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Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions

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Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions
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Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions

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  1. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 1. Frank McCourt considered himself an Irishman. • Answer: False, New Yorker • 2. (Alice Walker) When she was eight, she was blinded in one eye from a BB gun. • Answer: True • 3. His book “The Body Snatchers” was turned into a horror film. • Answer: True • 4. Amy Tan’s parents wanted her to be a surgeon who plays piano as a hobby • Answer: True • 1. What happens to his yellow paper? A. falls out of balcony B. gets stuck to a projector C. Throws it away d. shoves it in his pocket • Answer: B2. Why did mother come to America? • A. She wanted to become an actress B. She wanted to meet the president C. She lost everything in China D. To make her family jealous • Answer: C • 3. What experiment does Sue try in “Diary of a Mad Blender?” A. She adopts the tasks of a father instead of a mother. B. She decides to become more involved with her children’s’ lives. C. She works only three days a week. D. She splices work into every available moment. • Answer: D

  2. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 5. McCourts book, 'Angela's Ashes' was made into a movie. • Answer: True • 6. Amy Tan received a master’s degree in linguistics. • Answer: True • 7. Alice Walker’s 3rd novel “The Color Purple” won the Pulitzer prize. • Answer: True • 4. Who is Patricia?A) Frankies little sisterB) Another patient in the hospital with diphtheriaC) The girl who comes in to give Frankie foodD) A nurse in the hospital • Answer: B • 5. What is the solution for spoiled crops?a) Eat the crops no matter how spoiled they areb) Boiling them to make soupc) Growing the crops in lunar colony using artificial lightsd) Freezing them to hopefully make them edible • Answer: C • 7. Who is the narrator of "Everyday Use"?a) Maggie b) Mama c) Dee d) Aunt Dicie • Answer: B

  3. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 8. Alice Walker is the oldest of the eight children. • Answer: False, she is the youngest. • 9. Tan’s parents wanted her to become a lawyer. • Answer: False, she was expected to be a surgeon. • 10. Finney was born in 1915. • Answer: False, he was born in 1911. • 8. What is the ending to the highwayman poem?A. The highwayman and the landlord’s daughter both died to the redcoats.B. Both escaped and lived happily ever after. C. The highwayman escaped from the redcoats by Bess’s death.D. The highwayman died and the landlord’s daughter escaped death. • Answer: B • 9. How long ago did his wife leave the house? • A. 10 minutes • B. 8 minutes • C. 20 minutes • D. 15 minutes • Answer: B • 10. How is Dee different from Maggie? • A. Dee is shorter • B. Dee is lighter, has nicer hair, and a fuller figure • C. Maggie is lighter, has nicer hair, and a fuller figure • D. Maggie is educated • Answer: B

  4. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 11. She was born in Oakland, California. • Answer: True • 12. When Frank was six, his family decided to move to New York. • Answer: False • 13. Alice Walker had a daughter named Rebecca. • Answer: True • 11. What was Frank’s nightmare?a] losing his chocolate • b] dying • c] losing Patricia • d] all of the above • Answer: A • 12. What is Maggie’s feeling towards Dee?a] timid • b] hostile • c] pleasant • d] neutral • Answer: A • 13. What happened to Ma's old house?A) it got burnt down • B) it was taken away • C) they got bored of it • D) it was infested with insects • Answer: A

  5. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 14. Body Snacher was made into a movie in 1955. • Answer: True • 15. Jack Finney’s real name was Walter Braden Finney. • Answer: True • 16. His father eventually left his wife, Angela, and their three surviving children. • Answer: True • 14. What does the mother call her daughter?[A] Ni Kan [B] Amy Tan[C] Kan Ni[D] Kai Lan • Answer: A • 15. How long will a fresh fruit last on space? • A)24 hours • B)48 hours • C)46 hours • D)1 day • Answer: B • 16. According to Brian Wills, why doesn’t he want to go back to his job in the marketing department? • A. Seeing his children grow is more important • B. He has a better job to do • C. He is not interested in marketing anymore • D. Marketing gave low finances • Answer: A

