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One Flew Over the Cuckoos’ Nest

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One Flew Over the Cuckoos’ Nest. Ken Kesey Ms. Hudgins English. * First: Close your eyes * Second : Visualize the scene as I read it aloud to you. *Finally: Draw a detailed description of the passage that I am about to read. Visualizing Activity. Evaluation.

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one flew over the cuckoos nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoos’ Nest

Ken Kesey

Ms. Hudgins


visualizing activity


Close your eyes


Visualize the scene as I read it aloud to you.


Draw a detailed description of the passage that I am about to read.

Visualizing Activity
what is schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disorder that affects about 1.1 percect of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year”

What is Schizophrenia?

People with schizophrenia sometimes hear voices others don’t hear, believe that others are broadcasting their thoughts to the world, or become convinced that others are plotting to harm them. These experiences can make them fearful and withdrawn and cause difficulties when they try to have relationships with others.”

signs and symptoms

Symptoms usually develop in men in their late teens or early twenties and women in their twenties and thirties, but in rare cases, can appear in childhood. They can include hallucinations, delusions, disordered thinking, movement disorders, flat affect, social withdrawl, and cognitive deficits.”

Signs and Symptoms
end note

Currently, this is a time of hope for people with schizophrenia. Although the causes of the diseases have not been determined, current treatments can eliminate many of the symptoms and allow people with schizophrenia to live independent and fulfilling lives in the community”

End Note
journal 2

Please write ½ page on one of the following prompt:

  • Prompt #1:.What constitutes mental illness? For what types of behaviors, if any should people be institutionalized (put away in a hospital)?


  • Prompt #2: What basic rights, if any, should be denied someone exhibiting mental illness?
Journal #2
thesis statements

A thesis statement is

  • the sentence that states the essay’s purpose
  • provides justification to read the essay
  • presents an assertion sufficiently limited to find support in the essay.
  • It is the central argument around which the essay revolves.
Thesis Statements
thesis statements1

A good thesis does the following:

  • 1. Expresses the main idea
  • 2. Answers or sets up the “So What” Question.
  • 3. Says something meaningful & answers an interpretive question.
  • 4. Presents an arguable statement which can be supported with sustained evidence.
  • 5. Should be a COMPLEX sentence.
Thesis Statements
various levels of thesis statements

1. Static: unchanging, still inactive

    • Twain uses humor in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for many reasons.
Various Levels of Thesis Statements
various levels of thesis statements1

2. Dynamic: lively, active, growing, developing

  • Example: Twain uses humor in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to accomplish his goal.
Various Levels of Thesis Statements
various levels of thesis statements2

3. Integrated: brings together processes or functions that are normally separate; made up of aspects that work well together.

  • Example: Twain uses humor in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to lampoon Southern society in order to reevaluate society’s beliefs.
Various Levels of Thesis Statements
what is paul steinberg s thesis statement in our failed approach to schizophrenia

In, “Our Failed Approach to Schizophrenia” Paul Steinberg ……

  • Argues…
  • asserts….
  • points out….
  • Demonstrates….
  • contends….
What is Paul Steinberg’s Thesis Statement in “Our Failed Approach to Schizophrenia”?
do now thesis statements

Label the following statements as static, dynamic or integrated thesis statements. Be prepared to justify your answers.

Do Now:Thesis Statements


  • Crafty, sly cautious

Adj –

  • Cranky; disagreeable


  • Extinct; obsolete

. Adj.

  • Overenthusiastic

. Adv.

  • Delicately , heavenly


  • Bright; intelligent


  • Angry; mad


  • Ruled by women


  • Cliché; stale; shallow


  • Horrors; outrages; offenses


  • Customs, manners


  • Pout, making a face
elizabeth wurtezel s prozac nation
Elizabeth Wurtezel’s Prozac Nation

an autobiography published in 1994 and written by Elizabeth Wurtzel, describes the author's experiences with major depression, her own character failings and how she managed to live through particularly difficult periods while completing college and working as a writer.

journal 4
Journal #4

1. What is Wurtzel’s thesis statement?

First, write about Wurtzel’s thesis statement in the article. What is she trying to say about mental illness? What is her philosophical standpoint on mental illness?

