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Muscular Fitness Quiz

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Muscular Fitness Quiz - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Muscular Fitness Quiz
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  1. Muscular Fitness Quiz Jack Sager PET 349

  2. Directions • Read each question and choose an answer by clicking once on the corresponding letter with your mouse arrow. • If you answer correctly, you will automatically go to the next quiz question. • If you answer incorrectly, the program will tell you. You’ll then have to click on the back button to return to the same question. Please keep trying until you’re correct.

  3. A. muscular endurance. C. muscular flexibility. B. muscular exertion. D. muscular strength. Question 1The ability of a muscle to exert maximal force against a resistance is A B C D

  4. hormones. neurological influences. Question 2All of the following influence children's’ strength development except… muscle fiber type distribution. psychological influences. C A B D

  5. prevention of CVD. the possible prevention of injuries. Question 3All of the following are benefits of strength training except… increased levels of testosterone. reduction and control of obesity and hypertension. C A B D

  6. use low repetitions and high weight. focus initially on proper lifting technique. Question 4All of the following are guidelines for youth strength training except to… use 1-3 sets at 6-15 repetitions. lift on nonconsecutive days of the week. A C B D

  7. muscular strength. muscular hypertrophy. Question 5The ability of a muscle to exert a force over a period of time against a resistance that is submaximal is… muscular endurance. muscular flexibility. A C B D

  8. risk of injury to the epiphyseal plates. inability to gain additional strength beyond that associated with normal growth. Question 6All of the following are myths regarding youth strength training except the… A lack of evidence of the benefits of strength training. risk of permanent, hormonal changes. C B D

  9. ACSM. NATA. Question 7All of the following are organizations that have developed youth strength training guidelines except… A AAP. NSCA. C B D

  10. High repetitions are beneficial in order to prevent injury. The use of dumbbells is better than other methods like elastic bands. Question 8Which of the following is true regarding children and strength training? A Performing dead lifts is beneficial. Lifting each body part at least 4 days per week is critical to gain results. C D B

  11. End of quiz • I hope this helped to prepare you for the class quiz!

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