  6. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 17. Alice Walker attended Stanford University. • Answer: False, Spelman College • 18. Jack Finney was a sociable author. • Answer: False, he was a reclusive author. • 19. Alice Walker was part of the civil rights movement. • Answer: True • 17. What kind of plot is “Content’s of a Dead Man’s Pocket”? • A. suspenseful • B. romantic • C. mystery • D. horror • Answer: A • 18. What does Jing-Mei struggle with when she lives with her mother mentally? • A. Trying a skill that her heart is not into doing • B. Being something that she is not • C. Hard practices that is strenuous and tedious • D. All of the above • Answer: B • 19. At the beginning of “Typhoid Fever”, what kind of tone does it have? • A. playful • B. funny • C. melancholy • D. icebreaker • Answer: D

  7. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 20. Alice Walker had always intended to be a writer • Answer: False; scientist, pianist, or painter • 21. Frank McCourt wrote Angela’s Ashes a book about his experiences when he was 66. • Answer: True • 22. The Joy Luck Club was not an instant bestseller • Answer: False; it was • 20. How does the cause and effect of a story relate to chronological order? • A) They determine how many events are in the story • B) They make how the story is told sound cool • C) Chronological order and cause and effect aren’t related • D) They both relate to the other of events happening • Answer: D • 21. After ordering online, the company usually sends a ________ email to make sure it is the correct shipment. • A) Constitutional • B) Mesmerizing • C) Confirmation • D) Well-written • Answer: C • 22. What external problems does the narrator face with her mother? • A. She is physically abused by her mother • B. She is verbally abused, because she is not like her siblings back in China • C. She is pressured to become a prodigy • D. Her mother destroys her piano • Answer: C

  8. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 23. Running two miles felt like it was an ___ pathway to the finish line. • A. interminable • B. little • C. cool • D. conjunction • Answer: A • 24. Chasing after the guy of her dreams. Rebecca shows how much ___ she has for not giving up on him. • A. strength • B. hate • C. forgiveness • D. tenacity • Answer: D • 25. __________ behind the dinner table, Maggie feared the stranger approaching her. A. Mesmerizing B. Cowering C. NonchalantlyD. Listlessly • Answer: B • 26. Cleaning out the fridge, Tom’s nose cringed at the smell coming from the ________ odor. A. RancidB. Lamented C. Potent D. Mutiny • Answer: A • 27. After the poor performance everyone in the play was __________ by the poor review made by the critic. A. StrickenedB. Betrayed C. Lamented D. Habitat • Answer: C

  9. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 28. Which of these examples defines a sarcastic tone?a] “The sun is shining brightly in the meadow, let’s go out and play.”b] “I believed in you.”c] “For a thousand times, stop doing that.”d] “I, definitely, think this dress suits you.” • Answer: D • 29. Which of these examples defines a sarcastic tone?a] “The sun is shining brightly in the meadow, let’s go out and play.”b] “I believed in you.”c] “For a thousand times, stop doing that.”d] “I, definitely, think this dress suits you.” • Answer: A • 30. How does the tone of "Typhoid Fever" create Frank McCourt's voice?A. It allows him to make it humorous B. It helped readers learn more about the characters.C. The tone helped build the author's personality.D. It made his voice more sincere and unique.  • Answer: D • 31. How does the voice in "Taste-The final frontier" and "Typhoid Fever" differ? A."Typhoid Fever is more genuine.B. "Taste-The final frontier has more humor.C. "Typhoid Fever" is sarcastic.D. "Typhoid Fever" is depressing • Answer: D • 32. In Everyday Use, what is it classified as when Dee and Maggie fight over the quilts? • A. a fight • B. internal conflict • C. a significant event • D. external conflict • Answer: D

  10. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 38. Doris Lessing was born in Britain. • Answer: False, She was born in Persia (Iran). • 39. Jon Krakauer made his first climb when he was 8. • Answer: True • 40. Jon Krakauer’s article was completed five weeks after his return from Nepal. • Answer: True • 41. “The Man in the Water” was written in 45 minutes. • Answer: True • 42. Allende wrote “And of Clay Are We Created” three years after the disaster in Armero. • Answer: True • 43. By the time Jerry is about to swim through the tunnel, how long can he hold his breath without strain?a. 1 minute and 30 secondsb. 30 secondsc. 1 minuted. 2 minutes • Answer: D • 44. How old is Jerry?a. 10 years oldb.12 years oldc. 11 years old d. 13 years old • Answer: C • 45. Why is The Man in the Water intriguing to the readers? • a. It was the fact, no one had to go into the water but that somebody actually did. • b. It was boring actually • c. Proved men are courageous • d. Expressed great feelings from the people there. • Answer: A