2. Then, write about your opinion?

Do you agree with Elizabeth Wurtzel? Is “living in madness from moment to moment” not “worth any of the great art that comes as its by-product?

REMEMBER, a good thesis statement must be an integrated, complex sentence.

DISAGREE: Although in Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Prozac Nation Wurtzel contends that… actuality……

AGREE: In Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Prozac Nation Wurtzeleffectively points out…



  • Psychic drive or energy especially associated with sexual desire
  • ‘Bibbit, you tell this young upstart McMurphy that I’ll meet hi in the main hall at high noon and we’ll settle this affair once and for all, libidos a blazin’


  • To try to avoid work, to loaf
  • He says he was just a wanderer and logging bum before the army took him and taught him what his natural bent was, just like they taught some men to goldbrick and some men to goof off, he says…


  • To begin, to start
  • I remember the fingers were thick and strong closing over mire, and my hand commenced to feel peculiar and went to swelling up out there on my stick of an arm


  • Anything selected from others; especially something inferior picked out and set aside.
  • Across the room from the Acutes are the culls of the Combine’s product, the Chronics.


  • To push or worm one’s way into favor; to introduce by slow, gentle or artful means. To hint or introduce.
  • She merely needs to insinuate, insinuate anything, don’t you see?


  • Emotional instability – to manifest amoral or antisocial behavior.
  • Just what is it makes me a rabbit, Harding? My psychopathic tendencies?


  • To deceive or mislead
  • And you? With your red hair and black record? Why delude yourself?


  • To appease or pacify, to quiet the anger
  • You don’t lose your temper and shout at her; she’ll win by trying to placate her big ol’ angry boy.


  • To speak in a childish manner, to babble, childish chatter
  • I hear a silly prattle reminds me of someone familiar, and I roll enough to get a look down the other way.


  • Famous, celebrated for great achievement, for outstanding qualities or for grandeur
  • Are you the renowned Billy ‘Club’ Bibbit?


  • A person regarded as lacking moral or cultural principles. A pagan – not believing in gods of established religions.
  • She’s calmer than ever not, back in her seat behind her pane of glass; there’s no heathen running around half-naked to unbalance her.


  • Foolishly and tearfully or weakly sentimental
  • Anyway—to put an end to his maudlin display of nostalgia.


  • A remembering or recollecting; a recalling to mind.
  • And in this course of our reminiscing we happened to bring up the carnivals the school used to sponsor…


  • To get in the way of, to keep back, delay, prevent
  • “But I told him I had received previous complaints from some of the younger men that the radio is already so loud it hinders conversation and reading”
do now introduce quotations

On a separate sheet of paper….

  • Correctly introduce 5 quotations from the novel using:
    • Signal phrases
    • Correct MLA citation.
Do Now: Introduce Quotations
do now journal prompt

Write for 15 minutes on the following:

  • Many persons believe that to move up the ladder of success and achievement, they must forget the past, repress it, and relinquish it. But others have just the opposite view. They see old memories as a chance to reckon with the past and integrate past and present.
  • Journal: Do memories hinder or help people in their effort to learn from the past and succeed in the present? Write a journal in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

Surgical incision into the frontal lobe of the brain to sever one of more nerve tracts, a technique formerly used to treat certain mental disorders but now rarely performed

  • Which character has had a lobotomy?

Discovered in 1847 by accident.

  • 2-5% of patients died.
  • 5% had convulsions due to brain scarring.
  • Numerous patients became worse rather than better.

Considered as psychologically unstable, she underwent a prefrontal lobotomy at age 23, which left her permanently incapacitated.


