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Student Meeting Jose Luis Sirvent PhD. Student 03/07/2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Student Meeting Jose Luis Sirvent PhD. Student 03/07/2014

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Student Meeting Jose Luis Sirvent PhD. Student 03/07/2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fifth International Workshop on Analogue and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits for Space Applications 2014 (Review): AMICSA_2014 Review. Student Meeting Jose Luis Sirvent PhD. Student 03/07/2014. AMICSA 2014 Review.

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Presentation Transcript

Fifth International Workshop on Analogue and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits for Space Applications 2014 (Review):AMICSA_2014 Review

Student Meeting

Jose Luis Sirvent

PhD. Student


strategy for radiation tolerance assurance of the a t electronic equipment g spienzia

AMICSA 2014 Review

Strategy for Radiation Tolerance Assurance of the A&T Electronic Equipment (G. Spienzia)
  • Talk about R2E Project.
  • Radiation testing planning.
  • Design Recommendations.
  • Irradiation facilities (CHARM).
  • Experiments conditions
assessment of mixed signal technology f bigongiari

AMICSA 2014 Review

Assessment of Mixed Signal Technology (F. Bigongiari)
  • In the frame of Eurpoean Component Initiative Program.
  • Collect information about Mixed ASICS processes with focus on Space Applications.
  • Surveys on different technologies presented.
  • The aim was to extract best technology and make a deep characterization.
  • XH018 process by XFAB was selected.

AMICSA 2014 Review

High performance analog Front End ASIC for interfacing with a Si Drift Detector and the control electronics (A.Bonzo)
  • Readout for LOFT Experiment (Study of strong field gravity and the equation of state of dense matter for mission M3)
  • Readout for Si-Drift detectors.
  • Presented SIRIUS_1/2 ASIC.
  • Measurements and characterization of the ASIC (Low Noise).
  • Shaping peak (2-8us)

AMICSA 2014 Review

A radiation-hardened and low flicker noise ASIC preamplifier designed in CMOS technology for the ultra-sensitive ESA JUICE search coil magnetometer (A. Rhouni)

  • Rad Hard Pre Amplifier ASIC developed for Juice Magnetometer.
  • Studies and characterization on low temperature (Noise)
radiation hardness tests of the claro cmos chip l cassina

AMICSA 2014 Review

Radiation hardness tests of the CLARO-CMOS chip (L. Cassina)
  • CLARO ASIC presented.
  • This is a photon Counter Asic.
  • Neutron/Proton/Xrayirradiation tests.
  • The tests shown that the ASIC technology could tolerate radiation levels more than a factor 10 in 10 years operation on LHCb. (1Mrad).

AMICSA 2014 Review

Using Hybrid Pixel Radiation Imaging Detectors for Space Radiation Environmental and Dosimetric Applications(L. Pinsky)
  • Introduced different Experiments on Space where Medipixdevides are being used.
  • Also used for dosimetry.
  • TimePix shown in detail, architecture and characteristics.
  • Very nice On-line demonstration.
  • Great Speaker.
  • Shown Data taken on space by this Chipset.
fair a front end asic for infrared detector readout j r schrader

AMICSA 2014 Review

FAIR, a front-end ASIC for Infrared detector readout.(J.R Schrader)
  • The device operates at Cryogenic Temperatures 55K.
  • The asic includes:
    • Offset substraction
    • Varaiable gain amplifiers
    • 16 bit ADC @ 1MSPS
    • Bias and reference regulators
  • Radiation hardening in the design presented (IMTEC DARE library).
  • Design phase finished.
analog front end integrated circuits for mixed signal spacecraft applications b ferguson

AMICSA 2014 Review

Analog Front End Integrated Circuits for Mixed Signal Spacecraft Applications (B. Ferguson)
  • Presented a couple of nice and promising modules:
    • Under development.
  • Introduction of concept AFE:
    • Application targeted Analog Front End.
    • The same concept for our board Development.
    • Telemetry Management
    • Motor Control
    • Power Control
  • LX7720: Space Craft Power Driver with Rotation and Position Sensing.
    • Motor Driver with current sense and Resolver driver.
    • Radiation Tolerant 100Krad.
  • Versatility provided by FPGA HDL code on AFEs.

low power analogue receiver asic for space telecommand applications f bigongiari

AMICSA 2014 Review

Low Power Analogue Receiver ASIC for Space Telecommand Applications (F. Bigongiari)
  • Design of a Receiver ASIC
    • Save Space/weight payload
    • Avoid decoders on FPGAS
    • Analog Decoding.
  • Explained in detail the working principle of each part.
  • “Similar” to GBT in terms of standalone operations for coding/decoding, frame alignment…
  • ASIC under development Availability  Q2_2015
use of the ihp s 0 25um bicmos process in the development of european lvds devices j lopez

AMICSA 2014 Review

Use of the IHP’s 0.25um BiCMOS Process in the Development of European LVDS Devices (J. Lopez)
  • Presented the development of a RH LVDS octal repeater.
  • Company profile and projects under development.
  • LVDS standard explained in detail, receivers, lines, topologies..etc.
  • Expected RH performance:
    • inmunity 300kRad.
    • SEL Inmune > 60MeV cm2/mg
high speed lvds driver and receiver ic s for space applications t masson

