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Corona-Norco Unified School District

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Corona-Norco Unified School District - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Corona-Norco Unified School District. Bullying and Cyberbullying: Practical Strategies for Parents. Dr. David Hansen, Assistant Superintendent – Instructional Support Dr. Milisav (Mike) Ilic, Director – Instructional Support. Social Learning Theory.

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Corona-Norco Unified School District

Bullying and Cyberbullying: Practical Strategies for Parents

Dr. David Hansen, Assistant Superintendent – Instructional Support

Dr. Milisav (Mike) Ilic, Director – Instructional Support

social learning theory
Social Learning Theory

Behaviors are learned through a variety of social interactions


Role Models





social learning theory media influence kaiser family study 2010 neilsen 2009
Social Learning Theory - Media InfluenceKaiser Family Study 2010/Neilsen 2009
  • Children spend 7.38 (6.5) hours each day with some type of media
  • Video Games in 83% (65%) of US Homes
    • 86% With Males
    • 8th grade boys play 23 hours per week
    • 8th grade girls play 12 hours per week
    • 59% of 4th grade girls and 73% of 4th grade males favorite games are violent
  • 71% (61%) of youth 8-17 have TV’s in their rooms
    • At 18 years old they witness 200,000 acts of violence including 40,000 acts of murder
hours in the day
Hours in the Day
  • 7.38 Hours With Media
  • 6.50 Hours in School
  • 3.00 Hours of After-school Activities
      • Sports
      • Music/Band
      • Extracurricular
      • Hobby
      • Hanging Out With Friends
  • 2.00 Hours of Homework
  • 1.00 Hours of Chores
  • 2.00 Hours of Family Time
  • 1.00 Hours of Quiet Time
  • 8.50 Hours of Sleep
  • Total of 32.88 Hours…
the media and bullying
The Media and Bullying
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • Television Programming
  • Commercials
  • Music
  • Internet Sites
  • Video Games
  • Bullying
  • Cyberbullying
  • Technology and Internet Risks
  • General Strategies
  • Bullying
  • Cyberbullying
  • Technology and Internet Risks
  • General Strategies
bad behaviors vs bullying
Bad Behaviors Vs. Bullying
  • Bullying has Become a Catch Phrase
  • Not All Bad Behaviors or Aggression can be Called Bullying
  • All Negative Behaviors will be Dealt With If We can Document that it Happened
bullying definition
Bullying Definition
  • Specific Type of Aggression
    • Verbal
    • Physical
    • Psychological/Relational
  • Behavior is Intended to Harm or Disturb
  • Carried Out Repeatedly and Over Time
  • Imbalance of Power
    • Physical
    • Psychological
direct bullying
Direct Bullying
  • Physical Acts
  • Threats
  • Intimidation
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Taunting
  • Other?
indirect bullying
Indirect Bullying
  • Making Faces
  • Obscene Gestures
  • Exclusion
  • Rumors
  • Destroying Reputations
  • Destroying Relationships
  • Other?
parent tips bullying
Parent Tips - Bullying
  • Get Information from Your Child
    • Who, What, Where, When, and Why
    • Did You Report This to an Adult?

Remember: There are Two Sides to Every Story

  • Work on Strategies With Your Child
  • Have Them Think About and Discuss Their Ideas
  • Ask Questions
    • What Would You Do If That Didn’t Work?
parent tips bullying1
Parent Tips - Bullying
  • List Options and Consequences
  • Role Play Their Strategies
  • Do They Have Friends that can Help?
  • Allow Them to Try Out Their Strategies
    • Check in With Them
  • Allow Them to Fail and Encourage Them to Try Again
  • Resist the Urge to Immediately Intervene
parent tips bullying2
Parent Tips – Bullying
  • Inform the School Administrator AND Teacher
  • Provide Information – Who, What, Where, When and Why
  • Ask For Their Perspective of the Situation
  • Ask About Strategies – Remember If They Have Not Investigated, They Will have to Prior to Strategies
  • Bullying
  • Cyberbullying
  • Technology and Internet Risks
  • General Strategies
cyberbullying definition
Cyberbullying Definition

Use of Modern Communication Technologies:


Instant Messaging

Chat Rooms

Web Sites

Social Networking Sites

Cell Phones and other forms of technology

To Intentionally Embarrass, Humiliate, Threaten or Intimidate an Individual or Group

To Attempt to Gain Power and Control

cyberbullying is
Cyberbullying Is:
  • Directly hurting someone’s feelings or threatening them via technology
  • Texting mean statements
  • Posting up a website to harm someone
  • Passing rumors to other people via text or Social Network sites
  • Posting embarrassing pictures of someone without their permission
  • What else?
cyberbullying v bullying
Cyberbullying V. Bullying