Placid and easygoing as a child and teenager, the maturing Kennedy became increasingly assertive in her personality. She was reportedly subject to violent mood swings. Some observers have since attributed this behavior to her difficulties in keeping up with siblings who were expected to perform to high standards, as well as the hormonal surges associated with puberty. In any case, the family had difficulty dealing with the often-stormy Rosemary, who had begun to sneak out at night from the convent where she was educated and cared for.[10]


In 1941, when Rosemary was 23, doctors told her father that a new neurosurgical procedure, lobotomy, would help calm her mood swings and sometimes-violent outbursts.[11] Joseph P. Kennedy decided that Rosemary should have the lobotomy performed, but did not inform Rose until afterwards. At the time, relatively few lobotomies had been performed; James W. Watts, who carried out the procedure with Walter Freeman, described what happened:


"We went through the top of the head, I think she was awake. She had a mild tranquilizer. I made a surgical incision in the brain through the skull. It was near the front. It was on both sides. We just made a small incision, no more than an inch." The instrument Dr. Watts used looked like a butter knife. He swung it up and down to cut brain tissue. "We put an instrument inside," he said. As Dr. Watts cut, Dr. Freeman put questions to Rosemary. For example, he asked her to recite the Lord's Prayer or sing "God Bless America" or count backwards. ... "We made an estimate on how far to cut based on how she responded." ... When she began to become incoherent, they stopped.

electric shock treatment est

Treatment of certain psychotic states by the administration of shocks that are followed by convulsions.

  • Two Italian psychiatrists, Bini and Cerletti, first introduced the process of Electro Shock Therapy around 1936.
  • Began because pigs being stunned with electricity before being slaughtered.
  • Then they tried it on a vagrant in Milan.
Electric Shock Treatment: EST
do now journal prompt1

Read the article “Shock Therapy” and “Shocked Back to Life”

  • Write what the author’s thesis statement is.
    • In the article “Shock Therapy” by Anndee Hochman, Hochman discusses….
    • In the article “Shocked Back to Life” by Susan Mahler, Mahler contends…..
do now honors journal prompt

Read the article “Shock Therapy” and “Shocked Back to Life”

  • Write what the author’s thesis statement is.
    • In the article “Shock Therapy” by Anndee Hochman, Hochman argues….
    • In the article “Shocked Back to Life” by Susan Mahler, Mahler contends…..
  • If faced with severe mental illness, would you use ECT/EST?


Sadly; done with depression




Avoid; dodge; miss skirt




Clear comprehensible; understandable




Assurance, composure, confidence, poise




Charity; benevolence; generosity toward mankind




Deception; deceit; dishonesty




Rudeness; nerve; gall




Decency, modesty; purity; virtue; celibacy




Mediate; negotiate; referee




Unchangeable; irreversible; final




Scolding; reprimanding; reproaching




Wicked Woman (originally, wicked queen of Israel)




A prostitute




Poverty-stricken; poor needy


sat essay rubric analysis

Essay G:

  • This essay demonstrates clear and consistent mastery in insightfully and effectively developing the point of view that “majority rules is the only acceptable form of government.” The essay displays outstanding critical thinking in addressing the issue as a question of government
    • “The quandary of any form of government is to choose who will make its choices”
  • and in using clearly appropriate reasons and examples to support its position.
    • “…almost all fit into two types: those lumped as ‘democracy’ represent the opinion of the majority, while those classified as ‘monarchy’, ‘ oligarchy’, ‘plutocracy’ and others convey only the desires of the elite…plainly, governments that represent only the priviledged few cannot surive”
SAT Essay Rubric Analysis
essay g

The essay also features clear coherence, smooth progression of ideas, and skillful use of language, including meaningful variety in sentence structure.

    • “The nation then entered years of prosperity under the reign of the chosen leader Napoleon Bonaparte. Similarly, the American Revolution, which inspired its French counterpart created one of the world’s enduring superpowers, envied by the entire globe as a nation of peace and justice.”

