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PHY111: Summer 201253 PowerPoint Presentation
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PHY111: Summer 201253

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PHY111: Summer 201253
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PHY111: Summer 201253

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  1. PHY111: Summer 201253 Lesson 06: Atomic Nature of Matter Particles (Atoms, &tc.) Solids, Liquids & Gases Kinetic Molecular Theory 1/4

  2. Powerpoint Animations: I have uploaded a number of powerpoint animations/notes which will lead you through the nature of matter. These notes were created (by yours truly) to help middle and high school teachers present these concepts to their students. It is difficult to model everything as well as one would like using powerpoints, but the big ideas are well represented. For you, going through these will help you to understand how particles (atoms, compounds; molecules) interact with each other. Importantly, you will also get to look at something called “Kinetic Molecular Theory” (w/ “Gus the Gas Particle”). View the following animations/notes in order: (VIEW as in RUN…do not just open them up and scroll through the slides!) Gus the Gas Particle! Ignore the blank slides (those are in case I wish to add more to this lesson someday and house some notes to myself). Pay very veryvery close attention to the postulates stated on the first slide! This is more to familiarize you with how ideal gases act. 2) Part I of III in a series I made on properties of matter. 3) Part II of III in a series I made on properties of matter. 4) Part III of III in a series I made on properties of matter. 5) About as close as I could get to reality with a PPT – I would change some things in this powerpoint, but it is really very good if I do say so myself. [For all of these, if you ever teach the material feel free to borrow – just point the students to!] 2/4

  3. Grades/Assignments: Read sections 10.1-10.9. (This will help prepare you for Lesson 07 – refer to Lesson Sequence document to remind you which readings go with today’s lesson). There is no graded assignment for this lesson. 3/4

  4. Looking Ahead: Lesson 07 will be an in-class lesson on Electricity & Magnetism. We will explore E&M vocabulary, circuits, and discuss some of the most important aspects of E&M. 4/4