More Invasive

Larger Audience

Lengthens Duration of Bullying

Potential for Greater Cruelty

Source: Glen Stutzky, Michigan State University

who s responsibility to take action
Who’s Responsibility to Take Action?
  • School?
  • Community?
  • Law Enforcement?
  • Parents?
scenario one
Scenario One
  • Students get into a fight on a weekend at the mall
  • Who is Responsible for Taking Action:
    • School
    • Community
    • Law Enforcement
    • Parents
scenario two
Scenario Two
  • Students get spread rumors about other students at a popular fast food restaurant
  • Who is Responsible for Taking Action:
    • School
    • Community
    • Law Enforcement
    • Parents
scenario three
Scenario Three
  • Students get caught smoking weed in an abandoned house at 11:30 at night
  • Who is Responsible for Taking Action:
    • School
    • Community
    • Law Enforcement
    • Parents
scenario four
Scenario Four
  • Students using FaceBook spread rumors about other students from home computer to home computer at 11:30 at night
  • Who is Responsible for Taking Action:
    • School
    • Community
    • Law Enforcement
    • Parents
“Cyberbullying is out of control. People are saying all kinds of things online they would never say to someone in person. Something needs to be done. It is all about Facebook right now and it is crazy.”

October 2010, Vista Murrieta High School Senior

“Of course I spread rumors on my phone and on the internet, I’m a seventh grade girl, that’s what we are supposed to do!”

March 2007, Santee Leadership Student

school responses to cyberbullying
School Responses to Cyberbullying
  • Nexus to the School
  • Victim Impact Statements
    • How has this impacted your attendance
    • How has this impacted your academics
    • How has this impacted you at school
  • Bystander/Friend/Perpetrator Statements
  • Have Other Students Shared the Text, Video Etc. At School?
  • Has the Cyberbullying Caused School Bullying
parent tips cyberbullying
Parent Tips - Cyberbullying
  • Have Children Sign a Contract on Appropriate Usage
  • Discuss Scenarios With Them
    • What Would You Do if Someone Posted Something Mean About Another Student?
  • Do Not Allow them to Have an Social Media Account at an Early Age (FB is 13YO)
parent tips cyberbullying1
Parent Tips - Cyberbullying
  • Monitor Their Social Network Postings
  • Be Aware of “Parent Page” Vs. “Real Page”
  • Empowerment Vs. Entitlement
  • Have Children Check Cellphones In and Out (7PM)
parent tips cyberbullying2
Parent Tips - Cyberbullying
  • Do Not Erase, Omit or Alter Texts or Emails – This is Your Evidence
  • Copy and Paste the URL and Provide to the School
  • Teach “Netiquette” – Online Manners
  • Teach Them to Be Aware of Trolling Activities and Strategies
  • Do Screen Shots of Social Network Sites and Save as Evidence
screen shot
Screen Shot
  • PrtScn SysRq
  • Open Word Program
  • Right Click Mouse
  • Paste
  • Save As
parent tips
Parent Tips
  • If a Threat of Violence has Been Made Contact Law Enforcement AND the School
  • For the School To Take Action We Need to Show a Substantial Disruption to the Educational Process
  • Most Cyberbullying is OUTSIDE the Jurisdiction of the School To Take Action
parent tips1
Parent Tips
  • How We Investigate
  • If on Social Networking We Will Gain Permission to Go Onto Your Students Site Unless it Is Open to All
  • We Will Look at the Entire Thread and Into Other Folders for Information
  • We Will Call in Other Students to Interview
  • We Will Ask Permission for The Student to Allow Us on Their Site
parent tips2
Parent Tips
  • If We Cannot Gain Permission or They will not Access Their Site We Will Call Parents
  • If Permission is Not Given We Will Pursue Other Evidence if Possible
  • Bring Us Screen Shots To Assist With Documenting
  • Again, We Need to Show Substantial Disruption Before We Can Act
talk to your kids
Talk to Your Kids
  • Privacy!!!
  • Only Add Real Friends You Know
  • Give your Password ONLY to Your Parents
  • Watch What You Post – It is FOREVER
  • If You Wouldn’t Say it in Person, Don’t Say it Online!
  • Be Careful in Posing for Pictures With Friends
talk to your kids1
Talk to Your Kids
  • Do NOT Cyberbully!
  • Do NOT Spread Rumors!
  • Do NOT Forward Mean Texts
  • Stand-up Your People – Even Online
  • Learn How to Do Screen Shots
  • Remind Them to Talk to You or Other Adults About Sites, Texts, Emails that Make Them Uncomfortable
  • Remember to TURN-OFF Electronics – Give Yourself a Break!!!