This outstanding essay earns the highest score of ……

Essay G
essay h

This essay effectively and insightfully develops point of view that majority rule, “may not always be the most responsible course of action,” using the clearly appropriate example of the Spanish-American war. The essay also displays outstanding critical thinking and smooth progression of ideas in proposing an answer to the problem of majority rule:

    • “The only solution, it seems, is if every competent man and woman were to be held responsible for his of her own actions.”
Essay H
essay h1

The essay’s skillful use of language supports its insightful development:

    • “On a personal level, the fruits of an individual’s labor and the agonies of his or her failures can never be felt by anyone else, except in those linguistic capacities we have formulated to that end; if this is true, if we are truly so isolated in the context of our own minds, why should we encourage such a calculated obligation to some distant ‘ ‘majority’”
Essay H
essay h2

The essay demonstrates meaningful variety in sentence structure:

    • “Even Henry David Thoreau felt that the iron-fisted rule of the majority in a democracy such as this is no different than a monarchy. As he once proclaimed in one of his discourses, ‘…I am majority! A majority of ONE!”
    • This outstanding essay receives a…….
Essay H
sat essay prompt

Think carefully about the issue presented in the following passage and the assignment below.

We must seriously question the idea of majority rule. The majority grinned and jeered when Columbus said the world was round. The majority threw him into a dungeon for his discoveries. Where is the logic in the notion that the opinion held by a majority of people should have the power to influence our decisions?

Assignment: Is the opinion of the majority—in government or in any other circumstances—a poor guide? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

SAT Essay Prompt:
score of 6

An essay in this category demonstrates CLEAR and CONSISTENT MASTERY, although it may have a FEW minor errors.

Score of 6
score of 5

An essay in this category demonstrates REASONABLY consistent mastery, although it will have occasional errors or lapses in quality.

Score of 5
score of 3

An essay in this category demonstrates DEVELOPING MASTERY, and is marked by ONE or More of the following weaknesses:

Score of 3
score of 2

An essay in this category demonstrates LITTLE MASTERY and is flawed by ONE OR MORE of the following weaknesses:

    • Develops a point of view on the issue that is vague or seriously limited, and demonstrates weak critical thinking, providing inappropriate or insufficient examples, reasons, or other evidence to support its position
    • Is disorganized or unfocused, resulting in a disjointed or incoherent essay.
    • Displays fundamental errors in vocabulary.
    • Demonstrates severe flaws in sentence structure.
    • Contains pervasive errors in grammar, usage, or mechanics that persistently interfere with the meaning.
Score of 2
score of 1

An essay in this category demonstrates VERY LITTLE or NO MASTERY, and is severely flawed by ONE or More of the following weaknesses:

    • Develops no viable point of view on the issue, or provides little or no evidence to support its position.
    • Is disorganized or unfocused, resulting in a disjointed or incoherent essay.
    • Displays fundamental errors in vocabulary.
    • Demonstrates severe flaws in sentence structure.
    • Contains pervasive errors in grammar, usage, or mechanics that persistently interfere with the meaning.
Score of 1
station 3 poetry writing

The Red Wheelbarrow

So much depends


a red wheel


Glazed with rain


Besides the white


Station 3: Poetry Writing
poetry station 3

Big Nurse

So much depends on

My daily rounds

And a piercing needle puncturing a body

That is not mine.

So much depends upon

Power placed

In a women

Wicker bag,

Soon shattered

By a bouncing


Poetry: Station 3
poetry station 31

So much depends upon

  • The color of his eyes
  • And the way they look
  • At midnight
  • Like so many burning stars
  • So much depends upon
  • A rusted silver locket
  • With hinges
  • Unable to move
  • Like hardened cement
Poetry: Station 3
station 4 topic dissection

Trace the following topics through the novel thus far.

