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Be a STAR on the Bus! PowerPoint Presentation
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Be a STAR on the Bus!

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Be a STAR on the Bus! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Be a STAR on the Bus!

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  1. Be a STAR on the Bus! When our students follow the bus safety rules, this assures that everyone will be safe whether waiting for the bus, boarding the bus, riding the bus or exiting the bus.

  2. Examples of Safe Be on time. Go to bus stop at least 5 minutes early Watch for red flashing lights and stop sign as bus arrives Stand quietly Stand five huge steps away from the curb Non-Examples of Safe Late for bus Running/playing at bus stop Standing in the road Littering bus stop “S” stands for being SAFE while waiting for the bus

  3. Examples of Thoughtfulness *Waiting quietly *Keeping hands/feet to self Non-Examples of Thoughtfulness *Littering *Yelling *Running around “T” is for THOUGHTFUL while waiting for the bus

  4. Examples of Accountable *Staying at your assigned bus stop *Lining up quietly and orderly when bus arrives Non-Examples of Accountable *Walking around while bus is moving *Changing seats “A” stands for ACCOUNTABLEwhile waiting for the bus

  5. Examples of Respectful *Waiting for your turn in the bus line *Keeping hands/feet to self *Being kind to others Examples of Non-Respectful *Cutting in line *Shoving/pushing in line *Calling names “R” Stands for RespectfulWhile Waiting for the Bus

  6. Examples of Safety While Boarding the Bus *Slowly enter using the door rail *Go to assigned seat *Sit quietly *Follow driver’s rules *Keep hands/feet to self Non-Examples of Safety While Boarding the Bus *Cutting in line *Pushing/shoving *Talking loudly *Not listening to directions “S” Stands for Safety While Boarding the Bus

  7. Examples of Thoughtfulness *Keeping hands/feet to self *Keeping bus clean Non-Examples of Thoughtfulness *Tripping others *Throwing paper/objects at others or on floor “T” Stands for Thoughtful While Boarding the Bus

  8. Examples of Accountability *Following all bus rules Non-Example of Accountability *Not following rules of bus “A” Stands for Accountable While Boarding the Bus

  9. Examples of Respectful *Following the drivers instructions *Using your manners with everyone Non-Examples of Respectful *Screening/hollering *Fighting *No manners “R” Stands for Being Respectful While Boarding the Bus

  10. Examples of Safety *Follow drivers rules *Find you seat/sit quietly *Keep head, hands, arms, inside windows *Keep aisles clear *Keep games/glass objects home Non-Examples of Safety *Not following drivers rules *Walking/moving around while bus is moving *Blocking aisles “S” Stands for Safety While Riding the Bus

  11. Examples of Thoughtfulness *Following all directions/ rules *Keeping aisles clear Non-Examples of Thoughtfulness *Not following rules *Putting booksacks, instruments in the aisle “T” Stands for Thoughtfulness While Riding the Bus

  12. Examples of Accountability *Staying in your seat quietly *Keeping aisle clear Non-Examples of Accountability *Running around, changing seats *Hitting others, tripping others “A” Stands for Accountable While Riding the Bus

  13. Examples of Respectful *Being courteous to others *Following all rules Non-Examples of Respectful Being rude to others Disobeying all rules “R” Stands for Respectful While Riding the Bus

  14. Examples of Safety *Wait for bus to stop *Gather everything *Get in single line *Slowly exit using hand rail *Go to your designated area Non-Example of Safety *Playing and acting silly while exiting the bus *Cutting in line *Getting up before the bus comes to a complete stop “S” Stands for Safety While Exiting the Bus

  15. Examples of Thoughtfulness *Remain seated until bus stops *Leave in a single file *Leave area promptly Non-Examples of Thoughtfulness *Standing up while bus moves, shoving others *Cutting in line *Hanging around bus stop “T” Stands for Thoughtfulness While Exiting the Bus

  16. Examples of Accountability *Being courteous to others *Watching/helping younger children *Following all rules Non-Examples of Accountability *Yelling/hitting others *Cursing *Teasing little students *Disobeying rules “A” Stands for Accountable While Exiting the Bus

  17. Examples of Respectful *Helping small students *Being kind to all on bus Non-Examples of Respectful *Teasing/hurting smaller students *Being ugly and hurtful to others “R” Stands for Respectful to Others When Exiting the Bus