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Justice. Love’s Minimum. What is Justice?. The striving to ensure the well being of others, as well as ourselves. The parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-35). Actions speak louder than words. Actions of the Samaritan Helped the man Helped to develop his own compassion and character

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    1. Justice Love’s Minimum

    2. What is Justice? • The striving to ensure the well being of others, as well as ourselves

    3. The parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-35)

    4. Actions speak louder than words • Actions of the Samaritan • Helped the man • Helped to develop his own compassion and character • Actions of the avoiders • Did not help the man • Reinforced his selfishness and coldness

    5. Justice is a Cardinal Virtue • What does this mean???? • PRACTICE

    6. Grounds for JusticeWhat do we stand on? • Old Testament p. 111 • New Testament • Teachings of the Church…Pope Paul’s statement… “Love’s minimum requirement”

    7. What is injustice? It is the lack of concern for, and the violationof the well being of others or oneself.

    8. What does this mean? Love’s minimum requirement

    9. There’s more…. • We are valuable in God’s eyes All of God’s creation is good and therefore has worth….. And from this belief we have RIGHTS

    10. WHAT ARE RIGHTS!!!!!! • Things that we must have if we are to be what God intended us to be.

    11. Basic Rights and Well Being for Humans • Survival Rights • Food, water, shelter, job, nurturing of the young, physical safety, health care • “Thrival” Rights • Things we need to grow, be enriched, to be full of life • Examples:Education, respect, privacy, freedoms, art

    12. Justice is the guardian of rights because honoring rights is essential for dignity and integrity

    13. Four Dimensions of Justice • Individual • Social • Distributive • Ecological

    14. Individual • Obligations between individuals, one to one relationships • Simplest form of justice. • One person’s obligation to another because of their relationship—contract, deal, family, friendship….

    15. What kind of deal??? • Neighbors • Friends • Classmates • Teachers • Drivers

    16. What the deal with your family? • What are your parents obligation to you? • What are your obligations to them?

    17. What happens when families do not provide “survival and thrival needs?

    18. Social Justice • Is concerned with what belongs to all people in common, to the community or society as a whole. • Communities have needs that must be met if they are to provide a healthy environment in which all members can thrive.

    19. The Common Good

    20. What is the common good? P. 119 • It is the condition that enables all its members to flourish. • It is an ideal toward which every society must strive “valiantly” if it intends to be just.

    21. What does this sound like? • What each person must give to the community varies with the need of the community and the personal circumstances of each member.

    22. Uh oh..this means us • Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more. (Luke 12:48)

    23. How can we work for the common good? • Leave no one out • Service in the community

    24. How can we harm the common good? • Vandalism • Get all you can mentality


    26. Social Justice • The Christian way is to look at reality and respond with sensitivity to the well being of all and not just yourself.

    27. Distributive Justice • Governments and private businesses have to be organized in such a way that burdens and benefits are shared and distributed fairly to individuals in society.

    28. Luke 16:19-26

    29. Global Level • Distribution of resources

    30. National Level • We already have: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, minimum wage.. ARE WE DONE???

    31. Individual Level • Work • Politics • Volunteer