    • HATE
    • The PAST (The Chief’s flashbacks)
    • Role of Women
    • Sanity vs. Insanity
  • Write 3 quotations for each
  • Then, attempt to write a thesis statement articulating what Ken Kesey is saying about that topic through One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.
    • In Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Kesey discusses . Through this novel, Kesey reveals that .
Station 4: Topic Dissection
station discussion

In Groups of NO MORE THAN FOUR Discuss the following:

  • 1. Sociogram Symbols: - 10 minutes
    • Why symbols did you use for each character? Why?
    • Trace the importance of bird symbolism in the novel
    • (HINT: Think of the fishing trip and the boats name)
Station Discussion
station discussion1

2. Poems – 10 minutes

    • Share poems with the group
    • Pick out at least ONE METAPHOR / simile in each
    • Choose one to share out.
Station Discussion

In One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Ken Kesey portrays fear as a poison that has the ability to destroy a person’s well-being. Kesey demonstrates that fear is inescapable. Chief Broom tries to override his fear, and hopes to remember that strength comes from within, “but like always when I try to place my thoughts in the past and hide there, the fear close at hand seeps in through the memory” (12). Although Chief Broom tries his best to get away from the terror that surrounds him fear triumphs and consumes him.


Fear is the controlling emotion for the patients on the ward. They are afraid primarily of becoming a Chronic like the Chief who “is in for good” (21). The big Nurse “recognizes this fear and knows how to put it to use” (21). She puts it to use by having the other patients

sanity vs insanity2

In Ken Kesey’s novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Kesey discusses sanity vs. insanity. Through this novel, Kesey reveals that although McMurphy believes he should not be in the ward, he does not fight the sentencing because the court would not believe him. “… I’m a psychopath. And do you think I’m gonna argue with the court? Shoo, you can bet your bottom dollar I don’t. If it gets me outta those damn pea fields I’ll be whatever their little heart desires, be it psychopath or mad dog or werewolf…” (18). As explained in this quote, McMurphy only accepted his sentence to the ward because he did not want to have to do harsh labor. He believes that as long as he does not have to do difficult labor, he is more than willing to accept staying in the ward with the label as a psychopath.

Sanity Vs Insanity

How does this picture reflect, in some ways, the American system?

  • How does it reflect your “Journey to Sanity” Projects?
  • How does it reflect what happens in the novel?
independent reading book

Needs to be 300 pages

  • Needs to be a Challenging Novel
  • Will be checked next Friday.
  • Books are encouraged to be from 100 books to Read Before College List
Independent Reading Book
ap prompts

Sample Thesis Statements

  • Explain Exam
  • Brainstorm Possible Thesis Statements and Quotations to support
  • Stations
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
AP Prompts
sample thesis statements

1983 – In One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Ken Kesey implies that the real villains are society and the patients themselves.

  • 1986 – In “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” Ken Kesey suggests that when people spend time living in the past they cannot fully develop, but when we live in the present the fog begins to clear.
Sample Thesis Statements
quick write 10 minutes

Nora Ephron once said, “The hardest part of writing is….writing”

  • What do you believe, specifically, is the most difficult part of writing an essay for you?
  • Why?
Quick write – 10 minutes

Possible Thesis Statement:

In Ken Kesey’s novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Kesey discusses what it means to be human. Through his use of symbols in the text and choices in plot, Kesey reveals that being human means being an individual even though the world may pressure an individual to conform.


Possible Thesis Statement:

Ken Kesey skillfully uses The Combine in his novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as a symbol to parallel the structure of America which encourages individuals to conform in society.


“But it’s the truth, even if it didn’t happen” (Kesey 8).

Possible Thesis Statement:

Although the narration of Ken Kesey’s novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest may seem to be inaccurate due to the mental health of Chief Bromden; in actuality, Kesey reveals the truth reagarding the occurrences in the ward and what is going on in America through using Bromden’s perspective.


Possible Thesis Statement:

Although Nurse Ratched may seem to be the antagonistic unsympathetic villian in Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; in reality, the Nurse too is a victim of the Combine which is America.


Possible Thesis Statement:

Through Ken Kesey’s novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Kesey discusses insanity. Through this novel, Kesey reveals the definition of sanity through showing some patients in the ward as more sane than society deems them to be due to their ability to see truth out of the disillusion of the fog.