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WebCCAT N ew Platform Basics

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WebCCAT N ew Platform Basics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WebCCAT N ew Platform Basics. New Platform Educator Level Version 5a. WebCCAT will be adding new features throughout the fall of 2005. Stay tuned to the WebCCAT News and Information Site for more details Just click the link on the WebCCAT home page. Things to know BEFORE you start….

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webccat n ew platform basics

WebCCATNew Platform Basics

New Platform

Educator Level

Version 5a

webccat will be adding new features throughout the fall of 2005

WebCCAT will be adding new features throughout the fall of 2005

Stay tuned to the

WebCCAT News and Information Site

for more details

Just click the link on the WebCCAT home page

correct login page
Correct Login Page
  • Several users have book-marked the old login page for WebCCAT
  • When they use this bookmark, they cannot login to the new platform
  • Users should type in the short URL www.webccat.com then bookmark the new page
  • Be sure your district/personal computer is not caching web pages
content areas addressed
Content Areas Addressed
  • English Language Arts
    • 3 – 8, E I, E II, E III
  • Math
    • 3 – 8, Alg, Geom, Alg II**, Pre-Calc**
    • **Already aligned to the NEW math TEKS for 2006-2007
    • Grades 6 – Geom will be moved to the new TEKS in April-May 2006
  • Social Studies
    • 3 – 8, WH, WG, US
  • Science
    • 3 – 8, IPC, CH, Bio, Phy
levels of thinking and difficulty

Levels of Thinking and Difficulty

Every item in WebCCAT is assigned a Level of Thinking and a Level of Difficulty

level of thinking
Level of Thinking
  • This is the Cognitive Level of the item (Bloom’s)
    • Low
      • Knowledge, Comprehension
    • Medium
      • Comprehension, Application , Analysis
    • High
      • Analysis, Evaluation, Synthesis
level of difficulty
Level of Difficulty
  • How hard is the item for the average student in that grade/content area
    • In examples below, each level is more difficult, even though each represents the same cognitive level
    • Low – Recite the alphabet
    • Med – Recite the alphabet backwards
    • High – Recite every third letter of the alphabet from “Z” back to “A”
silver package
Silver Package
  • The Silver Package of WebCCAT is similar to our previous version of WebCCAT with added features
  • Silver allows users to customize paper copies of tests using our ever-growing test item bank
  • District level users can now input new items with the Item Authoring Tool**
  • AEIS-IT export for scoring**
gold package
Gold Package
  • Everything from the Silver Package PLUS student online testing
  • Students’ tests are scored immediately
  • Educators have access to student group reports, as well as, individual student data
  • Gold Package features will be available September 2005
the following demonstrates the educator level in the webccat silver package

The following demonstrates the educator level in the WebCCAT Silver Package

Please contact your Service Center for Gold Platform Demonstrations

login www webccat com


Use the same username and password from the old site or contact your district coordinator to set up a new login

home page features
Home Page Features
  • Link to WebCCAT News and Info Site**
  • Scrolling Banner**
  • Help Button**
  • Reference Materials**
  • Retrieve Password
  • Create New Account
  • System Requirements Check **

**Denotes New Features!

before you start
Before you start…
  • Be sure to run the System Requirements Check
  • Resolve any issues that are identified
eula end user license agreement
EULA - End User License Agreement
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to accept
  • This will only appear the first time users log onto the site and again around September 1 of each school year
main menu
Main Menu

Gold Features

Only campuses who purchase Gold level will need to use these buttons

special notes
Special Notes
  • Always use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the WebCCAT screen
    • Using the browser back button may result in an error – avoid the browser back button!
  • You may need to maximize your browser window to avoid excessive scrolling
  • Formatting errors and programming oddities may occur the first few weeks as we work out the kinks. Please be patient.
maximize screen
Maximize Screen
  • Click the Box to maximize the viewable area for the browser window
to create an assessment
To Create an Assessment
  • Click Assessment Menu
  • Then click on Create An Assessment
  • This will open a new window




For the purpose of reporting, each assessment is assigned to a particular content area and grade level

(Remember, on the next screen, users may select several grade levels to include on the assessment)

1 test information
1 - Test Information
  • Required Fields
    • Title*
    • Subject/Content Area*
    • Grade Level/Course*
      • These fields are used for reports
  • Directions
    • Prints on the assessment for students
  • Description
    • Field to clarify/detail what is being tested
    • Prints only on educator reports
  • Click Continue to go on
select items
Select Items

Click on desired selections, then click Continue to Search

select items1
Select Items
  • The grade identified in the Test Setup will already be selected
  • You may select additional grades
  • The fastest results are obtained when searching by TEKS/TAKS
  • Instead of TEKS/TAKS, you may search by:
    • Stimulus**, Keyword, or any ONE other field
a stimulus or passage in webccat is anything that needs to print the full width of the page

A Stimulus (or passage) in WebCCAT is anything that needs to print the full width of the page


Reading and writing passages

Maps, graphs, charts

Anything that is too small when it appears in one column

special notes1
Special Notes
  • Remember: to select multiple items in a search box, hold the control key down until you have made all selections
  • The screen will appear to “blink out” as you make some of your selections; this is not an error
    • As you highlight search criteria, the screen will refresh (blink)
    • The last box clicked in will reappear at the top of the list. It will keep what was last selected: Don’t panic ;-)

