Aud220 audio technology ii
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AUD220 - Audio Technology II. Nathan Edwards Winter 2010 M/W: 3:00-5:50. Partner Questions. 1. What is your name? 2. What’s your favorite aspect of audio technology? 3. What is your favorite music that you are listening to now?

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Aud220 audio technology ii

AUD220 - Audio Technology II

Nathan Edwards

Winter 2010

M/W: 3:00-5:50

Partner questions
Partner Questions

  • 1. What is your name?

  • 2. What’s your favorite aspect of audio technology?

  • 3. What is your favorite music that you are listening to now?

  • 4. What’s the best present you received over the holidays?

Knowledge quiz
Knowledge Quiz

  • Test what you know

  • Don’t worry, it’s not graded

  • Some questions you may know, some you may not have learned yet

  • We’ll go over the answers when you are done

Topics for audio tech ii
Topics for Audio Tech. II

  • Lines and Interconnections

    • What affects signal flow?

    • Balanced vs. Unbalanced lines

    • High vs. Low Impedance

    • Resistance (Ohms) and voltages

    • DI and Splitter Boxes

    • Patchbays, distribution of sound

Aud220 audio technology ii

  • Signal Flow

    • Principles of Stereo Sound, binaural

    • Mic placement and panning techniques

    • Signal Formats

    • Signal flow in live sound and multitrack recording

    • Analysis of various signal flow scenarios

      What are some reasons why signal flow is so important?

Aud220 audio technology ii

  • Mixers

    • What do mixers allow us to do?

    • Simple vs. Multitrack

    • Mixing path and gain stages

    • Analog vs. digital consoles

    • Mixing approaches and operation

    • Inserts and Aux. sends

Types of signal processors
Types of Signal Processors

  • What does a signal processor do?

  • How to read and understand equipment specs.

  • What kind of effects relate to what type of process? For example:

    Dynamics, Time, Phase, Timbre, Frequency, etc.

    Power Amplifiers

Advanced signal processing
Advanced Signal Processing

  • What is a filter?

  • Spectral Processing

  • Advanced Compression and EQ

  • Concepts of dynamics and decibel levels

    • How is human hearing measured?

    • What frequencies can we hear?

    • When does sound cause hearing damage?

    • In what situations can this happen?

    • What is the dynamic range of various sources?

Harmonic distortion
Harmonic Distortion

  • Analog vs. Digital

  • Concepts of Clipping

  • Advanced distortion concepts

  • Uses for harmonic distortion:

  • When is distortion good and when is it bad?

  • (End of material for mid-term exam)


  • What are mechanisms?

    • Outboard Equipment

    • Types of filters

    • Reverb types, delay, echo

    • Software Plug-ins

    • Analog vs. Digital Devices

Consoles and i o modules
Consoles and I/O Modules

  • What does I/O stand for?

  • Console Architecture

  • Channel & Monitor Path

  • Learning the SSL

  • Understanding pre/post

  • Aux Sends

  • (All has to do with signal flow)

In short
In Short:

  • Signal Flow!

  • Signal Processing

  • Harmonic Distortion

  • Advanced Dynamics

  • Mechanisms/Modules

  • Consoles


  • Almost Every week (6 total):

    • Quick test of main topics from the previous week.

    • You must be here to take it!

    • All short answer


  • Take-home projects

    • Usually involve some research and writing

    • Due on the day listed on syllabus

    • Graded on content and effort

    • Be sure to ask questions before taking them home! (You can e-mail me, too)


  • Mid-term and final

  • Counts for 45% of your grade!

  • I will allow for challenging of quiz and exam answers

    • Class takes a vote, decides if you get the point

    • Possible chances for extra credit…

Give it your best effort
Give it your best effort!

  • Come to class!

  • Remember: This is what you love to do and is going to be your profession

  • Never hesitate to talk to me or send an e-mail. COMMUNICATE! If you don’t tell me, I have no way of knowing.

  • Have fun… yes there are tests, but it’s more about what you learn.