making the job a lifelong passion n.
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Making the Job a Lifelong Passion

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Making the Job a Lifelong Passion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making the Job a Lifelong Passion. BPS Doctoral Consortium, August 2013 Margie Peteraf Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. In My Case…. A Reframing. Finding Satisfaction in Your Job and Staying Motivated Throughout your Career. In The Pre-Tenure Phase. The Motivation Part is Simple….

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making the job a lifelong passion

Making the Job a Lifelong Passion

BPS Doctoral Consortium, August 2013

Margie Peteraf

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

a reframing

A Reframing

Finding Satisfaction in Your Job and Staying Motivated Throughout your Career

in the pre tenure phase
In The Pre-Tenure Phase
  • The Motivation Part is Simple…
since this is the alternative
…Since This is the Alternative
  • “It’s publish or perish and he hasn’t published.”
in the post tenure phase
In The Post-Tenure Phase
  • The fear factor is gone and you can relax a bit
  • “Today, class, I’m proud to announce my tenure.”
charting your path post tenure
Charting Your Path Post-Tenure
  • In the pre-tenure phase, we must teach well, do some service, and make a significant research contribution
    • But at nearly all schools, the clear emphasis is on the research
      • That’s the real ticket to getting tenure!
  • But post tenure, you have more of an opportunity to chart the course of your career
there is no one right way

There Is No One Right Way!

So Ask Yourself:

What am I good at and what do I enjoy doing most

How can I contribute most to this profession and best spend my time?

How can I make a difference?

the choice to focus on teaching
The Choice to Focus on Teaching
  • May involve relocating to a school where this is more highly valued
    • May involve a choice not to pursue tenure in the first place
  • Might suggest a shift in types of publications
    • Cases; research articles on the craft of teaching; video cases
  • May involve writing a textbook
  • May involve writing books for practicing managers
    • Greater involvement with executive education around the world
    • More opportunities for consulting
the choice to focus on service
The Choice to Focus on Service
  • This type of choice more often presents itself in the latter part of your career, after you have reached “full” status
  • But you can begin to see if this is your “passion” earlier
    • Chairing committees at your school; organizing speaker series, etc
    • Volunteering for BPS, AOM, SMS – many opportunities exist
    • Taking on editorial responsibilities at the journals
  • Later in your career, other opportunities open up
    • Shift to an administrative role or full time job
      • Assistant or associate deanships
      • A position as a Dean, Provost, or President
the choice to focus on research
The Choice to Focus on Research
  • Pre tenure, many of us are focused on increasing the number of our publications
    • Constrains us to not stray far from our core topics/expertise area
  • Post tenure, opportunities open up
    • Remember what tenure is supposed to be about:


changing directions post tenure
Changing Directions Post Tenure
  • You can now pursue your full range of interests!
    • Branch out into new research areas
      • Pursue boundary spanning or cross disciplinary research
        • Collaborate with new (and new types of) colleagues
    • Take risks with unconventional topics, approaches
    • Pursue additional learning opportunities
      • Retool if necessary
        • Sabbaticals are a great time to do this!
changing attitudes post tenure
Changing Attitudes Post Tenure
  • E.g. The Review Process
review process example
Review Process Example
  • I now have a better understanding of my true role as a reviewer
    • Not to show off my knowledge or to be critical, but to find the gem in a paper and help the authors showcase it most fruitfully
  • And I have a better appreciation of even critical reviewers
    • They allow my research to be the best it can be!