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BlueFinity Product Roadmap

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BlueFinity Product Roadmap - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BlueFinity Product Roadmap. David Cooper Lead Developer BlueFinity International. Agenda. How do we see things developing? Both the .NET environment in general and BlueFinity products The main strands of development

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bluefinity product roadmap

BlueFinity Product Roadmap

David Cooper

Lead Developer

BlueFinity International

  • How do we see things developing?
    • Both the .NET environment in general and BlueFinity products
  • The main strands of development
    • Where are our development resources going to be focused over the next 12 months
  • Specific product roadmap
    • For current and new products
what s on the technology radar
What’s on the technology RADAR?

Hot .NET topics

  • WCF (Windows Communications Foundation)
  • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), XAML, Silverlight and XBAP
  • Object-Datamodel impedance mismatch
    • LINQ (Language Integrated Query)
    • Entity Framework
  • Business Object modelling
  • CAB and SCSF
emerging web technologies
Emerging Web Technologies
  • Silverlight (Previously called WPF/E)
    • Cross-browser plug-in – IE, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla
    • Currently supported on Windows and Mac
    • ~4mb in size
    • Implements a cut-down, sand-boxed .NET environment
    • Includes CLR, XAML engine, WPF support, Vector engine, multi-media, LINQ and more!
    • Tight integration with the VS.NET environment
emerging web technologies5
Emerging Web Technologies
  • XBAP (XAML Browser Application)
    • 95% sandboxed .NET environment
    • Essentially ClickOnce in a browser
    • Requires .NET fw3 on the client system
    • Limited browser integration
    • But, just about everything that the smart-client developer requires
    • Develop-once with VS.NET
where is smart client heading
Where is Smart Client Heading?
  • Been with us every since PC arrived
    • some 25+ years
  • Come in and out of favor Vs. Web
  • The differentiation is starting to blur
    • Silverlight, XBAP
  • Application development patterns
    • CAB (Composite UI Application Blocks)
composite ui application block cab
Composite UI Application Block (CAB)
  • Product of the Microsoft Patterns and Practices team
  • A frame work for the creation of loosely coupled ‘SmartParts’
  • Encourages:
    • Developer specialization
    • Re-use and consistency (for both developer and user)
  • Manifested in the Smart Client Software Factory
what s on the technology radar8
What’s on the technology RADAR?

How do these issue impact us?

  • WCF implemented in mv.NET v4
  • WPF, Silverlight, LINQ, CAB – tracking this technology very closely as it evolves
  • Business Object modelling – watch this space!

Useful resource links

  • To be posted on the BlueFinity web site.
bluefinity development focus
BlueFinity Development Focus

Enhanced RAD features

  • Visual Studio add-ins
  • Supporting additional 3rd party controls

Support for emerging .NET technologies

mv net version 3 5 0

mv.NET Version 3.5.0

Released May 8th

mv net version 3 5 1

mv.NET Version 3.5.1

Due for release Aug ‘07

mv net release 3 5 1
mv.NET Release 3.5.1
  • Vista Support
  • InstallShield-based installation
mv net version 4

mv.NET Version 4

Due for release Qtr 4 ‘07

mv net release 4
mv.NET Release 4
  • .NET Framework 3 build
  • WCF integration (.NET remoting replacement)
  • Extended VS.NET integration
  • Table Adapter (SSIS)
  • Extended Ajax support within web Binding Objects
  • 64-bit support