The best results are obtained by selecting the grade and then something from ONE other box on the search page

Selecting from multiple boxes can easily result in few or no items being returned

district codes
District Codes
  • District Codes may appear in your search criteria – this feature will not be not ready for use until fall 2005
    • District Codes will allow district level users to mark assessment items with “District Codes,” which are simply numerals 1 – 99
    • The district is responsible for “defining” these codes for their users
search results info
Search Results Info
  • Items in bold font appear on other tests belonging to the user
  • Items that end with the letter D (E0343223D) were created by the district


  • Educators will not see any items with a “P” as educators cannot create new items
  • In spite of the note below the results, educators do not see hidden items
search results1
Search Results
  • Select items to add by placing a check in the box on the left of the item ID
  • Items may also be added from the Preview screen**by clicking Select in the upper right corner of the Preview Screen
  • As items are added, they will “disappear” from the search results (they move to screen 4)
preview screen1
Preview Screen
  • When you click the Preview link to the right of the items, a new window opens
  • Preview now allows users to add items directly to assessments by clicking Select to Add
  • Once you have selected all items, don’t forget to click Add Items on the Search Results Page
using sequence page
Using Sequence Page
  • Clicking Clear Order will clear all numbers to make it easier to start numbering from scratch
  • Clicking Save Order will save items in the new order listed
  • Clicking any column heading will order items by that column
reminder about item order
Reminder about Item Order
  • Try to vary levels of difficulty and thinking on every assessment
  • Research shows that students will always to better on assessments that start with an easier, lower level item first
  • Avoid using multiple versions of the same test; more versions will lower statistical accuracy
removing items
Removing Items
  • Place check mark(s) in the box on the right of the Item Name
  • Click Remove items
  • Clicking in the box in the dark blue bar will select all items on the test, so be careful
pdf preview
PDF Preview
  • Just as in the previous version, this allows users to see their assessment in PDF and reorder items before printing
  • The PDF will launch in a new window
  • If you are having trouble opening the PDF, check to be sure all pop-up blockers on your computer are turned off
save and close
Save and Close
  • When you are finished creating an assessment you will click Save and Close to go back to the Assessment Menu
  • If you need to stop at any time during the assessment creation process, you may click Save and Close
  • Remember to go to Test Management to open up the test you started last time
manage assessments

Manage Assessments

From the Assessment Menu, click Manage Assessments

You will see the Test Management Screen

select all
Select All
  • The top box is “Select All”
  • Be careful about which box you click before you select remove tests!
  • We cannot recover deleted tests

Select All

test management edit
Test Management - Edit

Edit allows users to go back to the test using the numbered pages

  • 1 – Test Set up (title, directions, description)
  • 2 – Select Items
  • 3 – Search Results (2 first)
  • 4 – Sequence and Setting (reorder, PDF)
edit test management
Edit – Test Management
  • After clicking Edit from Manage Assessments, you can navigate to any page by clicking the numbered buttons at the top of the screen
  • Examples:
    • To change the title, description, or directions of an assessment, click Edit, then 1 Test Setup
    • To change the order of items on assessment, click edit, then click on 4 Sequence and Settings
    • To add items, click Edit, then on 2 Select Items
  • You can also use the Continue and Back buttons at the bottom of the screen
managing assessments
Managing Assessments
  • Save As creates an exact copy of an assessment
    • Use to make changes to meet IEP needs, create a second version, etc
  • Print Preview loads the assessment in the PDF for quick viewing and printing
using search assessments
Using Search Assessments
  • All assessments you create are “Personal Assessments” and they reside under your login
  • When you search for YOUR OWN assessments, you must select Personal as the Location
  • Based on the rest of what you selected, you will then see a list of assessments
search assessments published
Search Assessments - Published
  • If a Unit Coordinator publishes a test, educators on the same campus can search for it by selecting the content area, grade and campus as the location
  • If a Curriculum User or a District Coordinator publishes a test, all educators in the district can search for it by selecting the content area, grade and district as the location
view items

View Items**

Previously this function was only available to district level users (DC, CU)

Now all users can preview items without creating an assessment

view items1
View Items
  • Educators can use View Items to preview or review items before deciding to add them to an assessment
  • Search logic works like Create a Test
  • Silver level reports are much like before
  • Gold level buttons are grayed out until those features are available to users at your level, in your district
  • Gold level buttons will probably change!!!!
required fields
Required Fields




creating reports
Creating Reports
  • You must select the grade and subject
  • Be sure to select personal tests to see the assessments you have created
  • Don’t forget, data can be sorted by clicking column headings now!
csv reports
CSV Reports
  • Any report can be viewed in a spreadsheet by selecting CSV as the report format
Most users will be successful by saving the file to the desktop and then opening it from the desktop rather than selecting the Open option first
modify my account
Modify my Account
  • If you self-registered for a WebCCAT username, you will receive a password by email
  • The first thing you will want to do is log-in with the password emailed to you and go to Manage my Account
  • Change the password to something easy for you to remember
    • You will need to type your new password in both boxes


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