people to reuse - plastic plates and cups.

I would galvanize people to decompose their apple cores and banana peels.

I would evoke people to REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE!

the people of the united states of america
The People of the United States of America
  • If I were president, the people would mean a ton to me! I would care about them! If they weren’t here there would be no point in me and I probably wouldn’t be here either. The President is elected to help the people with any problems and anything that is going wrong! If I were president, I would take care of the people and do as much for them as I could:
  • Help them with fights
  • Donate to the poor
  • Build more houses for shelters
  • Make many things cheaper so poor could buy them
  • And many more things!
how would you lead the country from the oval office
How would you lead the country from the oval office?
  • Discussing
  • Discovering
  • Donating
  • Developing
  • Demonstrating
  • Determining
discussing determining and demonstrating
Discussing, Determining and Demonstrating
  • Discussing
    • I would discuss things with people around the United States of America to make the nationa better place.
  • Determining
    • I would determine which ideas would help throughout this country. I would also try to convince them to let me do what I feel is right in their vicinity.
  • Demonstrating
    • I would demonstrate my ideas to those who are watching and show them how it would help the United States of America.
discovering developing and donating
Discovering, Developing and Donating
  • Discovering
    • I would discover new things in this nation.
  • Developing
    • I would develop it into something that would help this country and wouldn’t be horrendousfor our world.
  • Donating
    • I would donate products to places they would be useful. WhenI sold them, I would donate the money that I made to charity.
if i were president i would strive to be successful throughout the whole united states of america
If I were President….I would strive to be successful throughout the whole United States of America!