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ReadyGo ReadyGo Multi-Sports Trainer MST-128. R&D : Sun Hongbiao Main experience. Beijing University of Physical Education Master of Education from 1986 to 1989 (Expertise: Athletic Training, Sports selection science, swimming training and teaching)

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ReadyGo Multi-Sports Trainer


R d sun hongbiao main experience
R&D:Sun HongbiaoMain experience

  • Beijing University of Physical Education Master of Education from 1986 to 1989 (Expertise: Athletic Training, Sports selection science, swimming training and teaching)

  • China and New Zealand, the national swimming team coach from 1989 to 1995,1997

  • National Taiwan Institute of Physical Education and teacher from 2001 to 2005

  • The Republic of China Sports Development Association Secretary-General from 2004

  • to the current potential for bone age evaluation, planning healthy growth, height forecasts, to help tall.

  • To assist Taiwan in all of the associations for campaign selection work, sports coaching workshops and so on

  • For 27 years of professional experience in swimming teaching and training, individualized, on many occasions to break the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and New Zealand national records.

  • In train the age group national champion 19 people in Taiwan's 8 years, 9 ginseng Canada border sports event, 4 people win the Asian age group champion and the record, 3 people achieve the Olympic Games participation standard, 1 person breaks listens to bond the world record (to use this instrument).

  • R & D "sharp first just in sports training assistant" and "intelligent sports training response system", and obtained a patent in China and Taiwan, at present China's national swimming team and other related training institutions are using.

International training trends
International Training Trends

Electronic (digital) training is the development trend of modern scientific training

Three characteristics
Three characteristics

Coaches and players often can not be the first time to exchange ideas, many of the training content can not be precisely controlled, so that the results of training greatly reduced. We have successfully solved.


sound and

light hair to

make signal






So that coaches and athletes can keep abreast of current training efficiency, timely feedback, more efficiently. Is also suitable for hearing-impaired athletes.

Get quick results
Get quick results

There is great help in MST-128 way to any training related to time, for instance: Do exercises in circulation, the intermittence is trained, frequency is trained, rhythm is trained, the procedure trains etc.. Can wireless the remote control, raise the mobility trained. It makes the pronunciation mode especially suitable for hearing hindering and various training of the ordinary player that the ones that only move ahead simultaneously in sound are sent automatically, improve accuracy in order to send making remotely to time too.

After using

Before using

Feedback in time, promote the achievement

  • It is not enough to traindata degree to support

Saving of time, with a clear goal

  • Can't communicate in time

    train the result to give a discount

Coach is no longer a "code table" in slaves, to enhance training effect

  • Issuing the order response time

Suitable for all players

  • Listen to and hinder player's

  • difficulty of training


  • Input of any training plan, once started, it will automatically execute and display timer, train, heat and audio etc, the coach daily work tedious work is done, but not an error, and the function of synchronous sound, especially suitable for the deaf/visually impaired.

  • Use this instrument, can reduce the burden of the coach and manager from the computer liberate slaves, coach can be more focused on the technology and complete, gives more suitable for training, the training effect of prescription.

  • Remote wireless remote control, equivalent to coach body extension, the training effect of wireless double.

Three test function
Three test function

MST-128 set international three commonly used heavy to measure nowadays, use, help further, test result see in time.





AC-DC dual-use, battery can provide power supply

Easy to operate, point and settle

Our service is your guarantee of success!





The high-tech wireless remote control technology, synchronous transmission signals

Volume is small , weight is light , easy to carry


The starting signal light synchronization for the deaf and blind athletes training and research

Large LED display shows the main parameters of the training

Help you


With sound and light, the signal can be set according to need to coach training plan

Accompanied by regular training program to provide reference for training

Nine function
Nine function










Example 1 track one on one remote control
Example 1: track - "one-on-one remote control."

  • The train runs at 200 meters, host displays in the beginning, portable remote standing in the terminal manager, coach can use remote button control host speech clew, preparation of the system and the start of the signal, the players ran to the finish after coach to explain, real-time analysis. If the player and coach at the same end, the signal, the players are coaches from the beginning to the end, running from the host can promptly after see myself on display, coach don't pull voice shouted force.

Example 2 swimming training one on one remote control
Example 2:swimming training - "one-on-one remote control."

  • Host display in the 15 meters, coach can explain the player at the end point with remote setting training plans and start signal sent, very convenient. Players can see themselves, and how much, how much time, rest, before the start of the next train will also automatically audio players ahead.

Example 3 swimming training one to many remote control
Example 3:Swimming training - “one-to-many remote control”

  • If there are three different players in the ability of the three channels and training in each waterway, can put a host of terminal display in the main operation panel input different training programs, coach in the five meters, and remote and explain plan starting three host. Each host can independently execute the training plan.

  • If you are worried about the speech signal or will affect others, also can turn off voice respectively. Players to see light hint of training contents still can continue to implement the training plan.

Example 4 swimming departure trainer
Example 4:Swimming departure trainer

  • If there are many players queuing practice, can intermittent training mode Settings every 5 ~ 10 seconds, the number of groups, 99 times 9 group, press START, the system can automatically START work.

  • If the coach to stochastic control the departure time, also can press the button to direct a warning signal.

Example 5 the control of blood lactate testing time
Example 5:The control of blood lactate testing time

  • You can set practice time and rest time to accurately control blood lactic acid test time, has reached more scientific research results.

Example 6 a fitness test
Example6:a fitness test

  • Through a period of training, can use level test (4), long run functions (8), the function of water fitness test (9) mode function test, understand the effects of training stages.

Example 7 strict control quiescent interval
Example7: Strict control quiescent interval

  • 30 * 50 short intermission swim, 0:45 on October 10, on 0:40, 10 on 0:35, but often it is not complete, 35 seconds to common pace for five seconds, clock interval training needs cannot satisfy.

  • Solution:

    Use this instrument Settings for the last 10 train 0:37 ~ 8 seconds, players can be successfully completed, training requirements. Moreover, coach can better organization the training process, observation and corrective action, improve the technology of doubling grades.

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Mst 168 function
MST-168 development, production, sales, as the exclusive agent for! Function

MST - 168 in the original MST-128 based on two new powerful and practical function:

1、Powerful wireless function (effective range 2 kilometers)

Can make coach and player communicate intime, meet the demand of training.

2、Strong wireless data transmission function

Machinery and computer wireless connection, just one button to put all the training data (wired / wireless) transfer to a computer, and Excel compatible documents to facilitate statistical analysis, truly paperless operation, in order to facilitate research and training.

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