excellence awareness opportunity
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Excellence Awareness Opportunity

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Excellence Awareness Opportunity. ACCE Strategic Plan 2010-13. We Don’t HAVE a Mission We’re On a Mission. To support and develop chamber professionals as the strive to lead businesses and their communities . ACCE Vision.

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excellence awareness opportunity

Excellence Awareness Opportunity

ACCE Strategic Plan 2010-13

we don t have a mission we re on a mission
We Don’t HAVE a Mission We’re On a Mission

To support and develop chamber professionals as the strive to lead businesses and their communities

acce vision
ACCE Vision

ACCE is the organization of choice for chamber professionals seeking the knowledge and support to strengthen their organizations, lead their communities and advance their careers.

you told us what you need
  • Excellence – (ya lern different)
    • Get instruction when we want it
    • Rapid chamber orientation for newbies at all levels who find themselves in chamber work
    • Discipline-specific coursework for professionals who happen to be in chambers – emphasis on economic development, community leadership, sophisticated rainmaking, public policy & communications
    • Peer-to-peer learning via high-functioning roundtables
    • Connect me to the people who can help me get better
      • whether in the profession or not
    • Filter and define best practices
      • Whether from chambers or not
you told us
  • Awareness
    • An answer to my question . . . right now
    • Accessible ACCE web resources to find damn near anything myself, and where my staff knows they can go on their own
    • A specific knowledgeable person, with real support, who I can work with when I or they can’t
    • Full understanding of what resources ACCE has – what the cool kids get that I didn’t know I could ask for from ACCE or even the stuff I didn’t know I needed
    • Thought leadership . . .
      • beyond data & beyond trends
you told us1
  • Opportunity
    • Doors opened because of OUR network – with grantors and vendors and other chambers and universities and data geeks
    • International connectivity
    • Help telling the Chamber AND the profession’s story
    • Tools for building MY personal resources
    • Access to support for my chamber during times of transitition of every kind.
    • You only want to chase the good stuff, so advise carefully
here s the cool part
  • ACCE Can Get All That For You
    • While not killing the quality stuff that has helped us and you whether the Great Recession!
    • We know what to buy and build
    • We know who to hire & with whom to partner
    • We know where to look for help
    • We know what has to be dropped
here s the hard part

“This Plan is indeed aspirational. Fortunately or unfortunately, it is also essential”

Casey Steinbacher

In order to move with deliberate speed toward the goals of the plan, we need more resources

what for
What For?
  • In the years leading up to the recession, ACCE increased its budget by 100% & its staff by 10%
  • ACCE has kept up or enhanced all key, valued programs, while reducing staff by 20% since ‘08
  • The Plan will create the kind of organization you want . . . We can’t wait 3 years to get there.
in this together
A more secure financial future, made possible here .

The opportunities you should pursue, encountered here.

“In This Together”

Strategic Funding Initiative

Connection to the global chamber network . . .only here

in this together campaign
“In This Together” Campaign

A friend you never would have known, introduced here

To execute the plan and help you find Excellence, Awareness & Opportunity we propose a campaign to secure $600,000 in commitments over the next 3 years.

Your victories . . .

Shared with the world here

The skills to advance your region, honed here.

The people to coach you, ready and waiting here.
  • Excellence

…defining best practices and providing new-generation training and self-development tools to those who strive for personal, professional and organizational excellence.

  • Awareness

… ensuring exposure to critical information and trends of the factors that influence your organization, community and professional life.

  • Opportunity

… opening doors to new resources for you, your staff and your organization.

A friend you never would have known, introduced here.

highest priorities as we develop we must start with a few
Highest Priorities:As we develop, we must start with a few:
  • Economic & Community Development
  • Communications
  • Resource Development (membership & more)
  • Public Policy Support
a changing world
A Changing World

A skill you have yet to master, explored here.

The ways we learn, communicate and build our capacity are changing dramatically. We are all “in this together” to secure the resources ACCE needs to adapt to meet this changing world.

A piece of wisdom, captured here

big picture
Big Picture

The questions you have every day, answered here.

The new Strategic Plan envisions an ACCE built aroundvaluable, accessible, information in many forms & media – with specialists who make understandable and suited to your needs

Ammunition for all your weapons, cached here.

an investment in yourself
An Investment in Yourself
  • The new Information Office - where you find answers.
  • Professional guidance to enable us to modernize your peer networks.
  • Accessibility of materials you need on demand.
  • Research into factors that make you and your staff succeed.
  • Brand & image enhancement that benefits your chamber.
  • Your professional body of knowledge – complete & applicable
  • New program options in your high-demand areas: Leadership, Rainmaking and Economic Development
7 teams of 4 or 5

With goal of $70 each

Teams with affinity & Plan Priority

non traditional campaign elements
Non-traditional Campaign Elements
  • Chance to bring us money, other than your own
  • Concentration in/on primed discipline
  • Potential to dovetail with our membership drive
    • but not a requirement to
prelminary campaign may 1 august 1
“Prelminary Campaign”May 1 – August 1
  • Complete feasibility & refine the plan & Strategies, including high ask levels
  • Establish leaders & teams (7 x 4)
  • Convert Chairman’s Circle members
  • Ask & coach the callers and captains
  • Align prospects with askers
  • Commence pre-campaign initiative
  • Go public, w/deliberate attention from all
peers stepping up
Peers Stepping Up
  • 3-5 already in @ $10,000 per year for 3 years
  • Three captains already committed
  • Board members offering to raise their “fair share” by bringing in other people’s money
  • Silent Campaign MUST hit 50%
you will be asked you will ask
You will be asked. You will ask.
  • As a board member read & think about the full plan
  • Evaluate how much things are worth to you, but also how much they might be worth someday you can’t yet picture.
  • Determine HOW you could schedule the pledge
  • Make a “soft’ pledge
in this together1
The opportunities you should pursue, encountered here.

A more secure financial future, made possible here .

“In This Together”

Strategic Funding Initiative

Connection to the global chamber network . . .only here