zdc remote handling system
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ZDC Remote Handling System

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ZDC Remote Handling System. March 10, 2011 Project Status and Forward Planning Technical Implementation Group Meeting Paul Debbins University of Iowa. Model Crane Installed on (-) TAN. Crane in Standby condition, parking position when not in use.

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zdc remote handling system
ZDC Remote Handling System

March 10, 2011

Project Status and Forward Planning

Technical Implementation Group Meeting

Paul Debbins

University of Iowa

model crane installed on tan
Model Crane Installed on (-) TAN

Crane in Standby condition, parking position when not in use

Crane installation and testing underground at Pt5

- Provided a method to validate all geometric considerations

- Provided practice in assembly and handling of system underground

* Generate a sequence of assembly/operation steps with associated times and positions

for CERN Transport and RadioProtection groups.

Position shown is past full movement


Crane in stages of operational movement, with

Attached representative payload

hard clearances
Hard Clearances


Min. Payload - TAN (transport side)

Min. Actuator – TAN (QRL side)


Vertical to ceiling services

No collisons to hard artifacts of Tunnel and TAN.

Measured clearances in excellent agreement with Virtual Models – confidence in

the manual survey and its translation in to CAD

L(+) side vertical clearance was most critical. Model validates several cm available

space to expand vertical clearances in system – esp. min vertical space to BRAN

Actuator spindle protection

tube clearance to tunnel

wall services – plenty, incl.

anti-runout device extra length

of tube. No collision with QRL


soft clearances
Soft Clearances

Rotary Jack input drive coupling axle


Interference with rotary jack interconnect input drive axle. Discussed with E. Bravin. Simple to move gas hose.

No interference of crane with cable trays on either side.

ZDC cabling is to be re-done, to use single multi-contact connectors for all signals, HV, and Laser. This substantially

reduces the time spent (un)cabling during operations (ALARA). Eliminates the good probability of mis-cabling, and

reroutes the cables into clean pathways clear of crane and human movements in the area.

bran vert clearance
BRAN Vert. Clearance

Vertical clearance to BRAN: crane carrier beam

Fully raised, 625mm clearance, 615mm vertical

Carrier travel to lowest pos + 10mm clearance

Above beam => “0” clearance to BRAN survey ball

Model testing allows to provide for 20mm additional

Clearance. Crane Design modified to provide

Additional BRAN overhead clearance.

Survey balls are removable and also provide

Useful fixation points for attachment to crane for

BRAN lifting. Discussed this option with E. Bravin

BRAN survey points

BRAN group must provide engineering to design and implement a fixture attaching the BRAN to the crane for BRAN removal.

This is NOT a Univ. of Iowa responsibility.

BRAN mounting in slot is also in need of remedy – BRANS are placed in different locations in the slot. 1 BRAN is keyed into

Locating holes in TAN, the other is ‘free – floating’. Both units need to be keyed at consistent locations, with proper clearances

To adjacent elements (ZDC) when mounted in TAN

crane production readiness
Crane Production Readiness

Crane Model Testing - - - > Allows final commitment to geometry

With increased Vertical Clearances

Final Geometry allows exact commitment

To actuator specifications

- Actuator specs sent to supplier

to generate a current order then

Referred to KU and ordered.

~ 1 week

Some Structure Design modifications – DONE

Modified designs sent to welding fabricators for

Comments/mods to suit their best practices - DONE

Crane model ported to

Simulation / Analysis environment

To allow Force determination and

FEA analysis of complete model

50% complete

Order Steel Structure Fabrication

~ 2 Weeks

Generate Mechanical Study of Safety

additional preparation for testing
Additional preparation for testing

Sarcophagus Design - DONE

- Need to send to KU for production

- 1 Sarco needed for testing

“BARS” payload (S.Steelabosrber)

- Design DONE

- Send to A.L Perrot

for referral to CERN

shops for fabrication



Above Ground Testing of System

- Begin July 2011


  • Construction of Testing Platform
  • Where? Pt5? Pawel, CMS TC
  • How ? Design concepts exist
  • Need to discuss and refine