the israel palestine conflict n.
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The Israel-Palestine Conflict

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The Israel-Palestine Conflict - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Israel-Palestine Conflict. Where is Israel/Palsetine/Canaan??. Israel=Canaan=Palestine. History of Palestine/Israel. 1900 BC - 70 AD Jews live in Canaan (Israel/Palestine). History of Palestine/Israel. 1500’s – 1922 (after WWI) Ottoman Empire (Muslims) owns/controls Palestine/Israel.

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where is israel palsetine canaan
Where is Israel/Palsetine/Canaan??


history of palestine israel
History of Palestine/Israel
  • 1900 BC - 70 AD
    • Jews live in Canaan (Israel/Palestine)
history of palestine israel1
History of Palestine/Israel
  • 1500’s – 1922 (after WWI)
    • Ottoman Empire (Muslims) owns/controls Palestine/Israel
history of palestine israel2
History of Palestine/Israel
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Both Jews and Muslims developed long term ties and claims to the land (holy sites, etc.)
history of palestine israel3
History of Palestine/Israel
  • 1920’s – 1948: British Ownership
  • Britain gains ownership in the area
  • Arabs (Palestinians) still live there
  • Many Jews were starting to migrate back to their “homeland” (Zionism)
  • Zionism: movement to establish a state/country in the area that is defined as Israel.
history of palestine israel4
History of Palestine/Israel
  • Early 1940s: Holocaust
    • Many Jews migrate back to Israel/Palestine to escape persecution from the Nazis
    • After the Holocaust, the United Nations thought it would be a good idea to create a Jewish state for Jews to live….they chose the land of modern day Israel/Palestine
    • Essentially, Israel was created overnight
history of palestine israel5
History of Palestine/Israel
  • 1947 (After WW II)
    • In response to the Holocaust, the newly formed UN proposes different Jewish and Arab States in Palestine/Israel
    • They looked at where the current populations lived and divided it accordingly
after the un proposal 1947
After the UN proposal (1947)
  • Conflict has resulted ever since…especially over these four areas
    • West Bank – area on west bank of Jordan River
    • Gaza Strip – eastern coast of Mediterranean
    • Golan Heights – Israeli occupied territory bordering Syria
    • Sinai Peninsula – area near southwestern border of Israel
history of palestine israel6
History of Palestine/Israel
  • 1967: Six Day War
    • Arab nations (Egypt, Syria, Lebanon) were organizing an Arab attack on Israel
    • Israel launched a pre-emptive attack taking control over the four areas previously listed
    • This one of the most tense times between the two cultures (Jews and Arabs)
    • Most of the conflict between the two groups has been in the form of terrorism…not war

Gaza Strip 5 October 2000 Funeral of a Palestinian killed the day before. Khan Younis. 5 October 2000

two main groups involved
Two main groups involved
  • Palestinian Arabs (Muslim)
  • Israelis (Jewish)
the palestinian arabs
The Palestinian Arabs
  • Other titles: Palestinians, Muslims, Arabs, PLO
  • Palestinian Arabs are a stateless nation
    • Stateless Nation: a nation of people that doesn’t have a territory to occupy (p 526)
  • They are still organized as a people; they call themselves the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization)
    • PLO: a group formed in the 1960s to regain the Arab land in Israel for Palestinian Arabs (p 513)
the palestinian arabs continued
The Palestinian Arabs (continued)
  • PLO leader was Yasser Arafat (right) until he died in 2004…now it is Mahmoud Abbas (left) who was voted in after Arafats death
  • Other names: Jews
  • People who occupy and run the modern state (country) of Israel
  • They are mostly Jewish. Some Muslims and Christians
  • Type of Govt: Parliamentary Democracy