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Open the eyes of my heart lord I want to see you To see you high and lifted up, PowerPoint Presentation
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Open the eyes of my heart lord I want to see you To see you high and lifted up,

Open the eyes of my heart lord I want to see you To see you high and lifted up,

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Open the eyes of my heart lord I want to see you To see you high and lifted up,

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  1. Open the eyes of my heart lord I want to see you To see you high and lifted up, shining in the light of your glory Pour out your power and love. As we sing holy holy holy Holy holy holy, holy holy holy, holy holy holy I want to see you


  3. What is this in English? • This is a case • This is a crayon • This is a stapler • This is a eraser • This is a sharpener • This is a globe • This is a pencil • This is a pen • This is a sellotape (scotch tape) • This is a scissors • This is a glue The case is black The crayons are white, blue and navy blue, green, orange, pink, red, yellow, brown, purple…. introducing people : Ruth this is Mary

  4. Come, now is the time to worship(BrainDoerksen) Come, now is the time to worship Come , now is the time to giveyourheart Come, just as you are to worship Come, just as you are beforeyourGod come

  5. onedayeverytonguewillconfessyou are Godonedayeverykneewillbowstill thegreatesttreasureremains for thosewhogladlychooseyounow (2x)

  6. Jesus messiah He becamesinwhoknew no sin, thatwemightbecomehisrighteousnesshehumbledhimselfandcarriedthecross, lovesoamazing, lovesoamanzing Jesus messiah, nameaboveallname, blessedredimer Emmanuel, rescue for sinnerstheransomfromheaven, jesusmessiahthelordofall Hisbody is thebread, disposalthewinebrokenandpoured out all for love, thewholeearthtrembledandtheveilwastorn, lovesoamazing, lovesoamazing(chorus) Allourhope is in you, allourhope is in you, alltheglory to youGodthe light ofthe world(chorus) He became sinWho knew no sinThat we might become His righteousnessHe humbled Himself and carried the crossLove so amazingLove so amazinJesus Messiah, name above all namesBlessed Redeemer, EmmanuelThe rescue for sinnersThe ransom from HeavenJesus Messiah, Lord of allHis body, the breadHis blood, the wineBroken and poured out all for loveThe whole earth tremble and the veil was tornLove so amazingLove so amazing, yeah

  7. Revision • Greetingand meeting people Hello. Myname’s Rita. What is your name? Hi, I am Paul. How are you? I am (fine,good,ok,great,) thanks and you? I am fine thanks. This is my friend Mary Hello, Mary. Nice to meet you Nice to meet you too. Sorry I have to go now Bye, have a (nice, wonderful, blessed,good) day Thanks, the same to you or you too.

  8. Countries and nationalities • Where are you from? I am from England, I am an English. Germany=German, Italy= Italian, • Mexico= Mexican, Brazil= Brazilian, Japan=japanese, Portugal= Portuguese, China=Chinese, France= French, The United States= American, Spain= Spanish • What language do you speak? It is the same as the nationalities.

  9. Personal information Name Amy Roberts Country England Address 18,market street, manchester Phone number 01619295537 Age 20 Job student Married? No • What´shername? • where’s she from? • What’s her address? • What’s her phone number? • How old is she? • What does she do? • Is she married?

  10. To be question and answer • Is her name Marta? is not. Her name is Amy Roberts • Is she from Brasil? No. she isn’t. she is from England • Is her address 89…? No. it is not. Her address is 0938 • Is she 30 ? No. she isn’t. she is 20 • Is she a teacher? No. she isn’t. she is a student • Is she married?No. she isn’t. she is single

  11. (reading exercise page24) This is Sally Milton. She’s married, and this is her family. Their house is in London. She’s a teacher. Her school is in the centre of town. Tom is Sally’s husband. He’s a bank manager. His bank is in the centre of town, too. “Our children are Kirsty and Nick. They’re students at Camden College. We’re happy in London.”

  12. Possessive’s • Family relations; mother, father, parents, daughter, son, children, sister, brother, wife, husband. • Extended family; aunt, uncle, cousin, nephew, niece, brother in law, grandchild, grandparent, great grandparents.

  13. Exercise I • Sally is Tom’s__________. • Tom is Sally’s ___________. • Kirsty is Sally and Tom’s ____________. • Nick is their _________. • Sally is Nick’s __________. • Tom is Kirsty’s ___________. • Kirsty is Nick’s ___________. • Nick is Kirsty’s ____________. • Sally and Tom are Kirsty and Nick’s __________. • Kirsty and Nick are Tom and Sally’s _________.

  14. Exercise II • Is Sally married? _________. • Where’s their house? ______________. • What is Sally’s job? _______________. • Where is her school? _____________. • What is Tom’s job? _______________. • Where is his bank? _____________. • Are their children doctors? _____________.