  11. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 46. Dahl was born in the north of Wales. • Answer: False (Born in the south) • 47. “Into the Wild” was an account of the Everest climb. • Answer: True • 48. Allende became a journalist and wrote for the feminist magazines. • Answer: True • 49. Rosenblatt Says that American sense of irony is vanishing. • Answer: True • 50. Dahl got his inspiration of “Lamb to Slaughter” over lunch with his wife discussing the toughness of the lamb. • Answer: False: He got the inspiration during dinner with his friend. • 51. Which is not something Rolf Carle does to try to rescue Azucena? • a) Give her a tire • b) Pull her up using poles and ropes • c) Dive into the mud • d) He does all of these. • Answer: D • 52. In the end, what happened to the evidence? • a) It was discovered. • b) The policemen “disposed” of it into their bellies. • c) Mrs. Maloney trashed it after the policemen left. • d) There was never any evidence. • Answer:B • 53. What physical pain did Jerry not go through by the end? • a) Jerry broke his lungs • b) Jerry had nosebleeds. • c) He felt dizzy and light-headed • d) He experienced all of these physical pains. • Answer: A

  12. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 54. Allendewas the daughter of a president in Chile • Answer: False- it was her uncle • 55. Allendewas born in Chile • Answer: False- she was born in Lima Peru • 56. The grass is singing is a novel Lessings wrote about her daughter • Answer: False, It was written for her son. • 57. Outside magazine asked him to write about Everest. • Answer: True • 58. What occupation does Patrick Maloney have?A. A police officerB. A detective C. A FBI agentD. A grocer • Answer: B • 59. Why did he ask Harris to turn down his tank? • A.     He wanted to conserve oxygen. • B.     He doesn’t need it anymore. • C.     The tank was broken. • D.     They were almost at the summit. • Answer: A • 60. What did Harris do that caused Krakauer’s head to clear? • A.     He accidentally made a hole in the oxygen tank, which caused hallucinations. • B.     He accidentally turned the oxygen tank’s valve to full flow. • C.     He turned the oxygen tank off on purpose. • D.     The oxygen tank was malfunctioning. • Answer: B

  13. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 61. How many people died on Mount Everest that day?A. 4B.11C. 200D. 16 • Answer: B • 62. What didAzucena’sname mean in Spanish? • a. dog • b.goldfish • c.lily • d. rose • Answer: C • 63. Where was the crash located? • a. washington • b. california • c. ohio • d. florida • Answer: A • 64. What did Jon notice when he looked down from the summit? • A. Blanket of clouds • B. A dead man • C. A clear sunny sky • D. Both A and B • Answer: A • 65. 4. While Jon was descending form the mountain, he was concerned about what? • A. His oxygen tank • B. The weather • C. His partner's death • D. None of the above • Answer: A • 66.How long did it take for the little girl to die? • A. One day • B. Two hours • C. One week • D.  3 Days • Answer: D

  14. Quarter 1: Study Guide- Review Questions • 67. How does Rolf Carle attempt to calm Azucena? • A) He tells her stories about his past • B) He feeds her daily • C) He lies to her and says it will be okay • D) He whispers words of encouragement • Answer: A • 68. 4. How did the narrator feel at the summit of Mt. Everest? • A) Indifferent • B) Upset • C) Ecstatic • D) Sick • Answer: A • 69. When did the narrator reach the summit of Mt. Everest? • A) June 10 • B) May 10 • C) April 10 • D) July 10 • Answer: B • 70. The event in the story can be described as…? • A. A tragedy • B. A revolution • C. A phenomenon • D. A documentary • Answer: A • 71. Who is the narrator? • A. Lily • B. Rolf Carle • C. Unknown • D. The reporter • Answer: D • 72. How many heroes were acknowledged from the crash of Flight 90? • A. 0 • B. 1 • C. 3 • D. 4 • Answer: D