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The Crucible connections PowerPoint Presentation
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The Crucible connections

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The Crucible connections
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The Crucible connections

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  1. Andrew Mennenga The Crucible connections

  2. The Crucible • Arthur Miller, the author of The Crucible • Inspired by the McCarthy hearings of the 1950s, Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, focuses on the inconsistencies of the Salem witch trials and the extreme behavior that can result from dark desires and hidden agendas.

  3. The Village • M. Night Shyamala was the writer and the director. • The population of a small, isolated countryside village believe that everything is coming to a end.

  4. Modern Day • Riverside High School

  5. The CrucibleFear • They were afraid of being accused of witchcraft/and which craft its self. • Rev. Parris feared it and he did not want it in his congregation. • The fear brought the whole town together. • Everyone was afraid of being accused of being a witch, they didn’t want to die and or loose there name. • Which craft goes against puritan religion.

  6. The Village Fear • -The Village feared “the things we do not speak of”. • -They were afraid of the color red, due to the fact it attracted the things we do not speak of. • -They weren't aloud to go into the woods, and they were also afraid to go in as well. If they went in the town would be attacked. • -The Fear Brought the town together.

  7. Modern Day Fear • -Riverside High school. • -Students afraid of getting truancy charges, bad grades, and not graduating. • -They fear violence and getting in trouble.

  8. Similarities • They both were afraid of being attacked by people/creatures • Afraid of being accused

  9. The Crucible Scapegoat • Innocent people were getting accused so the person wouldn’t die. • Abigail started the accusing of people being witches. • Abigail throws Elizabeth Proctor under the bus in order to get with John Proctor.

  10. The Village Scapegoat • They were blaming the attacks of “The things we do not speak of” on the people who go into the woods. When really it was the elders in charge of keeping people in the Village. • They used Noah as a scapegoat so they can keep everyone in the Village.

  11. Modern DayScapegoat • Riverside, blaming kids for being late to school when it wasn’t there fault (if they don’t drive) • Some could blame the students to try to cover up what they did or to avoid getting in trouble.

  12. Similarities • Innocent people get blamed • Throwing people under the bus

  13. Government ControlThe Village • They are governed by the Elders. • They were reliant on them selves. • They just went along with everything, and if someone did something wrong they would just go and throw them selves under the bus.

  14. Government ControlThe Crucible • Theocracy, they were governed by religion • If you didn’t follow all the rules, or made the slightest mistake, they could get blamed for being a witch/and or taking part in which craft. • And the court pretty much ran the town.

  15. Government ControlModern Day • Riverside is a dictatorship. • The handbook is a good example. • When you show up here, they take away some of your rights/freedom of speech.

  16. Similarities • All controlled either by religion, dictatorship, or them selves. • They throw them selves or other people under the bus

  17. Conclusion of Self • Fear death, losing my brother, and not being successful. • Blamed people friends/family to avoid getting in trouble. • My parents were always the ones in control when it came to Christmas.