AMICSA 2014 Review

High Speed LVDS Driver and Receiver IC’s for Space applications (T. Masson)
  • In space TX & RX drivers could have a different VCM > 1V.
  • Need -4 + 5 Volts extended operation.
  • Neeed better ESD performances
  • Guarantee 300Krad TID
  • Ics developed with 0.13um CMOS process with double oxide.
  • ASICs tested under radiation with satisfactory results (Co60).
radiation test of point of load dc dc converters and extended common mode lvds components v burkhay

AMICSA 2014 Review

Radiation Test of Point-of-Load DC-DC Converters and Extended Common Mode LVDS Components (V.Burkhay)
a radiation tolerant point oif load buck dc dc converter asic for lhc upgrades f faccio

AMICSA 2014 Review

A Radiation-Tolerant Point-oif-Load Buck Dc-Dc Converter ASIC for LHC Upgrades (F. Faccio)
  • CERN Development DC-DC module.
  • This is the one we’ll use on our final BWS Front-End, BLM Front-End and the used on CMS QIE10 Board.
  • Technology choice 0.35um CMOS, challenges faced for RH explained in detail. Strategies followed (guard rings, ELTs…)
  • Radiation test TID, SEE.
how chips pave the road to the higgs particle chips at cern e heijne

AMICSA 2014 Review

How Chips Pave the Road to the Higgs Particle: Chips at CERN (E. Heijne)
  • Differences High Energy Physics VS Space and similitudes.
  • Some CERN History and RadTol strategies used in ASICS.
  • Typical architectures on Si Sensors Readout (Strip detectors)
  • Detailed ASICS:
    • Atlas ABCN25
    • Atlas FE-I3
  • A bit of physics
rcada 65nm 12 b 3gsps radhard dual adc dual dac t liran

AMICSA 2014 Review

RCADA – 65nm 12 b 3GSPS RadHard Dual ADC dual DAC (T.Liran)
  • Project still under development.
  • ASIC will be provided with RC64 DSP or standalone.
  • Fabricated on 65nm Technology.
  • Dual ADC 12 Bits @ 1.5GSPS, interleaved = Single @ 3GSPS
  • Main characteristics detailed
other contributions

AMICSA 2014 Review

Other Contributions

Creating and Updating Standards for New Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs for Space Missions

(Shri Agarwall)

Revision K of the MIL-PRF-38535 Specification (New requirements)

Class Y for Space community without Military standard. (A/D D/A up to Ghz)

SEE Characterization of a Magnetometer Front-End ASIC Using a RHBD Digital Library in AMS 0.35 mm CMOS


Radiation test of MOURA ASIC for Magnetometer.

Interface chip contains 6 Dual Slope converters, 4 Single Slope Converters and 3 D/A Converters

Mixed-Signal Design Methodology for Various Radiation Environments with Applications to a 0.35mm, 65V Quadruple-Well BCD Technology (D. Kerwin)Study of BCD Technology 0.35um process and characterization under radiation.

Different Device types studied (3.3V NMOS, 3.3PMOS…65PLDMOS)


(P.E Latimier)

Design kit XH035DK for Space Applications and some test chips with this Dev. Kit.

Library capabilities and radiation results. (All cells hardened reach TID  101Krad)

Radiation-Tolerant High-Voltage ASIC Library Evaluation for Space Applications

(M. Souyri)

Analysis on XH035 and comparision HV / LV designs.

Different Irradiation tests on technology.

180nm CMOS Mixed-Signal Radiation Hard Library as base for a full ASIC supply chain

(J. Steinkamp)

Library XH018 will be tested and characterized under radiation (Technology features and planning)

other contributions1

AMICSA 2014 Review

Other Contributions

DARE180X: A 0.18µm mixed-signal radiation-hardened library for low-power applications


Imtec DARE180x(XFAB 0.18um HV) library presented TID> 100Krad and DARE180 (UMC 0.18um) TID> 1Mrad

Compraison between two libraries (technologies)

Design and test of MROD, a 2 Channels Video Chain Mixed-Signal ASIC for High Resolution Mission

(P. Ayzac)

Design of a high performance dual video processor demonstrator for satellites (Earth observation)

Validation 100% done and Radiation tests planned for end of summer.

A Complete Space Based CCD Biasing Solution in a 0.35µm High Voltage CMOS ASIC

(Q. Morrissey)

Solution to improve space and weight constraints (4 pcb boards on 1 ASIC)

STAR ASIC presented and analyzed -40 to 125 degrees.

Provides CCD Viasvoltages

Digital Step Attenuators for Microwave Applications

(A. Christine)

DSA Are widely used on space applications.

Presented state of the art and issues regarding attenuation over frequency (Ghz range)

New solutions to improve commercial devices proposed and demonstrated

A mix-signal Radhard micro-controller: The DPC


Development of a RH microcontroller with 13b ADC, 12bDAC, Int.Osc, 42K Memory, OpenMSP430 Cpu (portables)

Dare UMC 180nm.

Very High Resolution Analog-to-Digital Converter at 1kHz for Space applications