a streetcar named desire n.
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A Streetcar named desire

A Streetcar named desire

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A Streetcar named desire

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  1. A Streetcar named desire A touch of class

  2. Learning objective • To understand how A Streetcar Named Desire shows that there are different realities for class

  3. DEFINE CLASS Related words: social division, echelon, income group, level

  4. THE BIG IDEA • Our perceptions of class can shape how we see others and ourselves. • This is strongly related to place. • Therefore, our perception of class is a factor that frames our subjective reality

  5. Slight detour • Remember ‘frames’? • “Mental frames are the biased and limited way in which information is perceived or understood… that determines how we relate to and understand reality.” – Paul Buchheit’s blog

  6. THE DIALOGUE • The dialogue in Streetcar is strongly influenced by how the character’s feel about their class and that of others. • Where have we seen this in scene one? Share with a partner.

  7. EXAMPLES “I’m going to be honestly critical about it… Why didn’t you tell me you live in these conditions?” (p121) “Only Poe… could do it justice.” “I won’t be looked at in this merciless glare” “Only- not so highbrow?” “just “what we need to mix with our blood” • Blanche is horrified at where Stella now lives • Blanche works hard to keep her appearance affluent and flaunts her education • Looks down on Polish • Sees Stanley as someone beneath them

  8. EXAMPLES • Stanley immediately wants to know where the money is • Stanley isn’t sure what Blanche will think of him • Stella feels detached from her old life at Belle Reve “when you’re swindled under the Napoleonic code, I’m swindled too… you’ve got to open your eyes to this stuff.” “I’m afraid I’ll strike you as being unrefined” “The best I could do was make my own living..”

  9. BIG IDEAS • Blanche represents someone who is clinging to their old life, this affects the way they interact with people in the present (nostalgic) as she expects others to accept this former life. • Stanley wants Blanche out of his life. He is untrusting of people who don’t share his vision of the world. • Stella enables Blanche’s fantasy and supports Stanley’s vision of the world.

  10. APPLICATION • Write a dialogue/monologue from the perspective of someone listening to Stella, Blanche and Stanley in scene 2. What would someone think about how they behave?

  11. Example Oh, who does he think he is. Stayin’ out all night and making that sweet flower Stella stays home all alone. And now that sister shows up- you know they ain’tgonna be gettin a long at all. No sir. With her pretty dresses and done up hair, Stanley don’t trust that sorta thing. And the way she sproutin’ her mouth off about the room. You know the type. Up from the Plantations- they still be thinkin’ they got money. If she come runnin’ after Stella she gonna have to drop that attitude. Stanley’ll give ‘em both a clip. Listen to that. All that wailin’ about what she lost. Honey, she better wake up to the new day. Her life ain’ ever gonna be like that ‘gain- no matter what fancy novels she read or expensive clothes she wears This’ll be interesting times- Stanley ain’t go the class she use to.

  12. Revisit the goal • To understand how A Streetcar Named Desire shows that there are different realities for class • Score your new understanding and your effort.