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Your Future Is Just A Click Away With Business Education!

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Your Future Is Just A Click Away With Business Education! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your Future Is Just A Click Away With Business Education!. DECA.

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Your Future Is

Just A Click Away

With Business Education!


DECA – The following courses may be taken by any student and are included in the DECA Program, which is described under “Special Programs” earlier in this publication. Students may opt to participate in the DECA competitions, but this is not a requirement in any course.

business essentials
Business Essentials

Grade(s): 10-125.0 Credits Year Course

  • This course will provide students with introductory skills necessary to succeed in the global business environment. The key elements of Entrepreneurship, Business Law, Accounting, and International Business will be covered in this course. The knowledge gained by students will provide direction for future selection of business college majors. This course will allow students to compete in DECA events.
hospitality tourism real estate services
Hospitality, Tourism & Real Estate Services

Grade(s): 10-125.0 Credit Year Course

  • This course will provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in careers dedicated to travel, tourism, lodging, and real estate service industries. Hotel/restaurant procedures and management, travel and tourism operations, residential and commercial property promotion and selling are topics covered in this course. Students will gain knowledge in each career field and human relations skills that will prepare them for a variety of employment options that lead to various levels of management.
marketing and sports entertainment
Marketing and Sports Entertainment

Grade(s): 10-125.0 Credits Year Course

  • The students will learn the foundations of marketing which include advertising, planning, consumer behavior, product research, ethical behavior, and communication. This highly interactive course will enable students to engage their creative side while learning how to market a team, a sports figure, a product / service, and themselves. Students will frequently engage in individual / group activities, creative writing assignments, and exploration of the Web to research popular companies. These skills will be applied to practice activities that are part of the DECA preparation for competition.
advanced marketing
Advanced Marketing

Grade: 12 5.0 Credits Year Course

  • Prerequisite: Marketing and Sports Entertainment, Hospitality Tourism, Real Estate Services or Business Essentials
  • This course will allow students to participate in classroom instruction focused on advanced marketing concepts, job performance and safety, math, customer and work-place relations, and computer skills. Students continue to be involved in DECA activities and management of the school store.
advanced marketing co op
Advanced Marketing Co-Op

Grade: 12 10.0 CreditsYear Course

  • Must Be Currently Enrolled In Advanced Marketing
  • The second phase of this course involves students working at an approved job site in the community related to sales, buying, advertising, display, marketing research, management, etc. The Teacher/Coordinator and the employer will supervise the students. Students must provide their own transportation and have parental approval.
academy of finance

All courses designated AF are included in the Academy of Finance.

All AF courses will receive a 10% increase on their GPA.

macroeconomics af
Macroeconomics AF

Grade(s) 10 –125.0 CreditsYear Course

  • This course is an introduction to macroeconomic theories and principles. The course content includes the fundamentals of capitalism and exploration of the investment and spending patterns of households, government and business institutions. The interaction of these three components is explored within the context of function, purpose, tools and influence. Topics covered in the course include Supply and Demand, Elasticity, Taxation, Fiscal and Monetary Policy, National Income, Inflation, and Unemployment. This course offersDual credit opportunity with ACCC. Formerly Economics AF
microeconomics af
Microeconomics AF

Grade(s) 10 – 125.0 creditsYear Course

  • This course is an introduction to the concepts and theories in microeconomics. The course content comprises of microeconomic elements that focus on economic decisions of households and firms. Topics covered in the Microeconomics Class include the following: supply and demand, elasticity, costs of taxation, externalities, public sector economics, firms’ actions and behavior, types of markets, and labor economics. This course offersDual credit opportunity with ACCC.
business management af
Business Management AF    

Grades: 10-125 creditsYear Course

  • This course will allow the students to study all aspects of management/employer relations and the basic knowledge needed to manage a business. Other areas discussed will be an Introduction to Management, Defining the Work, Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Students can apply skills learned to gain job advancement opportunities or use their management skills in community organization positions.  This course offersDual credit opportunity with ACCC.
banking credit and insurance af
Banking, Credit and Insurance AF

Grades: 11-12 2.5 credits Semester Course

  • This course will provide essential information students will use their entire adult lives with an understanding of these three areas and how they will impact their financial stability. Banking products, features, and services will be investigated as well as the advantages of a good credit rating. Insurance and risk assessment will deal with types of insurance, profits, ethics, regulations and legislation. The myriad of careers available in each of these areas will be explored in depth.
securities and investments af
Securities and Investments AF

Grades: 11-12 2.5 credits Semester Course

  • This course will demonstrate to students how to manage their money in order to receive the maximum benefit from earnings. Students will explore the different types of investments from certificates of deposit to mutual funds and stocks. Topics include: buying, selling, holding and issuing a security, markets, regulations, returns and risk. Career opportunities will be discussed with an emphasis on long-term investing and making money intelligently.
college accounting af
College Accounting AF

Grades: 10-125 creditsYear Course

  • This course will utilize a college-level textbook developing a solid foundation of basic accounting concepts and principles. The course focuses on the relationships between business events and financial statements. Major topics include: basic accounting structure, accrual and deferral accounting, accounting for merchandising businesses, asset valuation, long-term debt, accounting systems, and automated accounting procedures. This course offersDual credit opportunity with ACCC.
academy internship af
Academy Internship AF      

Grade: 11 2.5 credits Semester Course

  • Prerequisite:  Academy Prep
  • This course is an Academy capstone course.  Students will work as a paid intern at an approved job site in the community. The employer will supervise the student and the CO-OP teacher will make a minimum of two visits to the workplace.  The internship helps students gain meaningful employment in a job related to their career and /or higher education interest.  Concepts learned are applied to an on-the-job experience under supervision.
academy prep af
Academy Prep AF

Grades: 11-12 2.5 credits Semester Course

  • This course is designed to prepare the NAF student for an internship in a business field and addresses employability skills.  All aspects of securing a job will be taught (resume writing, letters, applications, interview, dressing for success, and follow-up). Communication skills, interpersonal skills, technology skills, the job site and hierarchy, workplace ethics and job safety will be discussed. Decision-making, strategies, stress management, values, organizational skills, and refinement of computer skills will be covered.
sat preparation
SAT Preparation

Grades: 11-12 2.5 credits Semester Course

  • This course will provide students with a comprehensive review of the verbal & mathematical concepts and skills covered on the SATs. Students will also review the SAT format & basic standardized test-taking strategies. The course utilizes a student individualized online testing program to assist students with their own specific areas of testing concepts, skills, and strategies.
standard information processing
Standard Information Processing

Grades: 10-12 5 credits Year Course

  • Students with special needs will operate a desktop computer running Windows and be exposed to a variety of software packages. Careers in word and data processing are discussed with job competence, operational procedures, keyboarding skills and positive work habits stressed.


Your Future Is

Just A Click Away

With Business Education!